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The Concubine (Final Version) by Coletxxie
The Concubine (Final Version)by Colette
"I'll do anything for you your Majesty" She said with cheeks stained tears, her lips are plump, red as the berries that grew in the palace Garden, her eyes wer...
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Ruqaya (wlw) by Huma1sha
Ruqaya (wlw)by A.A.A
A Nigerian queer romance novel. For the love of culture and fiction🥀❤️
A League Of Their Own: Supercorp by uncommonshipper12
A League Of Their Own: Supercorpby uncommonshipper12
Two sisters from a farm in Kansas are living their everyday lives and just trying to survive as two women in 1940s America. Kara the younger of the two sisters is a fier...
Britin's return by JohnsWife__
Britin's returnby Eddy Blakley
Brian of 29 the playboy of Pittsburgh meets young boy named Justin age 17, after one night together Justin did not give up until he got Brian, after years of Justin tryi...
Beyond Destiny by Wordsofkomal
Beyond Destinyby Aditi komal
Swarna, a courageous and bold young woman, defies societal norms by embracing her identity as a queer individual with a masculine demeanor. As she navigates her path, s...
QUEER AS FOLK (US): LIFE TO THE FU...by abbottma
Justin Taylor is now trying to carve out career as an artist in New York. But when the age gap between him and his boyfriend Brian becomes more of an issue, tragedy stri...
Distance won't break us  by Aishia2003
Distance won't break us by Aisha
Justin is in New York and Brian in Pittsburgh how do they survive ?
tell me how love should  feel? by Aafatttt
tell me how love should feel?by rue
I wasn't really sure what love felt like until I truly knew her. she changed my whole idea of it and m still living with it.... this story is about me and the girl...
Sunset on Mount Little || ONC 2024 by Crownofqueers
Sunset on Mount Little || ONC 2024by A. A.
Childhood best friends - Imole and Maleek reunite on the summer of their come up, together they explore their growing identity, their undeniable romance and a world fill...
Brian and Justin Texts by killjoyclique
Brian and Justin Textsby nature enthusiast
random short stories I made up about how I imagine Brian and Justin text each other..
The Story of Stonewall by getlostfirst
The Story of Stonewallby S.F. Wise
New York City's Mafia control of gay bars created this archival, imaginative deep-dive into the story of the 5-night-long 1969 rebellion in Greenwich Village. It uncover...
□◇ My butterfly ◇□ [OC X male!reader] by RalseiDarling
□◇ My butterfly ◇□ [OC X male!read...by Ralsei<3
"it was a chilly night with the moonlight shining over me. I expected these two weeks off to go like usual, but then that butterfly changed my life in a way I never...
Winter Winds ~ Prompts & Poetry by Ni_Writes
Winter Winds ~ Prompts & Poetryby Nina
This is a poetry collection with a list of prompts at the beginning. I'll write each poem using one or more of the listed prompts. Do try some of these prompts and shar...
Accidents Will Happen | Queer As Folk by EmoSasuke13
Accidents Will Happen | Queer As F...by glory
One day, Brian accidentally sends a photo of a revealing photo to everyone in Liberty Avenue, including all of Pittsburgh, rather than to Justin.
Poems by writingoppression
Poemsby Reese Mar
Just a collection of poems from a leftist perspective. (Trying to be decolonial, feminist, and pro-black, and pro-poor, and generaly anti-oppression.)
Conquering Pride by willowspeare
Conquering Prideby willow
Alice and Taylor were once best friends. All throughout elementary school, and remained close even when Taylor moved away. In 2018, the summer before 8th grade, the two...
raising by transgender parent by CaitlinDonaghy365
raising by transgender parentby Caitlin Donaghy
a 12 year old girl is being raised by a transgender parent
Sharp Teeth || ONC 2023 by nerdvamp
Sharp Teeth || ONC 2023by Anushkaa
"Who's your favorite zomenby?" Rellek clapped happily. Dao looked up from his files and gave them a death stare. "Not even a week ago you bit off my ear...