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I Do, I Do (mpreg) by Drizzy191
I Do, I Do (mpreg)by DEMI MARA
Henry McAdams is another college graduate with a hard past, one of betrayal, heartbreak and a near death experience. He is trying to make his life better but things coul...
harry.exe has stopped working ━ hp x tmr || lv by inkpilferer
harry.exe has stopped working ━ soft weeb
mxb! Harry Potter no longer has any fucks to give. That's it. That's the plot. Thanks for coming to my ted talk. ((And all because Death does something absolutely fuckin...
The Man Next Door(ManXBoy) by -Mayson-
The Man Next Door(ManXBoy)by Mayson Thayer
I couldn't see him that well from this angle, but I could tell he dressed expensively. He wore nice dress pants with a white dress shirt with rolled up sleeves. The watc...
Beloved Husband of a Billionaire (BL Novel) by HeienJie
Beloved Husband of a Billionaire ( Heien Jie
As soon as he finished his studies, Miguel promised to work hard to take care of his family. He wanted his old father to retire without worries and to live the rest of...
Morozova's pup by x_werewolf_stories
Morozova's pupby Spaghetti Bolognese
O N H O L D / E X T R E M E L Y S L O W U P D A T E S MxB Mature Slow updates #1 in mxb
Hesitate  by gmaker033
Hesitate by g maker
Zero was happy he had a normal life with a happy family that was until his mother decided to leave him and his father. Even if his mother told him that she would never c...
His Cinderella (DDLB) by AstridCostigo
His Cinderella (DDLB)by Astrid Costigo
-DISCONTINUED- Dylan Costigo He's not a prince but a self made millionaire, he didnt grew up within a palace surrounded with maids instead he grew up with nothing but po...
Auroro by baconpancakes879
Auroroby baconpancakes879
On the day of his 18th birthday he will prick his finger on the spoke of a spindling wheel.....or maybe he'll fall in love. His mother's first love has come back with a...
That Hot Mafia Kidnapped me (manxboy) (Hiatus) (Editing) by A1wieyey
That Hot Mafia Kidnapped me ( Alex
⚠️TW : This book involves abuse, kidnapping, psychological condition, smut, curses, rape, drugs and many more. Alex Gray, is a 18 years old boy , he lost his mom at a v...
Alpha Richman by stringmyheart
Alpha Richmanby Cupcaake
Alex is the pride of the Redwood's pack, With his beauty kindness and gifts Alex is put under 24/7 serve of surveillance by his pack. his quiet, naive and extraordinary ...
I'm Not An Emperor's Sweetie Pie! (BL) by Sadistic_Senpai
I'm Not An Emperor's Sweetie Mona Li
(Inspired by Chinese novels) Original Story (Unedited) Xiao Lin, a 17 years old youth, dies and transmigrates into the body of 18 years old boy. From good life to poor o...
The Little Merman {A twist of love} by Poison_beri
The Little Merman {A twist of love}by Viola
Have you ever wondered how the little mermaid would be if Ariel was a male and she fell in love with the villain she was suppose to hate? Aric is king's Triton youngest...
Three Kings by baby-louis
Three Kingsby baby-louis
When the King of the Three Kingdoms became fatally sick he sent out his three sons to find their mate. Chaos ensues. Or where Louis gets chosen to run in the election...
Soul Mate Service (boyxboy) by coolingsun
Soul Mate Service (boyxboy)by Alex ❤️
In a future world where everyone's lives are planned out by the all-seeing Elders, the Soul Mate Ceremony, made possible by the Soul Mate Service, is seen as a rite-of-p...
Love Uncaged  by AriesCiel
Love Uncaged by Aries Ciel
Story between a half snake half human man that buys a half human half mouse boy from the black market where boys like that were sold as food to men like him. (Many year...
A New Life (BoyxBoy)(Poly) by ConfuzzledBlueberry
A New Life (BoyxBoy)(Poly)by LeoTheWriter
WARNING: Abuse Self Harm -*-*-*- Adam is your average 19 year old, working in the mall and sharing an apartment with his boyfriend. However, he feels miserable, unable t...
Nine Lives by Soulsareuseless
Nine Livesby Emby
Zayn is unique, no one knows what he is. But someone has taken a terrifying interest in him. Separated from his mom and twin sister he must now find them. But what he di...
Don't Kiss My Daddy! (Manxboy) by beammm1
Don't Kiss My Daddy! (Manxboy)by beammm1
"Don't Kiss My Daddy"!, the girl shouted. " Your Daddy got kissable lips", Tony shouted back. Daddy: ^___^ ~~~~~~ 23 year old Antonio aka Tony is so...
The little Omega by Rebel320
The little Omegaby Rebel320
Kitito is in a pack where omegas are treated like slaves, or trash. Unluckily Kitito was born an omega. He just turned 18, the age where wolves find their mate. He expec...
'SON-IN-LAW' [LGBT+] by awkwardZozo
'SON-IN-LAW' [LGBT+]by Zozo
Steve's little girl is growing up. Too fast and too soon to his liking. He's going to meet his daughter's boyfriend today. A day every Father all over the world dreads...