This Is The Dream by debed003
This Is The Dreamby
Game developer and game player, Dom Lux lives a fairly normal life. He sleeps, he works and he eats but one day his life is changed. For better or for worse... well he'...
  • gamer
  • multiverse
  • highschooldxd
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Life as a Saiyan-Devil [Dragon Ball x Saiyan!Male!Reader x Highschool DxD] by TheWidowMaker
Life as a Saiyan-Devil [Dragon TheWidowMaker
[ARC II: New life?] & [ARC III: The King And His Queens.] Y/N L/N is back again. Now a Devil-Saiyan, more powerful than ever. Now that things have settled down he goes b...
  • male
  • opmc
  • dragonballz
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Soft GBG Imagines by lexpond
Soft GBG Imaginesby Lexi
A whole lotta SOFT gay baby gang imagine uwu (that was so gay im sorry) anyways read if you want
  • goodguyfitz
  • swaggersouls
  • johnontheradio
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Yami: The Gamer Kage by Akashi_Kurokaze
Yami: The Gamer Kageby Kuro no Akuma
A man wakes up to find himself inside the world of Naruto experiencing it via a video game. Forced to fight to survive, he sets upon a path of self-discovery, whether to...
  • kaksahi
  • power
  • ốc
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The Gamer's Apocalypse by JPHuang
The Gamer's Apocalypseby JP Huang
Adam is a neet, a bum, a good for nothing lowlife living in his parents house at the age of 30. No job, no friends and no girlfriend. He spends all day in front of his c...
  • harem
  • war
  • sci-fi
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Dragon Gamer   by Dracula117
Dragon Gamer by Dracula117
Y/N woke up one day and find a blue holographic box floating in his face saying " Welcome Gamer To Highschool Dxd. " Y/N knew his life just got real complicate...
  • multiverse
  • naruto
  • gamer
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Orc Wars : Uprising by Ghost_Lord
Orc Wars : Uprisingby Ghost_Lord
The virtual reality gaming was a godsend for Jonathan Carter. He would be able to escape from his miserable existence, at least for a while and be someone else. No one w...
  • orcs
  • new
  • original
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Gamer of the Dead by batotit
Gamer of the Deadby batotit
Zombie Apocalypse meets the Gamer. to make it a bit different, I decided to create a new kind of zombie with its own rules. hopefully, the zombie will become more danger...
  • gamer
  • loss
  • zombie
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Play To Win || Naruto Fanfic by SimplyAMonster
Play To Win || Naruto Fanficby mønstęr
she was playing a game, the rules, however, was a different story +lowercase intended [Gamer Ability Unlocked] . . . . . . Started [3...
  • gaara
  • anime
  • reborn
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Marvel Gamer by rash163
Marvel Gamerby Kentarou163
Well you or Y/N kicked the bucket as hard as Possible. The universe has decided to.send you to the marvel universe to redeem Y/N failed life (This is very much like the...
  • superpowers
  • maleinsert
  • gamer
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FANBOY;AU [JiKook] by jikooktrash_help
FANBOY;AU [JiKook]by ⍀1997x1995⌿
Jungkook is famous gamer, who just reached 1M subscribers. Jimin is his biggest fan, who supports him as much as he can, and has crush on him. What happens to Jimin's...
  • jimin
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  • jungkook
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best friends (zuckles) by omittophobia
best friends (zuckles)by omittophobia
i wrote the first chapter at 3am on a sunday, it just went from there:) i actually feel really weird writing this but whatever.
  • fitz
  • mason
  • bordie
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RWBY X Gamer by DrexhunterCross
RWBY X Gamerby Drexhunter
How are we doing today folks So you have been brought into the world of Remnant, how will you handle this world. Will you survive and die. Or thrive and make this world...
  • ruby
  • blake
  • malereader
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You Smell Like... Mine (Book 1 in the 'You Smell' series) by TheCaster369
You Smell Like... Mine (Book 1 That'snotmyname
Highest Rank: #femalealpha Hot list #1 6/12/18 Ivy Grant has been waiting her whole life to meet her mate. Now, she is heading off to college. How long will it take to...
  • werewolf
  • hea
  • romance
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The Gamer (bnha fanfic) by Burnt_Toaster
The Gamer (bnha fanfic)by Toast!
What if life was a game? Meet (Y/n). (L/n) she's just a lazy otaku that enjoys life. Her quirk is that of a gamer, seeing dialogue in floating boxes, levels and stats o...
  • academia
  • mha
  • fanfiction
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Rebirth: Cycle of Hatred (Naruto Fanfiction) by Silverfox579
Rebirth: Cycle of Hatred (Naruto Silverfox579
"Welcome into this world, Rei Uchiha." When Seito woke up that morning, he had absolutely no plans to be poisoned. As the ruthless CEO of Kamagiri Corporations...
  • strangerinanotherworld
  • rebirth
  • reincarnation
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Secrets of a Gamer Girl by Princesa108
Secrets of a Gamer Girlby Kim
Jazmine is a top-notch, classy girl who grew up having it all. From diamonds to Prada, she knows how to play it rich. However, this rich girl has a secret side to her t...
  • ps3
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  • videogames
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50 Shades Of Noir #MLWattyAwards by ognutmeg
50 Shades Of Noir #MLWattyAwardsby og nutmeg.
Chat Noir is in love with Marinette. Ladybug never existed. Marinette was just an innocent girl, who loved everyone. Chloe (Yes she's nice), Sabrina, Alya, and Nino, wer...
  • gamer
  • darkcupid
  • marichat
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Reincarnated as a Ninja?! (Complete) by adriawolfmoon
Reincarnated as a Ninja?! ( adriawolfmoon
Cause I'm that kind of ass you have to read the book to find out.
  • naruto
  • crazy
  • saskue
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 Remnant Restart  by S-Naruto
Remnant Restart by Manfred Tan
After living my life to the fullest and to the end I was not expecting or prepared for being in the position of a Video game character and tossed into the world of RWBY...
  • gamer
  • summerrose
  • fanficion
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