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Trapped in a Typical Idol Drama by mhaimaxima
Trapped in a Typical Idol Dramaby maxine
SYNOPSIS: Ye Xi crossed over into a typical idol romance novel as the villainess. For the sake of her safety, she decided to distance herself from the male and female pr...
The Boy Who Read Minds ✔️ by veronicasoli
The Boy Who Read Minds ✔️by Veronica
Highest rank: #1 in Teen-Fiction and sci-fi romance, #1 mindreader, #2 humor Aaron's special power might just be the coolest- or scariest- thing ever! It's always helped...
Blue Eyes (A Paranormal Romance) by thatoneweirdgurrl
Blue Eyes (A Paranormal Romance)by Call me crazy
HIGHEST RANK- #1 in Crush #2 in Paranormal For a moment he just sits there watching me with amused eyes, a smirk playing on his lips. Suddenly he stands up and walks fo...
Her Mixtape, Stranger Things by parkersmania
Her Mixtape, Stranger Thingsby 𓆝
She's a lover, not a fighter... STRANGER THINGS
The Girl That Heard Everything by unidentifiederror
The Girl That Heard Everythingby unidentifiederror
This story is about a young girl that can hear everything (I dont wanna spoil it so I won't go into details) and her teacher that shows her not to suffer.
The mind readers[Discontinued] by theFoUrTHwallll
The mind readers[Discontinued]by Elmos crayons 🖍😼
I got the idea to write this from a tiktok
The Gifted by shentiments
The Giftedby shentiments_official
Superpowers are awesome, right? How about the ability to hear someone's thoughts? For Evo, having this ability wasn't cool. He felt useless and cursed until he met a wom...
Wings of Fire: The Forgotten Dragonets by GingerFlame13
Wings of Fire: The Forgotten Drago...by GingerFlame13
[The Counter Prophecy Book 1] Another Nightwing was born on the brightest night, but she was born beneath three moons. When an ancient legacy begins to resurface and she...
Wings of Fire: Dragonbite by GingerFlame13
Wings of Fire: Dragonbiteby GingerFlame13
He fled the Rainforest to escape blame for the crime he meant to stop. He fled the desert when the cost of murder became too high. Now the future is closer than ever, th...
Introverts by -spookyy
Introvertsby bayleemarie
Introvert: noun A shy, reticent, and typically self-centered person. The bad part about being an introvert is that you feel like you get left out of everything but at th...
Be Mine? || Lee Taemin ✔ by aichan26
Be Mine? || Lee Taemin ✔by 니나
HaByul, a girl with special ability, she can read others mind when the person near her without even looking at the person. She know it's wrong but what can she do about...
Hypnotist's Revenge (a novella) by LeeSplash
Hypnotist's Revenge (a novella)by Lee
With the life of his grandfather at stake, young Timothy is threatened by a covert organisation to use his powers of hypnosis to bring a certain girl under his control...
Mindreader, HanaMatsu by friday_lol
Mindreader, HanaMatsuby call me delta (:
Makki can read minds. He hears the thoughts of other all the time. It is way too loud for him. He can't live his life like he wants to. He only gets 10 minutes of numbne...
Peter Maximoff imagines by Holland_forever
Peter Maximoff imaginesby fangirl
imagines on my favorite twinkie eating boi
Thinking Of My Best Friend's Half-Brother | A Short Story [COMPLETE] by TheBlaisse
Thinking Of My Best Friend's Half...by 🕆 M. Reed 🕆
Mimmi is a normal teenage girl who struggles with algebra and has a major crush on her best friend's half brother. Nothing weird about it, right? That's what she thinks...
The Unfortunate Stranger by Celinamariefreak
The Unfortunate Strangerby Celine Marie
ONESHOT! Alice isn't normal. Nor has she ever been. She has a secret and her family sweeps it under the rug to hide her away. Her family is from Mystic Falls and is fo...
Gu JaeHee is main character in this story. She is very beautiful and she is capable of reading people's minds . She joins a new school and meet this mysterious boy , she...
Mind Readers by carolinecoast87
Mind Readersby Caroline Coast
Andrew believes in the super natural. He believes that people with powers, specifically mind readers, exist. When he gets bored in math class, he decides to conduct an...
Read Your Mind | Fred Weasley II by IIFANFICFANATICII
Read Your Mind | Fred Weasley IIby 𝓵𝓪𝓷𝓪
THIS BOOK IS UNFINISHED AND WILL LIKELY NOT BE CONTINUED. "It's just so sudden. You're this cute, adorable, bubbly girl, and then BAM! Mind reader!" ...
Seeing The Truth by Celeyfhjstial_gds
Seeing The Truthby Celeyfhjstial_gds
A single crash that's all it took for her to not remember ,the good times,the bad times,all gone Aria's life drastically changes when a car crash took her memories.On he...