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Ruby No one wants you. That's the only line she was said from the day of her accident. That's true. No one wants her. Her uncle and aunt never wanted the burden of taki...
Professor Snape's Potions Assistant  by womanofseel
Professor Snape's Potions Assistan...by womanofseel
Scout is Professor Snape's new potions assistant. She is thrilled to have a job at her old school, and even though Snape has been asking for an assistant for a long time...
The Boy That Changed My Life - Literally by kimchiramen1
The Boy That Changed My Life - Lit...by •JungShook•
For the past few years, my life has consisted of wheel chairs and hospital beds. I thought that nothing, and no one could change it. I couldn't have been more wrong. ...
Crippled by rawr_imma_unisaur
Crippledby rawr_imma_unisaur
Lauren is a beautiful blonde with blue eyes and a slim body. You would think she would have a perfect life, but you could never be more wrong. When Lauren was young, she...
Thousand Dollar Friend by MissLunaRose
Thousand Dollar Friendby Luna Rose
"Make friends with my daughter, and I'll pay you a thousand dollars." Tara's junior year of high school is turned upside down after she collides into the life...
i love you. (Frerard) by _gerardieroway_
i love you. (Frerard)by _gerardieroway_
Sequel to Wheelchair Boy. Told from Franks point of view, married life with a mentally challenged man wouldn't be easy.
My Little Sister by Raven5555
My Little Sisterby Raven
Scott (24) and Mitch (23) live together as roommates after moving from Texas together, with Scott's little sister Kirstie (23), who has a severe form of autism. Scott a...
Collied by cainbp
Colliedby Cain Bulkeley-Price
When Mark's cousin Kimberly or Kim as everyone calls her, a champion moterbike racer gets clipped by one of the cars on a casual ride around town and has a serious accid...
The Man In The Chair by masonlatimer1
The Man In The Chairby Cadillaceazy
For Dak Wilson, one moment changed his life. When a devastating accident leaves his father dead and Dak paralyzed from the waist down, he becomes a recluse and a shell...
Imperfectly Perfect ✔️ by theaconner
Imperfectly Perfect ✔️by thea 🤍
Book 1 in the Melancholy series. This is a standalone. COMPLETED A bad case of genetics means Lucas has only a year left before he goes blind. Permanently. When panic...
Running Shoes | j.jungkook [COMPLETED] by taeyangtears
Running Shoes | j.jungkook [COMPLE...by panda 🏳️‍🌈
Iseul, an upcoming athlete, wants nothing more than to be the best hurdler in the country. Just as she reaches the height of her success, things take a turn for the wors...
Lifeless (lashton: completed) by rhythmsection
Lifeless (lashton: completed)by Xx
After the accident, Luke never felt his arms or legs again, but Ashton knew how to make him feel love in his heart. - trigger warnings; suicidal themes and actions, men...
Haiykuu! Hinata's Prosthetic AU by ladysheepdragon
Haiykuu! Hinata's Prosthetic AUby crazygirl
Hinata had a secret he didn't want to share, because if the team knew he had one leg it'd never bee the same right? I do not own Haikyuu and the writer is kinda bad. I...
MY FRIEND BRIAN by mikeburton52
In prep school I became a close friend of Brian Meadows. His mobility impairment was obvious. Over time its cause became evident as he described a peculiar turn of min...
Until Eternity BxB by NadineMcgee
Until Eternity BxBby NadineMcgee
Chester Allerton has been trying and trying to find a relationship for many, many years. Around seven hundred years actually. All because of a curse that was placed on h...
I'll make it possible (bnha x reader) by Theproxie0130
I'll make it possible (bnha x read...by PaNsEXuaL DiSTrEss
She's fast strong and hopeful but theres a problem that can hold her back from her dreams..... I only own the oc
Wheels Vkook by Countess200
Wheels Vkookby Countess200
Jungkook can't stay away from the boy in the wheelchair Vkook!
RTMADF (မြန်မာဘာသာပြန်)  by Cherry_Jay69
RTMADF (မြန်မာဘာသာပြန်) by 💧မိုးစက်💧
Start Date - 3.8.2021 End Date - ? All Credits go to original author and Original publisher. ❌ Translation without author's permission ❌ I'm just Translate ❌ ❌You can r...
SPECIAL - A Collection of Harry Styles One Shots by zebrachickk
SPECIAL - A Collection of Harry St...by Harley
A collection of fluffy one shots centering around the ~fictional~ life of pop sensation, Harry Styles. "Baby, you don't just shine. You sparkle."
Sherlock: His Enigma Called A by Uilosris
Sherlock: His Enigma Called Aby Uilosris
[Set After Series 3] (Highest Ranking- #3 in sherlocklovestory) "Wrong Number, Mr. Holmes. But this case does sound interesting. -A" During a homicide case Sh...