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after all by kovalactic
after allby bon vivant
a collection of feelings and redemptions. © all rights reserved 2017 | kimi
  • collection
  • thoughts
  • personal
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melting candle by -oneiric
melting candleby o n e i r i c
❝salty tears that soon blossomed into ethereal flowers, ornamented lavishly with just a ting of morose sadness but tell me...
  • thewinterawards
  • greece
  • heaven
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Letters From Harley by ViolentThoughts
Letters From Harleyby harley.
- letters to various people in my life and all the way to my deepest fears. - keep in mind that the names have been changed to protect privacy. - these are all that i th...
  • letters
  • thoughts
  • poems
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day before tomorrow ⚡︎ s. mendes  by -fastidious
day before tomorrow ⚡︎ s. mendes by 𝑆
❝I heard my heart breaking in my chest, yet, all I acknowledged was the butterflies surrounding it.❞ ━━ 'there is chaos brewing beneath her skin, tectonic plate...
  • harrystyles
  • heartbroken
  • shawnmendes
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BLOOM by cyberth0t
a book about girls
  • bloom
  • poetry
  • poemcollection
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We Could Spend Rainy Days Together by taefication
We Could Spend Rainy Days Togetherby 라흐마
A collection of Koo Junhoe's poems- translated from Korean, collected from across social media in hopes more people read his writings as he wishes, till he publishes his...
  • kpop
  • poems
  • koojunhoe
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100 random rhyming poems by commonauthor
100 random rhyming poemsby ||-//
The title pretty much explains it all, this is an ongoing book (which will be completed once I've written 100 poems). Most of these poems are about depression and mental...
  • fantasy
  • depression
  • anxiety
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phantasm ☾ warrior cats short story by beetledusk
phantasm ☾ warrior cats short storyby ━ bee.
my sister died.
  • clancat
  • warrior
  • warriors
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Poetry Oneshots! by Aqua-Fall
Poetry Oneshots!by 🌹Zeest🌸
Just a few short oneshots with a little poetry. This is for a little competition/contest which I took part in just for fun.
  • sadness
  • inspiration
  • justforfun
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Love Poems: Book 1 by M_S_S_M_P
Love Poems: Book 1by M.S.M.
These love poems are originally made by me. Hope you like it! XD and if you want please: /VOTE if you enjoyed it/ /FOLLOW if you want more poems from me/ /SHARE...
  • love
  • completed
  • poetry
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All The Words Left Unspoken by ambrecrystal
All The Words Left Unspokenby Ambré Crystal
A brief collection I'll be working on, a different theme to the rest.
  • selfrealization
  • sadness
  • lettinggo
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pink palette by marcity
pink paletteby ゚ мαяѕ | ♡༄ ゚
Our stages of recovery, blooming together ❁ my poem book
  • poems
  • beauty
  • confidence
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Short Stories by alysa-marie_heppy
Short Storiesby alysa-marie_heppy
Short stories, poems and thoughts. Short stories: The sin that killed Louisa Dearland. New Moon. Love Letters. Summer. Poems: How exactly? Sweet nothings. Writin...
  • thoughts
  • mystery
  • murder
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Depth of Me •••#Wattys2018••• by KimxSimon
Depth of Me •••#Wattys2018•••by Papillonner
"I'll write for what was left within the ashes; for the depth of me when all else is gone." cover drawing by: Carolina Roda
  • youth
  • wattys2018
  • truth
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The Rahma Awards 2018 by therahmaawards
The Rahma Awards 2018by The Rahma Awards
For the first time ever. Brand new genres. Specialised competition. Chosen books. Chosen graphic designers. Chosen journalists. Chosen writers. It's your turn to...
  • books
  • winning
  • muslim
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the view from my window by illusionboy
the view from my windowby space man
poetry, but lenient
  • freeverse
  • wattys2019
  • love
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The Runaway Bride by nightwitch
The Runaway Brideby nightwitch
Angelina's life was always controlled by her parents, and now, at the age of 20, she must marry the son of the Dark Lord of Zurrendel, because of a bet that her parents...
  • heartbreak
  • poems
  • romance
(3) you&i (COMPLETED) by layedinpinked
(3) you&i (COMPLETED)by Diane
"... because you didn't stay long enough to know, that i never wanted to let you go." =BOOK 3 of Prologues of a Brokenheart= [copyright.styledinpink.lovelyfebr...
  • poetry
  • love
  • romance
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Poems for the Pained by Cheeva51103
Poems for the Painedby Casper Rothwell
A collection of words both happy and sad strewn together to create awful poetry.
  • transauthor
  • poetrycollection
  • blankverse
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Poems of mine by mewmewpower88
Poems of mineby Serenity Rose
A short collect of poems
  • poems