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Paralyzed Love ✓ by softyhartz
Paralyzed Love ✓by jess
[The Fiction Awards 2020 Winner in Diverse Fiction!] Jesse is paralyzed from his waist down, but he makes sure he gets what he wants, for he has already lost too many th...
The Alpha's Arranged Mate (Love in a Werewolf Pack 1) by floweringwordss
The Alpha's Arranged Mate (Love in...by Moon
Ruby is thrust into a world she never asked for. After a tragic car accident leaves her paralyzed and orphaned, she finds herself living with her werewolf uncle and aunt...
Not The Heroine! by XPettywapX
Not The Heroine!by XPettywapX
Unlike other reincarnation stories this one is different. Rayne Marcelo was a pitiful 15 year old,being brought up in an abusive home and suffering at the hands of bulli...
Shattered Dreams by finelinerz
Shattered Dreamsby K <3
When Nadia Marsh; a cheerful and popular ice skater, is overtaken by a mystery illness, everything changes. When everyone around her is training for sectionals; Nadia is...
Chronically Ill Tsukki by PurplishWrites
Chronically Ill Tsukkiby PurplishWrites
Tsukki has been chronically Ill since middle school but when he finally goes to Karasano he decides to hide his illness from his teammates. Will the rest of the team fin...
Lost in the darkness (BxB) ✅ by keithgaykogane
Lost in the darkness (BxB) ✅by Keith.gay.kogane
Leo moves to a new school after getting bullied at his last one for being blind will someone rescue him from this darkness he's lost in, he meets Matt who's kind and fri...
My Life With Yours by Hankuii
My Life With Yoursby Ahiyuki
Naruto becomes a caregiver for a man name Sasuke Uchiha, who happens to have a leg disability. What happens overtime both Naruto and Sasuke has developed feelings for on...
Welcome to Cavalon by awkwardpenguin3
Welcome to Cavalonby awkwardpenguin3
When Charlotte is shipped off who knows where to Cavalon, a 'correctional facility for troubled teens' that specializes in disabilities and injuries, she doesn't know wh...
32 by NickaSwan
32by Nika Swan
Christine Louise Swift is trying to make her way into motorsport world by being a mechanic of one of the most arrogant racers out there. But what other option does she h...
One Less Lonely Boy by thebookaholicx
One Less Lonely Boyby Sam
After Damon lost his sight, he thought that everything in the world was against him. That was until Haley entered his life and pushed through his walls no matter how har...
Timeless eternity by Liz22478
Timeless eternityby Liz22478
Rowan Skye has always had a difficult life after being paralyzed from the waist down at 9 in a car accident. now 13, Rowan is transported into the world of Pokémon. Stra...
Until Eternity BxB by NadineMcgee
Until Eternity BxBby NadineMcgee
-COMPLETE- Chester Allerton has been trying and trying to find a relationship for many, many years. Around seven hundred years actually. All because of a curse that was...
Gentle, Please! [boyxboy] by Wxnderjxxny
Gentle, Please! [boyxboy]by Wxnderjxxny
Elliot Warren has a chronic disease. It all started back at the end of middle school. He started losing his steps in places no one else would. Then, he had problems movi...
One Bedroom Apartment by Belle_Wordsmith
One Bedroom Apartmentby Belle Wordsmith & Noah Mason
[Completed] Avery is a retired Army veteran who was doing okay for themselves. Yeah sure, they were technically homeless, but they had their kitten, Slim Jim and two bes...
Monster: AOTx"Mute" Reader [Cover By: @sushimisfit] by mocha_macchi
Monster: AOTx"Mute" Reader [Cover...by Coolfox972
On the outside, you are pitied for being cursed with the inability to speak. Little did they know, you're carrying heavier aspects of yourself from the inside. Disclaim...
(MTL)After wearing the book, I spoiled the disabled boss by Darkknight123457
(MTL)After wearing the book, I spo...by Darkknight123457
https://m.shubaow.net/75/75724/ Author: silver grey Category: Rebirth through time Release time: 2019-11-10 Latest: Chapter 130 Epilogue rebirth finished 418,000 This ar...
Sincerely, Nova ✓ by apriums
Sincerely, Nova ✓by apriums
[completed] Nova Carter knows exactly what the next few years of her life will look like: she will work harder than anyone else (as she didn't get into New York Universi...
The Crash  by brandonbing
The Crash by brandon stunilo
15 year old maya recalls her life after the death of her mother,father and sister after a fatal car crash.she struggles with new feelings and old stories make her regret...
🥀 I'll fix you 🥀 Yoriichi x Muzan by Funky_Duckling
🥀 I'll fix you 🥀 Yoriichi x Muzanby Funky_Duckling
This is a rewrite of my story "I'll save you." Yoriichi finds a magical crystal and when he touches it he gets teleported to the past, right where the demon k...
Legends and Littles by LilBabJojo
Legends and Littlesby Jojo
In the future, there are 2 different classifications. You are either a caregiver, or a little. Some accept their classes, while others reject them. However, you can't de...