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A Wizard's Game(RWBY X OC FANFIC) by S_H_I_R_O_E
I do not own this story, this is owned by Grademaster from and this is for offline purposes
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End of The world? Time to Level Up! by KuroiDangan
End of The world? Time to Level Up!by KuroiDangan
The world has recently fallen, mankind has become its own worst enemy when they turn into the embodiment of hunger known as Ghouls. They mindlessly eat anything that mov...
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A Gamer's Bloody Revenge by STakeshi
A Gamer's Bloody Revengeby S. Takeshi
Once a kind man, now a devil. After killing the boss in the final stage, Karma was betrayed by his teammates and met his end. Now, back to the past with all of his memor...
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dxd gamer by JamesHall137
dxd gamerby James Hall
A guy dies and gets put in a dxd gamer world. #49-angels on may-12 2020
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Gamer Of Remnant by Cmdpancake
Gamer Of Remnantby Cmdpancake
Ok help me understand this i died and now i'm given a chance to to come back with the powers of a gamer. And get thrown into a world of Grimm and other shenanigans. *S...
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Not So Innocent ( gamer reader x rwby Girls) by Lolypopboy
Not So Innocent ( gamer reader x lobster
y,/n l/n was a sad boy then he died, the end just kidding he was reincarnated into a unforgiving world, the world of remnant but not the same one. In this one many thing...
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The Games We Play by tjsteele810
The Games We Playby Travis Steele
This is not my story, I repeat, NOT MINE!! This is a RWBY/The Gamer crossover fanfiction, by a very talented author by the name of Ryuugi. This is the site were I ori...
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Play To Win || Naruto Fanfic by SimplyAMonster
Play To Win || Naruto Fanficby mønstęr
she was playing a game, the rules, however, was a different story +lowercase intended [Gamer Ability Unlocked] . . . . . . Started [3...
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Gmod Gamer X RWBY by imabread108
Gmod Gamer X RWBYby Kayden
On Philippines Usually Play Gmod Sandbox and some crazy lua broken Stuff Happens when Stupidly using a Portal Gun on Some Wall and Manage to Open a Another World. I Don...
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Percy Jackson, The Gamemaster by I_Like_Reading129
Percy Jackson, The Gamemasterby I_Like_Reading129
The day the blue pop-up box appeared Percy knew he was going insane. Though with the new discovery of him being a Demi-God. It seems his new ability could be a blessing...
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Marvel's Gamer by DrexhunterCross
Marvel's Gamerby Drexhunter
Hey guys i'm back for another Gamer Story... Guess what i actually didn't come up with this idea... Actually it came from one of my followers and he needs to be mentione...
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Fantasy System part 1 by LIGHTDRAGON75
Fantasy System part 1by LIGHTDRAGON75
Edward died after trying to act cool and is then transported to a world where he kept his name but everything else changed. Fortunately (or unfortunately) he got a syst...
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The Gamer ~ Overwatch by TavianX3
The Gamer ~ Overwatchby Holy Otaku
Life isn't easy when you one day wake up and see names above peoples heads, especially when your a professional gamer living with a HOT Girl who is famous. Help..
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Ninja Gamer by xXThunderDragonzxX
Ninja Gamerby Marley Woods
Ninja Gamer by DragonKnightRyu So, dying sucks, but hey, I get a chance at reincarnation with a special power, and that power is 'The Gamer' so that's awesome! But... I'...
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Game On! [One Punch Man Fanfic] by AnimeKittyKat
Game On! [One Punch Man Fanfic]by AnimeKittyKat
[Discontinued] A pro gamer is reborn into the One Punch Man world with the infamous power of 'The Gamer.' Now, she has to rise to the top with the expert knowledge of ga...
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highschool dxd x male op oc gamer  by skylab25
highschool dxd x male op oc gamer by sky lab
I had this idea for a while
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Gamer in Remnant  by Nyx-Mustang
Gamer in Remnant by Nyx-Mustang
Disclaimer: RWBY does not belong to me. It belongs to RoosterTeeth. This is a female reader/oc x Team RWBY.
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A Young Author in a Zombie Apocalypse Otome Game by Error_030
A Young Author in a Zombie ✧ Kae ✧
A Young Author in a Zombie Apocalypse Otome Game Leo, is a normal guy. Normal life, Normal friends, Normal job, Normal achievements, After death... Even he didn't k...
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Izukus Villain Game system  by NozarickRin
Izukus Villain Game system by Nozarick Rin
a rewrite of 'izuku evil system'. just thought I could improve it. Izuku, dies in the slime incident and wakes up in a void space with a blue screen in front of him. He...
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Wanna Play?(Various!BnhaXGay!Oc) by ERROR-DATA-NOT-FOUND
Wanna Play?(Various!BnhaXGay!Oc)by [•ERROR•]
"I'm ready to log out of life now.." -Sam Young, Let's Play Meet Matsukami Ryota, just an average boy in the world of Quirks and Powers, of Heroes and Vill...
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