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Mr. Anonymous by astoldbyjen
Mr. Anonymousby astoldbyjen
Audrey Greene has always been a bit of a loner. Content to listen to her music and bury her nose in a book, she's never tried to branch out and meet new people. But when...
Coffee Shop Letters by ashleerenee17
Coffee Shop Lettersby ajbgd2016
When 20 year old Ava Parker finds a note address to her in the place she works, she's not sure what to think. Is it a joke? Is it an old man, or even a creep? What happe...
Love Messages | ✓ by zuziestories_xo
Love Messages | ✓by zuzanna
NEW VERSION A guy sends a girl text messages every day in the hopes of making her feel the same.
"Who's this?!" "Your secret admirer :)" - P.S.- Only in the first two or three chapters the identity remains a secret. Rest is all filled with unique...
Secret admirer by BangtanIsBulletproof
Secret admirerby Yoongels_Noodels
In which park Jimin can't help but fall for the hottest boy in school.
Can I Get His Love?  by prapanchika
Can I Get His Love? by prapanchika
Meet swetha.. Simple girl who only wanted onething in her life. A loving husband. She is well known in her locality and relatives for being rejected in number of marriag...
SECRET ADMIRER  by blissfcll
"potter! i heard you got a secret admirer!" the voice laughs. ALSO ON AO3 WITH CORRECT GRAMMAR AND MISTAKES: "Secret Admirer" by "blissfcll"
BLSC #2 : His Secret Admirer by beyondlocks
BLSC #2 : His Secret Admirerby Janice Martana
BLSC #2 Aiden Locason The number one heartbreaker , even with that title girls still chasing him and follow him like a lost puppy. For him , none of them like him becaus...
My Possessive Co-worker « K.TH » by Hani_Mend
My Possessive Co-worker « K.TH »by Hani_Mend
"I won't hesitate to punish you , if you escape this mansion baby "
A Love Affair With Poetry  by sweetmiracle97
A Love Affair With Poetry by sweetmiracle97
A love story in poems. Most impressive rankings: #2 - poem #1 - personal #4 -poetry
Cultivation Retirement Plan (BL) by ruyilala
Cultivation Retirement Plan (BL)by Ruyi
After dying unjustly, all Mo Yixuan wants is peace and quiet in his new life. Being a high level cultivator in a prominent sect seems to net him exactly what he wants. I...
Texting Secrets by GlimmerandShine12
Texting Secretsby Shen!!
Sasunaru Story!!! One day Naruto gets a text from an unknown stranger, about him looking cute. He can't get much information out about of the person, but whenever he nee...
Hayat (Life)✔️ by Aesthete_1038
Hayat (Life)✔️by lemah
A love story of two people who have nothing to lose in their life.It is not your typical story where a C.E.O falls in love with a girl or a girl falls for a bad boy or...
A Love So Beautiful [Jikook] by ChimchimzKookie97
A Love So Beautiful [Jikook]by ChimchimzKookie97
"We are like lovers in my dream, but in reality he don't like me."- PJM ©xoparkjimin Inspired by her: A Love So Beautiful Parody 😍😍
How I Met My Worst Enemy |COMPLETE| by MsBrew
How I Met My Worst Enemy |COMPLETE|by MsBrew
Keziah Mills has found the perfect job and the perfect apartment in the Queen City. Life is good! And then he came ... tall, dark, and handsome. And arrogant! But no on...
Silent Love {Min Yoongi x Reader} by Epifantastic
Silent Love {Min Yoongi x Reader}by Epifantastic
A girl writes anonymous letters to her crush Yoongi at school, because she is too shy and is scared of rejection.
TordTom Stories by Classic_Stupid_Torm
TordTom Storiesby Classic_Stupid_Torm
All characters belong to Eddsworld This book contains a series of triggers don't report the chapter just skip past it if you are sensitive to it
Secret Admirer ~Komahina by zerodahewo
Secret Admirer ~Komahinaby the one who dies
(XXX) XXX-XXXX Hajime Hinata, though you may ignore this, I'd like you to know you have a secret admirer, me. Hajime loses a bet, and his love life at Hopes Peak Academy...
Secret Admirer  by magical_AditiRathore
Secret Admirer by magical_aditirathore
Story of a girl name avni who get married to a man neil who was already married and the father of two kids and for his kids he marry her.
My Secret Admirer by not_crack_head
My Secret Admirerby Its_me_here
A story about Ema, a young teen girl who lives a wonderful life with her father and friends until she recieves a parcel from a secret admirer. Ema has a wonderful relati...