He found out I was pregnant.....Then rejected me- (Book 1) *Under Major Editing*

He found out I was pregnant.....Then rejected me- (Book 1) *Under Major Editing*

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*Book 1 of the Moore To Dodge series*

Storm Moore found her mate. The Alpha. He kept cool when he found out she was ADHD, which is uncommon for a werewolf. He lost it when she told him she was pregnant and he rejected her. Storm did the only thing she could before her mate would force her into an abortion, she ran. Far away. She left the continent to Spain. She raised her child and had no intention to return. She only came back to visit family. Will Jeremiah try to win her back? Or will he strike out? Or, worst of all, will he lose it?

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  • daughter
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  • pregnancy
  • rejection
  • secondchance
laylarulesalot08 laylarulesalot08 Apr 29, 2017
lidyalewis lidyalewis Jul 29, 2017
Love this story so often we forgot about our less the average love ones
Mocha15years Mocha15years Nov 10, 2017
Riddlin made me stop eating 
                              Concerta made me depressed 
                              Vyvanse is a necessary evil
chrishek chrishek Dec 07, 2017
So far the only part that is cliche' in your story is that it is a were-shifter story and she was rejected. What isn't cliche' is that she is adhd and on medication. She told him of the pregnancy and then rejected her. Looking forward to reading your story
Sapphirecattle911 Sapphirecattle911 6 days ago
I understood that before I read the translation. Thank the heavens for 4 years of high school Spanish classes!
Mocha15years Mocha15years Nov 10, 2017
I'm never dizzy lol. Just under stimulated (not sexually for all ya dirty minds)