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It Isn't Love : poetry ✓ by -megan
It Isn't Love : poetry ✓by megan
[English] you love him but everytime you think of him always makes you cry - it isn't love #1 in patah hati/7.13.18 #1 in short poetry/ 12.1.18 #4 in puisi/ 12.1.18 #17...
Short Poems by sparklingrosee
Short Poemsby kelly
In which I post a collection of short poems
UNSAID LOVE  by Fantasy_lover_310
➷Sometimes love is beautiful Sometimes it's painful But it always gives us something And takes something in return➹ ❝And falling...
he's mine (poems about love) ✓ by featherbirdie
he's mine (poems about love) ✓by birdie
minimalist poems all about love.
Those Eyes |  A Poetry Collection ✔ by iamverda357
Those Eyes | A Poetry Collection ✔by Bushra Fareed
I could write a million poems, about this stranger, with deep blue eyes, often messy hair, A tall figure, and an expressionless face. I could write, But I'm afraid to. ...
Roses & Thorns : poetry ✓ by -megan
Roses & Thorns : poetry ✓by megan
[English] #1 in puisi/ 8.11.18 #3 in poetry/5.11.18 #2 in poem/ 7.20.18 An anthology poetry. About heartbreak, mostly. Because love is like roses and thorns.
tula serye by DonaQuixote
tula seryeby D
A love poetry collection You can use my poems to confess to your crush.
self-musing by ifrakhan04
self-musingby Ifra Khan
I am a novice . I would like to share some of my thoughts and poems with the readers . Excuse me for mistakes. Please give it a read! And give your opinions,liking or di...
Art Called Love : poetry ✓  by abycee
Art Called Love : poetry ✓ by abycee ♡︎
a compilation of all of my poetry works written over the years. #3 in within 11/5/20 #1 in short poetry 11/3/20 #2 in proses 11/3/20 #5 in unspoken 11/9/20 #3 in love po...
You and The Moon by iron_heist
You and The Moonby iron_heist
short poems and quotes on love and distance for my beloved. to you my love hope you enjoy reading this if you want to use poems and quotes from this you can reach out t...
A Poem From Me  by TsukiKeito
A Poem From Me by Keito Tsuki
A book of short, sad, heartbreaking poems she wanted him to read.
No January by mrittai
No Januaryby mrittai
Don't disregard these words They're coming from me I'm sitting here on the bathroom floor I could be doing anything but this But talking fails me So I write and hope...
Moonlit Whispers on Signal Hill... by Theforgotten007
Moonlit Whispers on Signal SOMEBODY 🌸
"Whispers of the Heart" is a collection of 20 poems that explore the human experience through themes of hope, love, nature, self-discovery, and resilience. Wit...
To Mothers Moms Mommies by rgoyrie
To Mothers Moms Mommiesby rgoyrie
The things mothers do and go through to make us happy. And the love they give, even the ones that isn't our birth mother's. This book is to acknowledge all mothers aroun...
Life In Pieces by meanbeauty0_0
Life In Piecesby 𝓝𝓸𝓻𝓪
From darkness to light, from sadness to happiness,from being falling apart to still having hope this book contains the most beautiful and painful poems written by me. Ev...
WHEN THE NIGHT FALLS by Fantasy_lover_310
❝All day, I tried to hide my scars But now here I am, looking at these stars Trying to breathe, t...
Sixteen Letters From The Killer [Fictional Poetry]  by _adeadpoet_
Sixteen Letters From The Killer [ Adalaide Harrison
"But when one has no way of exceeding the limit of sixteen, Is death not the ideal medicine?..." ... On the night of my sixteenth birthday, my killer made m...
This Girl is a Ghost by skylerstratten
This Girl is a Ghostby Skyler ꨄ
just a girl online ❦
A Letdown by iron_heist
A Letdownby iron_heist
Loving comes with a price.
Blue Hour ☽ by skylerstratten
Blue Hour ☽by Skyler ꨄ
I'm like the last flame flickering in oblivion ༅