NateWantsToBattle Oneshots/Imagines by ItsJulia-
NateWantsToBattle Oneshots/Imaginesby Julia(Jube)
Oneshots about YouTuber NateWantsToBattle or Nathan Smith. *COMPLETED* If you're reading this on a site other then Wattpad, you're at risk of malware. Please leave the s...
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Natepat & Septiplier oneshots  by midgetackerman
Natepat & Septiplier oneshots by Yaoi Queen ✨
Just my two otps Who obviously love each other Hope you like these [ This has basically turned into a multi-ship oneshot book]
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NateWantsToBattle x Reader by imout77
NateWantsToBattle x Readerby Inactive:(
Being a creator in the gaming part of YouTube means you go to a lot of conventions. At these conversations, you tend to meet other YouTubers. When you meet this youtub...
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The Mysterious Man with Green Hair Septiplier~Apocalupse au by shipallthegay
The Mysterious Man with Green Sienna
Mark Fischbach was your ordinary doctor, that was until all hell broke lose. One month into his eternal hell Mark runs into Nate and Jack. After being forced to come wi...
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NateWantsToBattle Imagines by IceWing1014
NateWantsToBattle Imaginesby IceWing1014
Hello! Here's my NWTB imagine book! Requests highly appreciated, feel free to comment and enjoy! :3
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NatePat OneShots! by _natepat5ever_
NatePat OneShots!by ❤NatePat❤
NatePat Oneshots! Yasssssss! Thanks to whoever reads this. I hope it impacts you and makes you happy for a few minutes! ??
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YouTuber Preferences 2 by itslaurenjade
YouTuber Preferences 2by ❤️❤️❤️
YouTuber Preferences Book 2!! Featuring: •NateWantsToBattle {Nate} •Jovenshire {Josh} •Sohinki {Matt} •LaserCorn {David} •Flitz {Amra} •WesTheEditor {Wes} •Good Mythical...
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NateWantsToBattle Imagines  by Littleyoshi365
NateWantsToBattle Imagines by Littleyoshi365
This will be little stories about one of my favorite YouTubes NateWantsToBattle. I will take requests :). Enjoy. Thanks to SophieTWDTheEEFQueen for the awesome new cover.
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Nightfall (Natewantstobattle X Reader) by Fanficlibrary21
Nightfall (Natewantstobattle X Fanficlibrary21
"Your neck smells so good..." "N-nate what are you doing?" "I want to..." Only everything happens when night falls... What will happen and...
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Natepat Oneshots by LIBRARIESAMIRITE
Natepat Oneshotsby LIBRARIES AMIRITE
Hi. Yeah. You probably read the title. That's what this is. I have an issue, it's called laziness and it prevents me from doing anything but refreshing the same three ap...
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Just Promise Me | NatePat by -starry-boy-
Just Promise Me | NatePatby - gone -
"Just promise me that you'll never leave." In which Matthew Patrick is bullied and Nathan Smith is the new kid at Blackwell Academy. ✦✧✦ -cover art by cryptids...
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Forever Mangled - NatePat by Forever_In_A_Fantasy
Forever Mangled - NatePatby Elenora Enchanted
"Why are you doing this Nate?" "Nate's not here MatPat..." When Matt and Nate go to visit the real Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria, they have no idea what'...
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Dangerous Women~Natewantstobattle X Reader by jackiplierisnotonpie
Dangerous memezia
~Something bout you makes me feel like a dangerous women~
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Band Imagines by BonnieDavis74
Band Imaginesby BonnieDavis74
This will be a collection of band imagines. I will probably not be doing One Direction. I'm open to ideas as well!
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Nateiplier One Shot(s) XD by Sugarsweetie16
Nateiplier One Shot(s) XDby Sugar ❤
One shots of the two amazing people Markiplier and Natewantstobattle!
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NateWantsToBattle X Reader Oneshots #Wattys2017 by UmbreonFromTheEnd
NateWantsToBattle X Reader Moira O'Deorain
So this is mah first thing I'll be posting on Wattpad... YEY Wonderful NateWantsToBattle x the wonderful reader~ Enjoy!
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Natewantstobattle (One shot x reader).           (Complete)✅ by Darkroses77
Natewantstobattle (One shot x HimeDarkroses
This is my 1 time i am writing a story of a one shot youtuber....And that youtuber named.....Natewantstobattle!! Yes Nate is my 2 youtuber i liked of all time! So of you...
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I Will Protect You by xiowantstobattle
I Will Protect Youby Mangle
Markiplier has a daughter and doesn't want anything happen to her. Mysteries will be revealed of the family.
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etched || natepat 《DISCONTINUED 》 by GUBLERNATION-
etched || natepat 《DISCONTINUED 》by james
[discontinued; check last chapter!] soulmate au: their birthday is etched onto your wrist and burns if you're close. Nate has given thought about how he wants to meet hi...
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NatePat One-Shots by InsertCreativeName0
NatePat One-Shotsby InsertCreativeName
From fluff to hot and sweaty (no smut Doe) I got NatePat one-shots to go around. If you want to request just say it in the comment below.
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