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THE LOVE HE GIVES by rockingdolly
A Jamaican Love Story.
WHATS LOVE by theyallluvkeneka
Keneka came out of a three year relationship only for the don to fall for her What will happen next
Claimed By Him by MonaLucianna
Claimed By Himby 𝑽𝒊𝒃𝒓𝒂𝒏𝒕_𝑪𝒊𝒂𝒏𝒏𝒂v(...
LaNae Sinclair is an 18 year old who has many dreams and aspirations but has yet to decide what route she will go down as she steps into adulthood with no way of going b...
 Fight Of Her Life  by CuriousCatKills
Fight Of Her Life by Unknown
I held my head straight as I enter the shop ordered what I want then exit the shop. A dark blue crown pulled up infront of the boys and the don comes out after putting...
Masked by luvvma123
Maskedby littlewritergirl
Melani a the girl weh Eva stick to harself and barely talk to people . Everybody walk and talk seh she hype and get princess treatment when wah happen a har yaad us a d...
When love last by kaydon23
When love lastby Jhenel Taylor
A young woman rekindles with her first ever boyfriend after 10 years but faces trouble along the way.
Broken Souls by creative_moya02
Broken Soulsby Moya Thompson
I'm in love with a Jamaican Badman but I'm a boy and he's a boy I'm gay and he's "straight " AND A BADMAN This story is not real. It's made out of my imaginati...
SINNA LIFE 💕 . by stvstrs
SINNA LIFE 💕 .by stvstrs
"Girl mi woulda Neva deh wid him, memba seh him a artist" I said. " And plus man a dog and dog a man yuh figet that?" Or so I thought...
Gyal Dem Shift | A Jamaican Love Story.  by tizz_gfb
Gyal Dem Shift | A Jamaican Love tizz_gfb
"Ah badman yah try tek fi eediat ?" The Jamaican artist Bayka finds a attraction to a girl in his community, him being the girl magnet he is finds it hard to b...
His & Hers (A Jamaican Love Story) by Anna_shiesty
His & Hers (A Jamaican Love Story)by Anna_shiesty
Lemme tell you from now. My writing is crap and my imagination is wild😂🤸🏽‍♀️And also I'm inexperienced so I don't know alot of places so my story isn't going to be al...
His Mobster by Gizeitsnotme
His Mobsterby itsnother
"Mi seh nuh the big red drawz me see underneath me victoria secret perfume."I joked even though deep down I was hurt.
Nonhlanhla - Fortunate by LazySuperhero
Nonhlanhla - Fortunateby Thandazile
"Wubani?" ( Who are you?) He looked hurt but she couldn't bring herself to take the question back. She was married to him for 3 years and had known him for eve...
The Girl With Gifts by _Alala
The Girl With Giftsby Alala
Ever wished you had some sort of amazing ability? Ever wished you could do something extraordinary? It isn't the same for Lyria Ackles in fact it's the opposite, she wis...
The Fine Print by ElleKarma
The Fine Printby Elle Karma
The devil is in the details... She wants revenge for the loss she suffered at the hands of her cruel and distant father. She's willing to sell her soul to a rival family...
My badman by TishaunaFolkes8
My badmanby Tishauna Folkes
hi I'm Camille Campbell age 20 Rome Larsson Age 23
Uk Slang Definitions & Examples by clnm-c1oak
Uk Slang Definitions & Examplesby 1-800-SUCK-UR-MUM
King and Queen of Gotham City (on hold) by kellywrites
King and Queen of Gotham City ( kel s
Harley Quinn is reuinited with Joker after suicide squad and they return to Gotham City. 'You think I'm just a doll. A doll that's pink and light. A doll you can arrange...