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Hetalia Under The Big Top by Hai-iroga
Hetalia Under The Big Topby C.C.
Step right up, ladies and gentlemen, to the most culturally diverse circus on earth! The book made for you, my Wattpad audience! Focusing on Spamano and featuring such s...
  • prussia
  • romano
  • germany
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Who's next?.... by Salt_Water_Taffy
Who's next? •~•TAFFY•~•
Matthew never listened to others words about his life. At least he thought he did. At least he thought he was able to make his own decisions. At least he thought he woul...
  • aphcanada
  • rusame
  • aphcuba
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True feelings (Prucan) by Wof_and_hetalia
True feelings (Prucan)by Wof_and_hetalia
Gilbert likes him. I mean it's pretty obvious to everyone, right? It's not so obvious to Matthew. ------------------------------------------- This is my first story! I m...
  • hetalia
  • prucan
Hetalia texts by C00k13z_And_M1lk
Hetalia textsby I’m not Chinese
Give me ideas. This will have some ships that I ship in here Sorry for some of the Characters being OOC, just pretend that this is how they act when no one is around lol...
  • hongice
  • ameripan
  • gerita
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Hetalia Oneshots  by Unknown_Exotic
Hetalia Oneshots by 𝐌𝐎𝐍𝐎
〚 ᴀɴɪᴍᴇ & ᴀʀᴛ ᴀʀᴇɴ'ᴛ ᴍɪɴᴇ 〛
  • aphrussia
  • hetalia
  • usuk
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Snowflake: PruCan by loppity_lop
Snowflake: PruCanby Kile
Prussia seems to be the only one to notice Canada. Every world meeting, Prussia would glance(stare) at the quiet country to see if he would look back, and sure enough, h...
  • prussiahetalia
  • hetalia
  • prussiaxcanada
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Who Knew? by bluetears39
Who Knew?by Matt Dela Cruz
Matthew Williams, the personification of Canada, never thought that he would fall in love, but he did. He fell in love with Gilbert Beilschmidt, the personification of P...
  • france
  • axispowershetalia
  • aph
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Hetalia Ghoul by AngelicMelody12
Hetalia Ghoulby Angel
° December 25 2018 - #2 in Prucan° °January 5 2019 - #1 in Gerita° °April 24 2019 - #1 in Ameripan° °June 21 2019 - #3 in Gerita° In this world, there are man-eating mon...
  • tokyoghoul
  • spamano
  • gerita
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Learning about ourselves (Hetalia) by JoeWHY
Learning about ourselves (Hetalia)by JoeWHY
The nations of the world find themselves in yet another world meeting. Everything is going as normal, unfortunately for Germany that means "wrong", when sudden...
  • prucan
  • vinland
  • england
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Philophobia (prucan because I'm a sucker) by MiaOsterwaLd184
Philophobia (prucan because I'm Mia OsterwaLd 184
Philophobia - an overwhelming and unreasonable fear of falling in love. Matthew suffers from severe philophobia and depression because of a breakup with an abusive ex w...
  • angst
  • prucan
  • hetalia
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Corrupted Power [A Hetalia Cardverse Fanfiction] by Hetaweebs
Corrupted Power [A Hetalia China stole my computer
Cover and story are Admin China's. The head cannons we use are a mixture of our own and KyoKoon64 on youtube (Mostly their's though) "I looked into those beautiful...
  • yaoifanfic
  • gerita
  • usuk
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Cold Grey Light of Dawn by Fave101
Cold Grey Light of Dawnby Kiana Sicarius
Matthew is a grumpy and tired reaper. He hates spirits and spirits hate him. He's been picked to be a Guardian and just couldn't be happier... 'Don't Fear The Reaper'...
  • rise
  • unlimitedpride
  • rotg
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Sorry, wrong number (USUK) by Self_Inserts
Sorry, wrong number (USUK)by Self_Inserts
Arthur sat home alone, scratching his cats head as it purred. He was on the sofa, with a blanket on his legs, a warm cup of tea on his right, he was scrolling through Ne...
  • hetalia
  • spamano
  • romance
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Hetalia shitposts by PencilAbuse
Hetalia shitpostsby Pencil Abuse
This will probably have slower updates than the bakusquad book, but oh well If I ever have to leave these countries home alone, Canada is in charge and Russia can help d...
  • heraliafanfic
  • japan
  • memes
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Two birds in a tree kissing <3 by OceaneBelliere
Two birds in a tree kissing <3by oceanebelliere
Human Pierre x human gilbird!!! Two cuties taken care by their respective big brothers Francis and gilbert! There will be jealousy with kumajiru (who is for the couple)...
  • kumajiru
  • bringbackhetalia2019
  • human
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Paris  |•|Hetalia|•| by Anayz134
Paris |•|Hetalia|•|by Anaïs Bonnefoy
Anaïs is the personification of Paris. Francis has been keeping her a secret and the other nations don't know. But what happens when Anaïs suddenly bursts in the meeting...
  • arthurkirkland
  • alfredfjones
  • rusame
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War's Edge by Ceruleansky22
War's Edgeby Magical Maxaties
America has had his struggles, but he gets by with his 49 personified states. As far as he knows, Alaska has never been personified. Russia has had his back, much to the...
  • aphrussia
  • aphamerica
  • aphengland
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West Side Story (hetalia edition)  by willow-the-wolf-123
West Side Story (hetalia edition) by willow-the-wolf-123
To be honest my school is doing west side story for the musical this year and all I could think was doing a fanfic and I thought of good ships it goes with so here we ar...
  • bxb
  • hetalia
  • ooc
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Two Faces by inkdheart17
Two Facesby Ink'd Heart
When Matthew's had enough, he hides deep within his mind in a trance-like sleep. However, a different person takes over for him while he's like this. Forced to see their...
  • boyxboy
  • prussia
  • angst
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For His Happiness by RaewynGallo
For His Happinessby RaewynGallo
Alfred F. Jones and Kiku Honda lived in two different worlds until fate decided to meet them together and realized that the two of them shared the same and mutual sentim...
  • rochu
  • eventualsmut
  • gerita
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