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Doppelgänger (JenLisa)  [G!P] by writersblocked23
Doppelgänger (JenLisa) [G!P]by writersblocked23
WARNING⚠️ It's just a FAN FICTION so don't take it too seriously, it means "Kathang Isip" lamang ( fiction). This is my first time to make a Mystery genre so...
500+ Introvert Memes | ✍ by August_Parker
500+ Introvert Memes | ✍by .
Are you an introvert or do you just realize being around people is freakin' annoying? Either way you will relate to these hilarious memes in your own special way. Note:...
Endless affection  by lexiewrittes
Endless affection by lexiewrittes
Mariah Rossi is just a normal girl with a not so normal life. What will happen when she and some unfamiliar boy meet in the middle of the night at a bench.. Leonix petr...
The Perfect Mentor by Nolelover
The Perfect Mentorby Fictitious
Explore "Peer-e-Kamil" (its an Urdu word which means the perfect mentor )to find the ideal mentor. The Peer-e-Kamil (the perfect mentor) novel was first releas...
Memes {finished✔️} by Haruka_Tsukiko1432
Memes {finished✔️}by ✧Moon Mother✧
Memes that'll, Blow your mind Be funny Be relatable And everything else. DISCLAIMER: I don't cater to your wants and if it offends you, then take up with me in person...
Facts and Trivia that you need to Know.
Unique by GabbySmith959
Uniqueby GabbySmith959
Skylar is a 17 year old werewolf. She lives in the Red moon pack and was beaten everyday by her pack, her brother and her father. Her parents left when she was 14 but...
Tomorrow with you by TKinlove
Tomorrow with youby TKinlove
Life is always unpredictable. we don't know who we'll meet nor what will happen. JUST A Simple Taekook fan fiction.... hope you'll enjoy well. (First publish ended on 31...
Creepy/Weird Facts by AmaJINarmy
Creepy/Weird Factsby Via💕
Just some random weird facts to creep the hell out of you! 👀💜✨ ❗Creepy: adjective Causing an unpleasant feeling of fear or unease.❗ (Creepy is not always associated wi...
Finding Quinn [UNEDITED] by _SarcasticNerd
Finding Quinn [UNEDITED]by Ember
After the body of the golden girl, Quinn Smith is found twisted beyond recognition, her friends are sent into a spiral of grief and it's hard for her murderer to be foun...
CRAZY BUT TRUE FACTS by waylonparx
Crazy facts that you won't believe!
Thoughts  by badvibekc
Thoughts by badvibekc
A man that's troubled by his past and emotions that has led him into confusion , depression after being betrayed repeatedly.
Shower Thoughts by once-upon-a-star
Shower Thoughtsby katie baer
A list of Shower Thoughts.
Ephemeral by Franchlie
Ephemeralby Franchlie
"In a multitude of miracles, you'll always come back, like the wide, gaping mouth of a gift horse, you'll always come back but never, never again as yourself."...
The Last Red by AdamsValeria
The Last Redby Valeria Adams
The nail that stands out gets hammered down... In the distant future, there's only ONE race: mixed, ONE job: a programmer, ONE vision: build a better tomorrow. I share...
10 خـولـەک by SHaDele2
10 خـولـەکby Shad
10 خـولـەک و چـیـرۆکـێـک !
Harry Potter Theories by PrincessSagittarius3
Harry Potter Theoriesby PrincessSagittarius3
Here are some of my most favorite Harry Potter Theories out there. These Theories are made by others. The videos are made by SuperCarlinBrothers. Be sure to check out m...
Psychologically Wow by k101011
Psychologically Wowby Khan
Take a look inside for hundreds of psychological facts and tricks!
Leaves of Paradise by Nolelover
Leaves of Paradiseby Fictitious
"Leaves of Paradise" is a novel written by Nimra Ahmed. Its Urdu name is "Jannat ky Patty." It is a story of love and sacrifice set in Pakistan. Thi...
The DelaVega Name by LeoniaTauinaolaTuala
The DelaVega Nameby Leonia Tauinaola-Tuala
A 24yr old woman who has really bad trust issues is about to have her world turned upside down when she meets Romeo Hernandez the most ruthless and controlling man she's...