His Grace by PamBurgundy
His Graceby Pamelanor B.
Her Royal Highness, Princess Wilhelmina Grace is beautiful and the only daughter of the King of England. Her father's love has let her get away with a lot of things that...
  • england
  • love
  • alpha
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Kau Tetap Isteriku (versi novel) by nabihahtaquddin
Kau Tetap Isteriku (versi novel)by Nabihah Taquddin
Bila dipaksa kahwin dengan anak kepada seorang pembunuh, kau rasa? Lagi pedih bila kau tahu dialah pembunuh bapa kau. "Pakcik dah bunuh bapa saya, sekarang ni pakci...
  • romantik
  • revenge
  • dendam
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Answer Me, Alice by ThatOneChickee
Answer Me, Aliceby ThatOneChickee
Alice and Mikah, two roommates in their third year of college, had hectic school schedules, financial struggles, and major attitude issues. Boys were the last things on...
  • love
  • onedirection
  • domesticdiscipline
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Good Behavior by domesticgen
Good Behaviorby domesticgen
//a collection of OC one-shots with a discipline theme// Adoptive parents Robert and Maya are firm but fair with fourteen year-old Anne. Due to a past of abusive guardia...
  • daughter
  • foster
  • domesticdiscipline
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Sister To Mother by PrernaHarry14
Sister To Motherby PrernaHarry14
Ashley Taylor is a 24 years old businesswoman. She is a ruthless person. Young, beautiful and successful she cares about nothing and nobody. The only person who matters...
  • sister
  • spanking
  • love
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