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Seth and the Prometheus Guild by LBraum
Seth and the Prometheus Guildby LBraum
Seth has been imprisoned for over five years. Now that he's free again, what does life have in store for him? Rescued from an illegal laboratory, twelve-year old Seth ha...
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Black Dragon Reincarnation / Kharouja! by KommandantWulf
Black Dragon Reincarnation / Kommandant Wulf
Will was a fifteen-year-old who pretty much had no goal in life. All he wanted to do was sleep or play games but he always at least tried to drag his ass out of bed. One...
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Scarlet Taste (Vampire! Yandere x Emotionless! Reader) by PhantomFics
Scarlet Taste (Vampire! Yandere PhantomFics
A vampire falling in love with a human wasn't a rare occurrence, but it wasn't a common one either. You gave him a reason to live, a reason to be happy. He needed you, h...
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One Unlucky Superdog (BNHA x Oc) by WolfDragon52
One Unlucky Superdog (BNHA x Oc)by WolfDragon52
'What?! No! Did I say you can pet me?!' I'm Nor Burōka and if this message gets out to anyone... Let them know that I am surrounded by idiotic, quirky humans. What, you...
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Paradise (Various Yandere x Demon! Reader) (editing) by PhantomFics
Paradise (Various Yandere x PhantomFics
You were strong, cold, and dangerous. In a world as scary as yours, you had to be. In a world where nothing is ever fair, in a world that expected one to kill or be kill...
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God Devourer by therealnovacrimson
God Devourerby therealnovacrimson
the never-ending story of an immortal being
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Only the strong (Prince! Yandere x Powerful! Reader) by PhantomFics
Only the strong (Prince! Yandere PhantomFics
Your brothers and sisters, your mother and father... they will all be taken away from you because of the prince. Who knew that his existence could cause so many problems...
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Ferocity by LibbyNickerson
Ferocityby Libby Nickerson
(Title subject to change) Gypsy Turner has a crash land awakening into a world she doesn't recognize, and with no memories of how she came to be there. With no experie...
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A Non-human Transmigration (hiatus) by naps-_-
A Non-human Transmigration (hiatus)by Twilight Pixie
Transmigration. A new world. Reality gives sunburns. I long for one expensive artifact, Freedom. Being adherent to her arranged marriage, the swoons of her life are...
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Mythical Survival by Umineko_V
Mythical Survivalby .
All the information you will ever need to know.
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I was reincarnated as a Magic Academy! by DCMWrites
I was reincarnated as a Magic Dragomir Cristian Mădălin
A slightly perverted, but rather average Romanian ends up dead after being shot in the back of his head while playing his favorite game. He is then reincarnated as the D...
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Pokemon x Reader by PokeManaic
Pokemon x Readerby Fighting Spirit
For the people who want to get even closer to their Pokemon partners! Requests are always open! Comments and votes are appreciated!
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Empty by RavenclawsCantDraw
Emptyby RavenclawsCantDraw
'The Initus Mortuis, (Nicknamed 'empty') are found all over the country, and have existed since approximately the 2030s. Their origins are unknown. 'They are capable o...
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Valkyrie( Life of a Warrior) by MarvelDan6
Valkyrie( Life of a Warrior)by Marvel Dan
JJ had always lived a simple life. Caring for just herself and attending her college classes. She had nothing interesting going on for her, except her sixth sense of cau...
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cαяρε ∂ιεм: αη σc вσσк by whistleblown-
cαяρε ∂ιεм: αη σc вσσкby 〄sαℓтℓιgнт〄
sειzε тнε ∂αү; ωεℓℓ αs тнε тιтℓε sυggεsтs, тнιs ℓιттℓε вσσк ωιℓℓ нσυsε мү мαηү cнαяαcтεяs, нυмαη αη∂ ηση-нυмαη sσ ρℓεαsε, εηנσү!
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Silent Hacker by AngelicDemon01
Silent Hackerby Shweta Shaw
Maya is not your typical hacker. Ten years ago, her only living family was killed in cold blood. The killers make her take the fall but after ten years in prison, she's...
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All the Stars Between Us (lesbian) (gxg) by -forget-me-nots-
All the Stars Between Us (lesbian) lía ❄️
Nyx wasn't really one for love. Never had been. It was just a stupid distraction that kept you from making rational decisions and hindered your ability to think straight...
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Aegis Story by NovusIrez
Aegis Storyby NovusIrez
Encased in the ice is an ancient creature that is lost in time. Seemingly to have amnesia, he is feeling lost, confused, depressed and would very much like all answers t...
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Return Of Spirits : A Classic Blackwater by Eva_Akrati
Return Of Spirits : A Classic Akrati
Two spirits lost in time return to their tribe and bless two young shape shifters . Will they accept the fate and love each other or try defy fate n fight it. Will they...
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Neko / Mythical Journal #2 by Mosspelt27
Neko / Mythical Journal #2by Mosspelt27
>●Non Fiction●< THIS IS 100% REAL! Hello! I'm Mossy and I am part of the mythical community! I'm gaining healing powers atm and plan to get Teleportation, and Visi...
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