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Luh White Girl In The Hood (ON HOLD)  by Lexiilexii12
Luh White Girl In The Hood (ON Alexis Smith
"Whatever you say Anissa, you ain't nothing but a luh white girl in the hood." He said making almost everybody laugh and point at me. Nothing I ain't used to...
  • thuglove
  • friendswithbenefits
  • thuglife
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|Torn By Time|Captain America x Reader by Panda_Gurl409
|Torn By Time|Captain America x Shaquille Oatmeal
"(Y/N)? Is that you?" 1947. A significant year for many across the world. Usually identified as the end of WW2 or the fall of Hitler. For you, It's identified...
  • xreader
  • assassin
  • readerinsert
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Lover's Reunion by SenFalconshire13
Lover's Reunionby Celeste Jules
Nilda Pool, a young 20-year-old has just moved into her old neighborhood. When she moved in her best friend from high school greeted her by inviting her to a high school...
  • present-day
  • love
  • girlxboy
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Timeless by Ever21
Timelessby Ever21
It's 2018 and Merlin has waited so long.... That he's forgotten what he was waiting for in the first place....
  • kingarthur
  • merthur
  • dragons
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Queen & BoRhap Imagines by EbrowE
Queen & BoRhap Imaginesby EbrowE
@BoRhap.imagines on Instagram. Stories about Queen and BoRhap cast ♥️
  • imagines
  • marriage
  • fallinginloveagain
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Room 224 (Bellarke) by AlexisBent
Room 224 (Bellarke)by AlexisBent
Clarke moves into the same apartment building as Bellamy, who is normally sleeping with a different girl at least twice a week, and he starts to fall for her. Once their...
  • fanfiction
  • fanfic
  • presentday
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The Ancestors Return [HIATUS] by LittleWitchOC
The Ancestors Return [HIATUS]by Maria Violetta
"War is only a cowardly escape from the problems of peace." - Thomas Mann The two brothers, Indra and Asura Otsutsuki suddenly found themselves in the present...
  • narutoshippuden
  • akatsuki
  • ancestors
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Songs & Lyrics by TMNT2347
Songs & Lyricsby Erwina Hamato
Songs from 69s to 02s to present day. My life have changed upside down when music touches my heart
  • 69s
  • presentday
  • 2000
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The Secret Side #1: The World Behind the Myst by LostSuccubi
The Secret Side #1: The World LostSuccubi🌙
Welcome to my world... My name is Scarlet Ravenheart, a 17-year-old, soon-to-be-18 high school junior descended from a Welsh family with divorced parents currently livin...
  • urbanfantasy
  • wattys2019
  • romance
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Return of the Eldar by Ranelwen
Return of the Eldarby Ránëlwen
{Present Day} Heartache follows Estela like a shadow. When an uncanny accident enables her to see into an invisible realm of warfare, she learns a mysterious secret abou...
  • morgoth
  • melkor
  • iluvatar
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➵ ᴀ ᴘʜᴀɴᴛᴏᴍ ᴛɪᴍᴇ ( ᴰᴾ ) by Kaoru_Kobayashi
➵ ᴀ ᴘʜᴀɴᴛᴏᴍ ᴛɪᴍᴇ ( ᴰᴾ )by TSL
Amity Park's own ghost fighting hero, Danny Phantom, is having the nightmare of his half-life. Now everynight, every sleep, he alwalys have a nightmare that might be a v...
  • futurekids
  • presentday
  • cartoon
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teo torriatte // Liam Gallagher by mercvriez
teo torriatte // Liam Gallagherby mercvriez
she didn't mind being on her own until he invaded her life.
  • oasis
  • liamgallagher
  • presentday
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Travelling Thoughts by flowersinthebackyard
Travelling Thoughtsby Sun Follower
What happens when a young woman comes face to face with her idol? Will he like her? Will he live up to her expectations? ✯Present-day Paul fic.✯
  • beatles
  • paulmccartney
  • originalcharacter
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Daddy's Queen-Pins by toomuchtiff
Daddy's Queen-Pinsby Tiffany Cannon
Based in present day Baltimore, Natasha and Naomi are two sisters who were born into a life of crime and addiction unknowingly until their father Greg decides to leave t...
  • drama
  • wattys2019
  • kingpin
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Blinded, Abused, and a mute but still loved by TheFanficlover66
Blinded, Abused, and a mute but TheFanficlover66
A blind, Abused, mute by choice joins a college. Alexander Hamilton abused till Blinded and muted by choice. He joins the college to learn and to be safe. He meets John...
  • mute
  • lams
  • alexander
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By Your Side {LAMS fanfiction} by evakandbway
By Your Side {LAMS fanfiction}by lukeisnotonfire
Yet another Lams fanfic set in present day AU that no one asked for but here it is anyway it's basically all fluff I started writing this when I was like 12 (maybe idk)...
  • laurens
  • romance
  • hamiltonxlaurens
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As The Sparrow Flies... by MercedesGonzalez766
As The Sparrow Jade Gonzalez
Amy has done everything in her power to move on from her tragic past. She traveled abroad. She graduated from college. She's even achieved her lifelong goal of becoming...
  • teen
  • novel
  • flashbacks
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A Sordid Story of Blood & Fluff by HCSaunders
A Sordid Story of Blood & Fluffby H C Saunders
Powder can't remember her real name or who she was before she came to the Dollhouse. She doesn't even remember how she got there. In a seemingly-endless mansion of opule...
  • darkhumor
  • presentday
  • dollhouse
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Child Without a Voice. by xElementx92
Child Without a Hayley
- - - - It had been merely a year, since the occurrence of that one tragic incident. Yet in spite of it all, Damian could still remember what had happened, as if it were...
  • sadlovestory
  • horror
  • modernworld
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Present Day Poet by Kelly1695
Present Day Poetby LostDreams
Poems laced with emotion Filled with present day issues Spilling secrets of a single life you'll never really know.
  • mature
  • poems
  • 2018
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