Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek

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Jakayla Toney By Ms_Horrendous Completed

How does your night go from a game of Hide and Seek with your best friend, to your parents being murdered the same night? On top of that, you're sent to live with your mother and father's best friend, Mrs. and Mr. Harmon.

Although Emily and her brother have no idea who these people are, they're given the luxury life and a dream every kid wants. However, those dreams soon turn into nightmares. A handprint in the dirt, a fired maid who still works in the garden, and a game where you have to kill to keep your soul from being sacrificed to a wicked book.

When you enter the house, you follow the rules, you play the game...
  My name is Emily. I thought it was a normal, abandoned house. I thought she was a normal girl. I thought we'd play a normal game of hide and seek. Turns out I was wrong. Dead wrong...

*You can now play Hide and seek as an interactive game on the app: CHAPTERS that was purchased by Crazy Maple Studios*

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vyuhitha vyuhitha 2 days ago
Aha! Now I know where I read this before... It's from chapters: the interactive stories app.. 
                              If any of you are interested check it out. The story has the same name.. plus you get to see the characters..
Gazing_Donkeys Gazing_Donkeys 17 hours ago
I'm the total opposite. I keep arguing until I get my way. I just can't help it.
Yeah but for you its gonna be The Dwellers Of The Laundry Room
annaway23 annaway23 2 days ago
Ha I’m the hide and seek champion, 5 years hiding! The judges will give me my trophy when they can find me. (Reference)
"Almost as if she didnt want me to hear it" WHY WOULD SHE BE WHISPERING IF SHE WANTED YOU TO HERE IT? 
                              WHO DOES THAT?
I don't get why romances are the most popular on wattpad these are like way better