An arrogant businessman falls for a cute innocent girl.. What happens next???? Forever moments are beautiful, rare and genuine Join us in this cute, funny and crazy lov...
  • forever
  • loveisinthepyaar
  • billionaire
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True Love Always Stay By Your Side❤️ by aashnnaa
True Love Always Stay By Your Aashnaa
The story will start after the KM track over . Shivaay didn't trust anii n handover himself to Tanya .
  • shivaay
  • ishqbaaz
  • anika
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Selfless|| August Alsina by issabeautyy
Selfless|| August Alsinaby ✨
I do not own any pictures that maybe used throughout this book unless it's been edited.
  • love
  • augustalsina
  • romance
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I LOVE MISTAKE by animethyst_
Anjoe's story
  • mistake
  • family
  • funtabella
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👌💔My Art || Rants(The Cringe Is Real)💔👌 by AmberFurrow5
👌💔My Art || Rants(The Cringe ♥AmberFurrow♥
Hello! Welcome to my art book. I know. I suck ;u;
  • whatslife
  • killme
  • art
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His Queen by MusicLoverInAllBlack
His Queenby Colorful_A
He was the king of vampires, and she was just a small town human girl. Or so they thought. [REST OF THE DESCRIPTION ON THE FIRST CHAPTER] [WARNING! Includes a LOT of vi...
  • competition
  • secret
  • romance
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💗Bounded With Love💖 by devil_adhvi_malik
💗Bounded With Love💖by Devil_Angel_Malik
hello guys I'm back with another story.. story about two families who hate eachother from the core of the heart ♥.. few yrs back they loves eachother if anyone dare t...
  • cavya
  • romance
  • mukbhi
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Heir To The Empire by Ayushichavan
Heir To The Empireby Ayushichavan
The story is about a ruthless businessman wanting an heir to his empire without any marriage. Well it starts with Manik Malhotra the ruthless arrogant billionaire asking...
  • baby
  • romance
  • wattys2018
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SELFLESS by overboard_wp
SELFLESSby Jellalove
Sinag x Drei
  • heartaches
  • masakitsapuso
  • ratedr
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Remain in Grey by ED_Divergent
Remain in Greyby ED_Divergent
What would happen if Beatrice chose Abnegation instead of Dauntless? Would she finally believe she is selfless? How would Four come into the story? Was the war inevitabl...
  • dauntless
  • faction
  • four
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Thin Line Between Us by XoloveBhel
Thin Line Between Usby Donnabel Jane
Claire Delavine a feisty, hottempered and self proclaimed manhater. Gideon Hawkins, a problem with his ex-gilfriend that made him give up on relationship and kinda hate...
  • funny
  • selfless
  • wattys
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SELFLESS ❁ ELIJAH MIKAELSONby ... klaus mikaelson
━ ❝Widziałam świat, oświetlony przez tysiące świateł, które nigdy nie miały zamiaru gasnąć tak jak miłość naszej rodziny, która zawsze będzie trwać, tak jak my. ❞ ...
  • wiedźmy
  • tvd
  • zabójstwa
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No matter what by shalumenon12
No matter whatby 🆂🅷🅰🅻🆄
Well, we all like things to be predictable, don't we? We expect things to be safe and to keep on happening just the way they always have. We expect the sun to rise in...
  • hate
  • sister
  • indianwattpad
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Mina the Killer Eyes by Maniac_1fz
Mina the Killer Eyesby Weirdo_Fz
#Most Impressive Ranking - 314 in Forest- Aug 2018- Called names and have been bullied. People told she was different but she acted calm about it. She had brown beautif...
  • lordofchoas
  • forest
  • love
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"Treasure Selfless Love - The Precious Pearl of Sea" #BloomingPotents  by Believing_In_Fate
"Treasure Selfless Love - The Believing_In_Fate
What happen when Beautifully princess Sanyukta falls in love with a handsome young Prince from afar - how will they ever be able to be together when he is a man and she...
  • randhir
  • kingdom
  • pearl
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A Beautiful Composition Of Broken  by Leminazaem
A Beautiful Composition Of Broken by Lemina Zaem
She believes that everything in her life was devil in disguise but Allah Subhahanahu wata'ala wills in otherwise. She hoped for best before but she wish for peace(death)...
  • findingpeace
  • suspense
  • broken
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No Walls, No Ceilings, No Floor by EMMacLeod97
No Walls, No Ceilings, No Floorby RalpheofMine
The man of my dreams, the love of my life is marrying the woman he believes to be the love of his life... I was heartbroken, cried a river, but my love for him has no wa...
  • memories
  • aldub
  • love
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Lavished and Homeless by Falling_Soul01
Lavished and Homelessby Maya Ryder
This is a story about a man and woman who met unexpectedly and soon fell in love. One was selfish, the other selfless. They were polar opposites; yet opposites attract...
  • brokenpromise
  • chicklit
  • love
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The confident ragini by dikrish
The confident raginiby N.Divya
She was beautiful,innocent,sensitive,sweet,shy,lovely and a pure soul who loves everybody!she wants to be confident He was handsome like a Greek God, a gentleman who res...
  • possessive
  • tamil
  • selfless
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