MaNan FF- FOREVER MINE✔by •An Introvert•
**Highly Childish** An arrogant businessman falls for a cute innocent girl.. What happens next???? Forever moments are beautiful, rare and genuine Join us in this cute...
  • naughty
  • possesive
  • romance
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Heir To The Empire by Ayushi_2012
Heir To The Empireby Ayushi_2012
The story is about a ruthless businessman wanting an heir to his empire without any marriage. Well it starts with Manik Malhotra the ruthless arrogant billionaire asking...
  • selfless
  • arrogant
  • kyy
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I'm Dying ( A Werewolf Story ) by TheImaginatorCreates
I'm Dying ( A Werewolf Story )by Creator Imaginates
"When things turn out different, dying is the best choice to be free." Catherine lost her wolf Serena when her mate rejected her and mated other she wolf mak...
  • selfless
  • alpha
  • notyourtypicalgirl
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White Rose of Purity by hope_love_peace_
White Rose of Purityby Hope
Charity is the sweetest, selfless, and most compassionate werewolf out there. When she was younger it was cute, but now as she gets older, the other wolves take advantag...
  • loving
  • alpha
  • acceptance
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For You » Han Jisung by YourWannaBeBaby
For You » Han Jisungby ʎɐɹʇs ʇuop ʎɐʇs
{3RACHA series 2 out of 3} In which she did everything for him, but not for herself. [Started: 08/15/18] [Ended: 08/19/18]
  • shortstory
  • jisung
  • selfless
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Thorn In The Lover -  AdiYa FF  by dazzling_thorn
Thorn In The Lover - AdiYa FF by Priya
COVER CREDITS: @_shetroublemaker Loving someone who doesn't love you back is like hugging a cactus, the tighter you hold onto it, the more it hurts. But what if someone...
  • pooja
  • selfless
  • regret
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Arranged by DayaHorne
Arrangedby Daya Spencer Horne
Feminism is a Joke & Men are Superior. Welcome to Hell, Our Community. It was just before Thanksgiving when I found out the news. Nov. 20, 2016 Then, there was a knock o...
  • love
  • fanfiction
  • selfless
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Infirmitate  by ka_lollypop
Infirmitate by ⓛⓔⓧⓘ ⓩⓔⓗⓡ
~Book 3 of the Strength Series~ "You have until then to choose which side you're on. I don't know much about the Powered People Protection Force but they don't seem...
  • strength
  • headelder
  • alexa
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Twelve days before Valentine by gem_princess19th
Twelve days before Valentineby Princess Joy Artillo
Meet Marlon Khiel Johnson; a basketball varsity player.Good looking guy with a big heart especially to his twin brother Marcus Khiel Johnson Marcus is a smart guy and o...
  • sacrifice
  • brave
  • cysticfibrosis
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Random thoughts by kazsumika
Random thoughtsby kazsumika
Selfish with selflessness.....A burning heart
  • heartbroken
  • mind
  • thoughts
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Dreams Meant To Be Forgotten  by MisbaDar
Dreams Meant To Be Forgotten by Misba Dar
<highest ranking > : #4 in Nikâh : #5 in sabr . . . ..... "What's wrong " she was asked "Oh ,just tired" wa...
  • arrangedmarriage
  • selfless
  • muslimah
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Swasan Os: Princess Of My Heart✔️ by anandruchi
Swasan Os: Princess Of My Heart✔️by anandruchi
A boy who is waiting for a girl who can win his heart.. a journey of arranged love marriage..
  • arrange
  • sanskar
  • marriage
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We Were There by KayceeAsis
We Were Thereby Kaycee Asis
Love does not always mean 'receiving' in return of the love you shared. Sometimes, letting the person know what you feel without expecting him to feel the same towards y...
  • fan
  • love
  • highschool
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SHIVIKA Beautiful Nightmare - Secrets of the Sea  by Believing_In_Fate
SHIVIKA Beautiful Nightmare - Believing_In_Fate
❤❤❤SHIVIKA FAIRYTALE STORY!!!❤❤❤ What happen when Beautifully princess Anika falls in love with a handsome young Prince from afar - how will they ever be able to be tog...
  • pearl
  • mermaid
  • princess
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LOSS (Park Jimin eating disorder fanfic) by AbyTheRavenclaw
LOSS (Park Jimin eating disorder AbyTheRavenclaw
Food, weight and pretending....That's what life is about, or at least that's what it will become about for 15 year old Park Jimin. "'Listen to me, Jimin.' I spoke...
  • highschool
  • kimtaehyung
  • survivorsguilt
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Selfless by Daggary98
Selflessby Dagný
Avery Johnson is a mediocre girl, living in a mediocre world. Or so she thinks. She's an only child and her parents are still happily married. Her best friends are Sim...
  • bestfriends
  • pain
  • love
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Silent Cries Of The Night  by Msbreezy31
Silent Cries Of The Night by Msbreezy31
it's a collection of few poems that I've written .
  • abuse
  • selfless
  • agony
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THE REPLACED BRIDE by blackheart489
Randhir Singh Shekhawat had everything that a man would want and envy off. He was a self-sufficient man and built his own empire with loads of hard work solely. But, som...
  • arrangedmarriage
  • love
  • parth
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Selfish (l.s) by doersandbelievers
Selfish (l.s)by hiatus
"Money can't buy you happiness, and it sure can't buy you love either."
  • love
  • rich
  • selfless
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AVNEIL  by rhaina10
AVNEIL by rhaina10
what was in my mind just pinned that on paper. . .... Story lil different from naamkaran.. or may be entirely...😊😊 It is after Ananya and Ali's fiasco
  • intelligent
  • neil
  • separation
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