A Reason To Go On

A Reason To Go On

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"Your actually really beautiful"

My heart felt like it was soaring, i felt i could burst with happiness, until he continued.

"But im just not ready to settle down, im too young to spend the rest on my life with one girl, which is why"

"Please don't do this" I pleaded, i could see it in his eyes what he was going to say next

"I, Jayden Raoul, reject you Alexia Reymond"

Alexia Reymond is the quiet girl in her pack, she doesn't have many friends, but has a positive outlook on life, believing everything happens for a reason. After shes rejected shes determined to continue her life as normal as possible. Refusing to leave her family and friend, despite her heartache.

Jayden Raoul in the Alpha's son, hes popular and loves the fact that because of his status he can get whatever girl he wants. He's not ready to settle down, not even for his mate Alexia.

This is a story about rejection, heartache, and ultimately A Reason to go on.

  • bonding
  • depression
  • determination
  • healing
  • heartache
  • love
  • rejection
spice-my-aesthethicc spice-my-aesthethicc Mar 25, 2017
I am really blind without my glasses, just a little about 10 inches away from me. Is it bad, I would plan to have contact lenses when I am a little bit older?
aestheticmelanin aestheticmelanin Jan 09, 2016
This happens to me, I don't know why and I've never told anyone
blone69 blone69 May 12, 2015
Like the starting.  Definitely got me hooked.  Can't wait to read more.
BeckiSullivan BeckiSullivan Apr 23, 2013
@Redwerewolf24 Thank you so much for your comment, I'm honestly still amazed when people comment telling me they enjoyed what I've written, and even though I've had a few negative comments, the good definitely outweighs the bad :)
Redwerewolf24 Redwerewolf24 Apr 23, 2013
Hey I read this book and I was damn you can write. Keep up the good work
Isbelle2001 Isbelle2001 Apr 16, 2013
Bra men synd att den inte va på svenska men anars super bra!