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If It Ended Differently by GraceBeard
If It Ended Differentlyby Alpha_12
What if the Republic and the Jedi's had won the war?? Order 66 would have never happened. So how would the Ghost crew meet one another?? How would Ezra be found and tra...
It's a Learning Process by starmnnnwars
It's a Learning Processby >oo<
Series of one-shots of life in the ghost.
Back to the Past (Star Wars Rebels) by aquatic_dragon
Back to the Past (Star Wars Rebels)by illa / xylars
What if Ezra Bridger (from s4, last episode) went back to the past (episode 1, s1)? Ezra Bridger, a trained Palawan who recently lost his master was ready to leave Lotha...
Flight of the Force (Star Wars Rebels) by Cold_Matchmaker
Flight of the Force (Star Wars Reb...by Moon Inkwell
Ezra is hiding a secret from the rest of the crew. A secret he is reluctant to share. But dangerous circumstances have a way of forcing secrets to be told, and Ezra's is...
Love (Complete) by FullerK75
Love (Complete)by FullerK75
Ezra and Hera Start Dating After Sabine Rejects Ezra And Begin A Secret Relationship. How Long Can They Keep Their Relationship A Secret From The Rest Of The Crew. Find...
Ezra Bridger: Moments With His Family  by GraceBeard
Ezra Bridger: Moments With His Fam...by Alpha_12
Just some one shots about our favourite blue haired rebel with his new found family - the Ghost Crew. Open to taking requests.
Rebel Family (one-shots) by ilovedolphins101
Rebel Family (one-shots)by BLUB
A bunch of different family one-shots of the Ghost crew. Of how the crew bonds through tough or sad moments in there life. I do not own Star Wars Rebels!!!!
SWR One-shot's by Shadow_Lothcat
SWR One-shot'sby Lothcat
Here are a few one shots about the ghost crew. Hope you like it. Includes many pranks, family fluff, dark stories and even karaoke. So enjoy reading. This is my first...
Scars tell stories (completed) by lucyonyxsage
Scars tell stories (completed)by FIRE
What happens when the crew find out exactly how many scars Ezra gets over the years and they really find out about how life was as a street rat
Underworld Of Lothal  by CODYARMY
Underworld Of Lothal by CodyW7
Ezra's reaction to being rejected to Sabine followed by his command being restricted. He grew up on the streets before the crew and now with military experience a new cr...
Once Upon a Slave... by ilovedolphins101
Once Upon a Slave...by BLUB
Ezra and his parents were slaves their whole lives. Once Ezra turned seven, both of his parents were moved to a different slave camp. Eight years later, Ezra was always...
A Ticklish Padawan  by Star-Wars-Dragons
A Ticklish Padawan by Fawn Bridger
When the Rebellion finds out that Ezra is ticklish, all hell breaks loose
Clan Bridger 2 by scorch5555
Clan Bridger 2by ALPHA SCORCH62
Six years later after the War For Mandalore the system was at a time of peace as the Clans protect the system. The Rebellion defeated the Empire and finally had peace ar...
Descendant of Revan by arow800
Descendant of Revanby CX-P Wren
Ezra Bridger, the last descendant of the Prodigal Knight, Revan. With a Mandalorian mother and a Jedi father Ezra has ties to the two most powerful warrior societies in...
the new republic by Jesse12435
the new republicby jesse shields
while on a mission with the crew ezra goes missing and gets left behind
Game Over by lafayettesgurl
Game Overby Lafayette’s Gf
Ezra Lewis hated exactly four things in the world. Bananas. Cheap toilet paper. Riverdale. And Kody Vincent. But after a one night stand, she ends up pregnant and K...
Starved by Y2Jnjn
Starvedby Y2JennJen
a star wars rebel story. the kid was hungry after years of struggling alone, and it wasn't just food he was deprived of. as much as Kanan hated to admit it, he knew need...
Ezria: after the finale💗 by teamezria78
Ezria: after the finale💗by teamezria78
This is Ezria and their adventures after the series finale, which included stuff like their hunnymoon, them adopting kids,their book, etc. I haven't seen anyone else mak...
Whats Love Got to do With it?: An Arranged Marriage to a Stranger by cfa1230
Whats Love Got to do With it?: An...by cfa1230
Carmella is kind of your typical teen. She's sixteen, the baby of the family with an annoying big sister and strict, over protective parents. But she's still in control...
Star Wars Imagines/Preferences by finnspilot
Star Wars Imagines/Preferencesby finnspilot
The title is self explanatory but I'll be taking requests for imagines/one shots/ preferences for any character from the prequels, sequels, SW the clone wars and SW rebe...