captured forever ~ e.s fanfiction  by teddysguitarpicks
captured forever ~ e.s fanfiction by nishi
#1 in #edsheeran as of 21/01/19 "Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever... It remembers little th...
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Kissing Booth [BoyxBoy] by ShadieTree
Kissing Booth [BoyxBoy]by Lara
(BOOK ONE OF THE KISSING BOOTH SERIES) Scar Patterson has everything that a boy could want - good looks, a smoking hot girlfriend and a full time scholarship to his drea...
  • boyxboy
  • bxb
  • wattpride
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Alive (Sequel to Breathing) by AnnMarie119712
Alive (Sequel to Breathing)by Ann Marie
This is the sequel to Breathing. Highest ranking in FanFiction so far #32.
  • malik
  • louis
  • charlie
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C'Mon, Would It Really Be So Bad? by hurricanstreets
C'Mon, Would It Really Be So Bad?by hurricane streets
This is my story about meeting Ed Sheeran right before he became the biggest pop star in the world.
  • edsheeran
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  • sherrios
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Payne-malik family troubles continue ( one direction/ed sheeran spanking story) by monkeyfan27
Payne-malik family troubles Jessica
Alright guys, so x5sauce gave me her story the Payne- Malik family troubles, so I therefore will be continuing it for her. So please read and check out the story as I up...
  • sheeran
  • liam
  • harry
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Be Like You (Sweeran) by Catnip1313
Be Like You (Sweeran)by Catnip
Ed's tired of being known as a 'chubby, ginger kid'. With the pressure on for an even bigger tour and the media always on his case Ed's getting more and more self consci...
  • swift
  • eatingdisorder
  • hurt
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Scarlett (Sequel to What These Bruises Say) by anchorsahoy
Scarlett (Sequel to What These samwich
He's found her. She's alive. But will their relationship turn out to be how they expected? Or will certain people get in the way? Maybe past troubles catch up to her. Po...
  • tomlinson
  • malik
  • horan
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The Memes of Edward Sheeran | ✔️ by 733crystal3951
The Memes of Edward Sheeran | ✔️by Crystal. 💎
Created and published December 31st of 2018. ~~~ The memes of Edward Christopher Sheeran... Do I need to say anything else? ~~~ Skip to "Meme #59 (cont)." for...
  • 02-17-91
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What A Feeling // 1D AU ✓ by captainsunlinson
What A Feeling // 1D AU ✓by Oops!
(BOOK 3) 3 million dollars. Time to get the "band" back together. (contains Larry and Ziam)
  • cars
  • prison
  • stenfield
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Text Message [Harry Styles] by macmalik
Text Message [Harry Styles]by Macayla
Its impossible to get Harry Styles' real number right? Wrong, it was fate Natasha found his number. She just doesn't know he's Harry Styles the celebrity she hates and o...
  • message
  • text
  • harry
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solo dms - e.s ✅ by -lovinglarry
solo dms - e.s ✅by -lovinglarry
what happens when you enter a competition to win a solo dm with your idol and you win it? started- 5th january 2019 completed- 19th january 2019 -lovinglarry 2019 © no t...
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Miss You - Ed Sheeran Fan Fic (Under Editting) by onedirectionxox99
Miss You - Ed Sheeran Fan Fic ( Francesca
I was probably the biggest Ed Sheeran fan around. Something happened that would change my life forever whilst I was front row at his concert, something that would lead t...
  • direction
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dear diary - e.s. by hermy_reads
dear diary - Hanna
- - - I wanted to kiss Ed Sheeran so badly it wasn't possible. - - - "Is Evelyn here Ed? Again?" "What?" "Is Evelyn Rose here? Your girlfriend...
  • fanfiction
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Ed Sheeran Imagines by bimeeks
Ed Sheeran Imaginesby BK
Hello, everyone. Sorry about the long description, but it's important that you guys read it, so you know what to expect from us. As you might have noticed by now, we're...
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Paper Boy (Sweeran/Paper Towns) by Catnip1313
Paper Boy (Sweeran/Paper Towns)by Catnip
As I watched him stand in the now open doorway, I wondered how well I actually knew Ed. This shy boy with the crazy hair, who was no longer shy whatsoever and actually h...
  • taylorswift
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Plus - Ed Sheeran by Keeley_Greenleaf
Plus - Ed Sheeranby Fangirl
Ed is making an album. Who knew the songs were about a certain girl named Emily Anderson? Emily and Ed are in love, and every song he writes seems to relate to her. Emil...
  • music
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Searching For Maggie (Sweeran) by Izzyaaaa
Searching For Maggie (Sweeran)by Izzyaaaa
-No one has had contact with Taylor for three weeks and her friends and family are starting to get worried. There's no sign of her anywhere. So Ed is on a mission to fin...
  • ted
  • taylorswift
  • tayvin
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Infinity //1D AU ✓ by captainsunlinson
Infinity //1D AU ✓by Oops!
{BOOK TWO} Zayn's getting married, Niall's gone missing, Harry's trying to find him, Louis' having a daughter, Liam's heartbroken, and Ed Sheeran is dying? (Contains Lar...
  • tomlinson
  • sheeran
  • payne
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N i n a {Ed Sheeran} by fxcksheeran
N i n a {Ed Sheeran}by mushroom
My life isn't easy and I have some misunderstandings with my mind since something happened in the past. In the beginning, I tried to pretend I was ok. No one actually ca...
  • ecs
  • nina
  • edward
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A Second Thought (a taylor swift and ed sheeran fanfic) by swiftieforlife23
A Second Thought (a taylor swift swiftieforlife23
Something happens in club RED one night that changes everything
  • swift
  • ted
  • fanfic
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