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Only the Strong (Yandere Prince x Powerful! Reader): remake by PhantomFics
Only the Strong (Yandere Prince PhantomFics
It was all sibling rivalries and then it turned into to something completely different. You were supposed to be the weak one, the one that would never make it, the one t...
The Black Crow Reincarnates into an Otome Game by WillowWolf9
The Black Crow Reincarnates into Willow Wolf
Kane Snowe or most would refer to him as the Black Crow, was once a professional gamer, but with the help of Truck-san, he will live the life of the villainess's younger...
So I'm a Snake, So What? (Kumodesu x OC) by YaBoiGoblin
So I'm a Snake, So What? ( Goblin
Hakuja Medea; one of the school's most popular students, mostly due to his looks but also because of his personality. He had a way with words and an air about him that j...
The Lone Creature (Azur lane) OP insert by AthenaRonir
The Lone Creature (Azur lane) OP Sleepy Yume~
A female creature, with absurdly strong powers and a slight fetish for blood, how will she fare against the upcoming challenges? (AN/ This is my first story and I'm writ...
Lurid Paradise -VegasPete- by Oreo00oreo
Lurid Paradise -VegasPete-by Oreo00oreo
Do you still love me... Vegas? You came into my life, make me crazy over you... Won't you take the responsibility for what you did? -Pete I'm sorry.. Pete. You will be s...
I'm A What Now?!  by SelenaaaQn
I'm A What Now?! by dexylene
Kim rok soo woke up as Calia Henituse. Which was the neglected daughter of the count, who loves to drink her problem away and always throws tantrum. One day too, she fou...
Only the strong (Prince! Yandere x Powerful! Reader) OLD by PhantomFics
Only the strong (Prince! Yandere PhantomFics
Warning: this story is old. The remake is available but it's not completed yet. Feel free to check it out! Your brothers and sisters, your mother and father... they will...
Aegis Story by NovusIrez
Aegis Storyby NovusIrez
Encased in the ice is an ancient creature that is lost in time. Seemingly to have amnesia, he is feeling lost, confused, depressed and would very much like all answers t...
Reincarnated As A Dragon Vol. 1: A New World, A New Life by Gabogame3
Reincarnated As A Dragon Vol. 1: Gabogame3
Barry was a normal depressed teen in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. He has two siblings and a best friend. *UNKNOWN ANOMALY DETECTED* "Ahhh, the negative ener...
The truth is you are not the only person concerned about gods messing around by honeyberrywater
The truth is you are not the honeyberrywater
This system felt it was the most pitiful system to exist. It spent two years harassi- I meant persuading the host chosen by the lord god using both soft and hard methods...
A guide to the various species that appear in my stories (fnf and o.c only): by zai9450
A guide to the various species Memes and beans.
A record of the various species that can be found across the multiverse.
Reincarnated As A Dragon Vol. 2: The Evil Lurking by Gabogame3
Reincarnated As A Dragon Vol. 2: Gabogame3
A continuation of the adventure of Barry(who is now Troy), who was a human on earth that got isekai-ed to the world of Malia as a lesser dragon! As Troy defeated a demon...
Paradise. by um-poggers-ig
#13 Azul
For school. Incomplete - wanna know if it's any good before I continue.
The Jaguar Shifter's Diary by WakesTheShifter
The Jaguar Shifter's Diaryby WakesTheShifter
-NON-FICTION! All of this is real!- Heya! I decided to get an acc for my mythical journey, since I'm starting it the day I'm making this account and writing this! This w...
Little Cockroach 「Myanmar Translation」 by fried_grass
Little Cockroach 「Myanmar fried_grass
Summary - The story between a little cockroach and a hottie. Original Author : Yi Wan Zhou | 碗粥 Tags - Danmei, BL, Cockroach, Kinky, hot gong, Cute shou, Unrequited l...
Pokemon x Reader by PokeManaic
Pokemon x Readerby October Andurs
For the people who want to get even closer to their Pokemon partners! Requests are always open! Comments and votes are appreciated!
Unmanageable Mischief by FalseKingofSins
Unmanageable Mischiefby Princess Yui
Harry Potter was a special child. But not for the reasons the Wizarding World were intent on making him. His connection to magic was far more in-tune than his peers yet...
The Necromancer's Prince  by VaizHarsh
The Necromancer's Prince by VaizHarsh
TharnType story. When two powerful beings are set out to be enemies... is there anything to look for other than destruction? Part 2 of The Emperor's Sunflower 🌻🌻🌻 Fan...
A Strange New Little Brother by kittyface27
A Strange New Little Brotherby Kittyface27
When the Whitebeards finds something has ransacked their food supply, they didn't expect to find some strange, unknown creature, intelligent and able to speak and think...
The bloodvines - a what if? (dream SMP au) by FinnAnderson423
The bloodvines - a what if? ( kyōdai
The egg had only ever been a minor problem at the start, sure the power it held was scary but for what it could do, nothing has really happened. But with all bad plots t...