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explosive ; one piece : bnha by -JAZUMIN
explosive ; one piece : bnhaby 𝐋𝐀𝐖 ˎˊ˗
one piece x katsuki bakugo as a very stubborn person who doesn't believe in team work, katsuki bakugo chooses to be on his own despite being new to this parallel univers...
Kid Pirate's x Neko! Child! Reader by atiz57
Kid Pirate's x Neko! Child! Readerby Caitlen
You're a small child that was born with cat like features and was left on a superstitious island that believed that those who weren't fully human were demons or hellspaw...
Kidd x Reader {I'll Protect You} AU by Op-Law
Kidd x Reader {I'll Protect You} AUby Em
(Y/n) isn't crazy but she's locked in a mental hospital. She doesn't remember much about herself and just wants to escape from the evil doctor. Kidd's a misfit who has t...
Do you believe in ghosts? part 2 (heatxreader) by Kleptocat321
Do you believe in ghosts? part 2 (...by Taylor
This is part 2 to, Do you believe in ghosts? Life is going good for you and Heat, your friends live just next door to you guys. And your daughter is happy and healthy...
The heart of Agent 47 by akankshya123
The heart of Agent 47by bloodboundsisters
A happy-go-lucky girl Sasha is held captive by a handful of scientists who want to produce a human clone with enough statistical and analytical powers to help eliminate...
Naruto the  glass and wire ,paper Manipulation And Crystal Release by vinnythehunter
Naruto the glass and wire ,paper...by vinny lira
naruto have awakens a very old and new bloodline of his mother and father side
Kid X reader  by SoullessCorpses
Kid X reader by Soulless Neechan
Always following a ship from underneath, protecting it from Fishermen. Using haki to hide your presence. Apparently it didn't last too long. As you got caught. Living as...
Estranged : Kid X Reader / Killer X Reader by lyndsyh
Estranged : Kid X Reader / Killer...by Lyndsy
This is a collaboration with AbyssCronica. A merging of two of our on going books just for you guys.
Barbed Wire Birds by Stormerayne
Barbed Wire Birdsby Storm E. Rayne
Warning: there is frequent use of stronger language. After a year in Juvenile Rehabilitation Center, Jinx is finally welcomed back into the real world. Still angry at th...
Feel my pain, kitten! Eustass Kid x Reader One - Shot by Yomimio
Feel my pain, kitten! Eustass Kid...by Yomimio
You need to be good to witches and their cats. If you're not you can end like our Kid pirate's captain here. :) I don't own One Piece neither its characters, they belong...
Eustass Kid x Reader : Welcome...To Hell! by zoe_animebaka
Eustass Kid x Reader : Welcome...T...by Julie O' Dauntira
(A/N: Thank @AbyssCronica for inspiring me to write this new Fanfiction on by bias of One Piece, Eustass Kid!!) I never felt such pain....After he left...I sat in the...
Steel PC Strand by cumic2021
Steel PC Strandby cumic
https://www.cumic.com/products/steel-pc-strand/ OVERVIEW OF STEEL PC STRAND Steel PC strand, also known as prestressed steel strand, refers to a kind of steel made produ...
Eustass Kid x Reader : Love Me Only If You Truly Care... by zoe_animebaka
Eustass Kid x Reader : Love Me Onl...by Julie O' Dauntira
(A/N: Dedicated to my fvourite Wattpad author, @AbyssCronica ) Eustass Kid.....You might think his ship is full of brainless men with the only thought of blood..well...
~Eustass Kid x Reader~ 'school AU by Eustass_D_abby
~Eustass Kid x Reader~ 'school AUby Demon-ya
you are trafalgar laws little sister ... trafalgar.D. (y/n) In this story it's about the supernovas and SOME of their crew members joining them in a hotel that's conne...
String of faith (Eustass kidd x Oc) by Brownie2426
String of faith (Eustass kidd x Oc)by Doljko Enhbat
It is a Oc x charter Pls read this. One piece and it's charters don't belongs to me it belongs to Eiichiro Oda san but there will be 8 girl's they are my ocs and other...
An Admonition to Get Money Back from Wire Transfer Fraud by Scamretrieval
An Admonition to Get Money Back fr...by Scam Retrieval
Nowadays in the USA and Europe technology day by day growing role of development, wherever remarkably enough somebody doesn't need to stand in a line of the bank for wit...
[X-O WIRE] by LeTiffany
[X-O WIRE]by empy
[Name] is a rogue ninja who wanders alone through the ninja lands. She's the type of bandit who steals from the rich and gives to the poor, the ninja world's very own Ro...
Bandaids and Bullets Holes by Gimmemoreplse
Bandaids and Bullets Holesby Gimmemoreplse
~~~~~~~~~~~~Warning Spoilers~~~~~~~~~~~~ This fanfic has plot spoilers for the Wano Arc. You've been warned. Also not entirely accurate for creative purposes. Eustass Ki...
PTFE High Temperature Cables by ssicables
PTFE High Temperature Cablesby Sudhanshu Rawat
PTFE high temperature cables can be by and large protected or all of the focuses can be autonomously secured or unequivocal no of focuses can be ensured and rest can be...