Dangerous Love by Marie__reid
Dangerous Loveby Marie
Amity, the love faction. Dauntless the dangerous faction. Autumn the kindhearted Amity. Eric the heartless Dauntless leader. What happens when Amity is threatened by the...
  • eric
  • divergent
  • horses
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Nothing Without You [Divergent Series: Eric Coulter] by sherbelyyyy_
Nothing Without You [Divergent Sher✨
||✔️Completed✔️|| ||Sequel to Stay Away|| It's been months since she last saw him, she didn't even know if he was dead or alive. She could only hope he was. Living with...
  • divergent
  • divergenteric
  • ericxoc
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Holding On||Peter Hayes (Divergent) by Scxrpix
Holding On||Peter Hayes (Divergent)by Scxrpix
"When will it end?" I say in a small, weak voice. "All this... dying, murder, feud... I'm sick of it." "Me too," he agrees. "We just...
  • dauntless
  • fanfic
  • abnegation
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Only Annie | Eric Coulter by punktuations
Only Annie | Eric Coulterby punktuations
#10 in Divergent O n ly A n n i e can call Eric a teddy bear. O n l y A n n i e can hold Eric's hand in the corridors. O n l y A n n i e can steal food fro...
  • amity
  • anastasia
  • divergent
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The Leader by destinydawn_
The Leaderby Destiny
He's a little rough around the edges, but he's not that bad. I don't care what anyone says. **Disclaimer: I DO NOT own any of the characters or ideas except for the ones...
  • ericcoulterfanfic
  • initiates
  • amitytransfer
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d.l ⇨ eric coulter by wonderfoley
d.l ⇨ eric coulterby ☹
"You know what I see when I look at you, Eric? I see someone broken. I see someone so shattered that they don't even realise when someone is trying to fix them. But...
  • candor
  • ericcoulter
  • divergenteric
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Candor or Dauntless: Fourtris by lilloverofbooks
Candor or Dauntless: Fourtrisby Vivica
Candor or Dauntless: Fourtris and a murder mystery...
  • veronicaroth
  • books
  • prior
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The Transfers of Dauntless | Newt x Reader by newtslittleinfinity
The Transfers of Dauntless | Newt's Mighty Fall
(y/n) (y/l/n). A girl from the selfless faction of Abnegation. She lives under the control of Abnegation with her father and younger brother Chuck. She has always imagin...
  • thefevercode
  • allegiant
  • minho
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Mr. Piercing by punktuations
Mr. Piercingby punktuations
Castielle Thorne was sarcastic. She was witty. She was hot-headed. She was a smart-ass. But most of all, she lived beyond the fence. She was an outsider. Eric Coulter wa...
  • erudite
  • eric
  • love
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Dare // Divergent {1} by _binbin_
Dare // Divergent {1}by the (un)holy trinity
"YES, I HAVE BEEN TOLD I'M TOO RUDE TO BE FROM AMITY, HAS ANYONE EVER TOLD YOU THAT YOU'RE AN ASSHOLE?" In which a girl who was meant to be kind must fight for...
  • peter
  • four
  • peterhayes
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Forbode ( Eric Divergent Romance) by JokeWasOnMe
Forbode ( Eric Divergent Romance)by Jokester
Ferris Maguire is a Divergent girl born into Candor. She always knew she didn't belong therefore she left to Dauntless. However, she might just catch the eye of a certai...
  • four
  • action
  • dauntles
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Indomitable ~ Peter Hayes by NeverGonnaGiveFoodUp
Indomitable ~ Peter Hayesby HangryAsHale
Indomitable - adjective - 'Impossible to subdue or defeat' I was only 14 when Tobias left. Now I'm 16 and doing the same. This is my story
  • candor
  • peterxoc
  • peter
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Other Side (A Divergent/ Eric fan fiction) by wearedauntless
Other Side (A Divergent/ Eric wearedauntless
Skylar is just as innocent as her name. After choosing the most dangerous at the ceremony, she knew that she would be leaving behind her Amity mother and boyfriend to en...
  • fanfiction
  • veronica
  • candor
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Tris Prior by woahwoodley
Tris Priorby AJ
"Will he save her?" // 1/3 books :) // CAUTION: Explicit Content
  • shailenewoodley
  • abnegation
  • factions
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divergent # imagines by superconfused
divergent # imaginesby superconfused
some good ol' divergent imagines. i take requests for any character, dm me! four, eric, uriah, peter, caleb, al, will ect... tris, christina, tori ect...
  • fourtris
  • abnegation
  • candor
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Revenge is Near by jaicourtneyisbae
Revenge is Nearby heyheyhey
Although things may seem right, they never are. Tris and Four are still in Dauntless and they are very capable of ruining Eric and Eliza's relationship. As well as Tris...
  • eliza
  • erudite
  • divergent
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Together  (Eric x OC)  Divergent by Kill_Kitty_Kill
Together (Eric x OC) Divergentby Juniper
"We're both bad people, but together- we make something good."
  • erudite
  • action-romance
  • dauntless
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Chicago Wolves Fourtris AU by Kakwolf
Chicago Wolves Fourtris AUby Kakwolf
Four and Tris are now living together.four is the alpha of a pack and Tris is his mate. They live in Chicago. Even though they live in the city and not in they woods the...
  • alpha
  • tris
  • wolfpack
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More. || Eric Coulter by thelostest
More. || Eric Coulterby steph
So close yet so far away and they want more. Crave more. Love, hate, history, loyalty and a secret. A dilemma. For Vinnie, the chief of the infirmary, it seems the war...
  • abnegation
  • divergent
  • shailene
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Silence | Eric Coulter by punktuations
Silence | Eric Coulterby punktuations
She'd been drowning in silence for too long. He helped her reach the surface.
  • abnegation
  • ericxoc
  • love
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