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He Calls Me Birdie ~PruCan~ by Lawlietsgirl123
He Calls Me Birdie ~PruCan~by Lil Miss Dee
prucan fluff and maybe more ahonhonhonhonhonhonhon ;)
  • ohmymaple
  • prucan
  • canada
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GerIta Holocaust by orangelife
GerIta Holocaustby orangelife
Homosexuality was forbidden under Paragraph 175 of the Nazi Reich-Germany and Italy must pay the price of their love in blood and tears within the concentration camps as...
  • italy
  • pain
  • axis
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Harry Potter and the countries of Hetalia by ThatOtakuGirl8
Harry Potter and the countries ThatOtakuGirl8
This is a Hetalia / Harry Potter crossover (obviously). England gets a letter from Albus Dumbledore asking him, as well as many other countries, to attend Hogwarts to p...
  • prussia
  • england
  • canada
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The Worlds' Secrets by PeridotKirkland
The Worlds' Secretsby PinkLasagna
Will the nations fight over the secrets revealed or will this unite them? Read to find out. I do not own Hetalia, please support the official release
  • aphchina
  • aphfrance
  • anothercolor
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The prince's Tutor (PruCan) by kitsunerox22
The prince's Tutor (PruCan)by Arabella Foxtrot
Gilbert is a very spoiled prince who more then often gets his way. But when his father decides it is time to make the boy into a true prince, he travels far away to find...
  • canada
  • hetalia
  • prussia
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Prucan - The Tale That Became Pancakes by BunniCake15
Prucan - The Tale That Became BunniCake15
A tale about Prussia and Canada and how they became a thing. And how Prussia became obsessed with pancakes.
  • canpru
  • canadaxprussia
  • prussiaxcanada
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Hetalia Yaoi by Yaoi_never_fails
Hetalia Yaoiby Pastel Pansexual
A collection of Hetalia boy x boy lemons. Don't like yaoi, don't read!
  • yaoi
  • gerita
  • gripan
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Blue Veins • Rusame by MaddiexRose
Blue Veins • Rusameby spamano trash
The Cold War left Russia and America on bad terms, but it's been years now, is it possible for them to become friends? Bonding over their troubled pasts might just do th...
  • hetaliaaxispowers
  • russiaxamerica
  • prucan
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My cute Birdie by Yaoifangirl3206
My cute Birdieby UsUkForever❣
Prussia wondered why France has been so busy the last few months. He decides to go to France's house. And there he meets his little birdie. They cause trouble around the...
  • hetalia
  • sad
  • canada
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Philophobia (prucan because I'm a sucker) by MiaOsterwaLd184
Philophobia (prucan because I'm Mia OsterwaLd 184
Philophobia - an overwhelming and unreasonable fear of falling in love. Matthew suffers from severe philophobia and depression because of a breakup with an abusive ex w...
  • hetalia
  • angst
  • philophobia
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Hetalia Oneshots & Lemons *Requests Closed* by Lexi323
Hetalia Oneshots & Lemons * Lexi Right
A series of Hetalia Oneshots. Country x country or country x reader, lemons and limes are included, requests welcome (I will have to start rejecting some because I get s...
  • prucan
  • xreader
  • spamano
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Je t'aime trop  (Adrien Agreste/ Chat Noir X Reader) by JarelGomez13
Je t'aime trop (Adrien Agreste/ fuckyeahshklance
Amazing cover by @Mysticauthor-chan After consistent rejection, Chat Noir has learned that his love for Ladybug could never be returned for who he really is, neither as...
  • aphamerica
  • adrienagrestexreader
  • reader
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[APH] Headcanons  by lpukfr
[APH] Headcanons by Carmello
So many headcanons... Some headcanons for the main characters (+ a few more) of Hetalia. Some are totally meaningless and useless. Others are great ideas I probably sho...
  • aphjapan
  • rusame
  • hetalia
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Hetalia one-shots by now-you-will-fall
Hetalia one-shotsby now-you-will-fall
HIGHEST RANKING: #241 in FANFICTION You don't like yaoi? There will be het but don't read this then. What fandom are you in again? RoChu, GerIta, AmerViet, France/Joan...
  • oneshot
  • smol
  • fruk
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The Woes and Wonders of the World: Hetalia Headcanon One-Shots by orangelife
The Woes and Wonders of the orangelife
This is a collection of one-shots written off of headcanons that I have found which I like for pretty much any pairing or character of APH. Lots of different topics and...
  • spamano
  • rusame
  • fluff
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Hetalia: 7 Minutes in Heaven by NorthAmericanSisters
Hetalia: 7 Minutes in Heavenby Madeline
YAOINESS EVERYWHERE! DO NOT READ IF YOU DONT LIKE YAOI. It will mostly be fluff but some chapters may be a bit more extreme. If you wish to request a pairing we will hap...
  • nedcan
  • hetaliapairings
  • ausswiss
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Back to my Origins • Italy Brothers + Nico di Angelo  by OfficialBookOwl
Back to my Origins • Italy Fabulous.
It's five years after the giant war, and Nico is content with life. Realizing that he still had a house in Italy, he sets off to regain his property and come back in a m...
  • states
  • heroes
  • amerimano
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Why now? by Joyling1342
Why now?by Joy
Some of the countries found a book during a meeting. Little did they know that it would cause so much pain, and we aren't talking about paper cuts, but something much wo...
  • spamino
  • prucan
  • aphhetalia
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Hetalia Zodiacs by culliganio
Hetalia Zodiacsby culliganio
Have you ever read Zodiac books? Well this is basically a Zodiac book, only with your favorite Hetalia characters instead of Zodiacs! I take requests! ---x--- If you see...
  • sufin
  • random
  • france
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My Perfect Somebody (PruCan)BoyxBoy by narwhalsssss123456
My Perfect Somebody (PruCan)BoyxBoyby animal
Germany is annoyed that Prussia just simply crashed at his house after his country dissolved. Feeling that his brother should go and get a life already, he asks the albi...
  • canada
  • romance
  • boyxboy
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