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ZOILIST ★ PJO Fanfiction by BlueCiffee
ZOILIST ★ PJO Fanfictionby essa
Zoilist [ZOY-uh-list] (n.) someone who takes joy in finding fault. ★ He tilted his head, "you see I loved her with ever ounce of my being. We were the perfect duo...
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Shoot an Arrow Through His Heart by ninjagirlmai
Shoot an Arrow Through His Heartby Melody Rose
Popular girl, archery superstar, and daughter of the billionaire Hades di Angelo, Bianca's life should've been a breeze. But after her mother dies in a plane crash, her...
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Forgotten-another Percabeth story by FandomClooover
Forgotten-another Percabeth storyby FandomClooover
I know this isn't an original story, the start and the description may look like others. But this is another story. This isn't a story about Percy who got betrayed, this...
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Percy's Fall by Agent_I
Percy's Fallby Coolzac12
For fame, for peace, for his best friend? Why did Percy, God of Time, Power, Space, Heroes, Rivers, Son of Poseidon, Younger Brother of Triton, join the Hunters of Artem...
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Challenge Accepted by Satan_Bates_Crowe
Challenge Acceptedby S.B. Crowe
One simple challenge is all it takes to set everything in motion. Nico Di Angelo, the dark, emo kid and Percy Jackson, the popular jock. They did not get along, to say t...
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The Dark Lord by Goingmuffin
The Dark Lordby Goingmuffin
Perseus, The Dark Lord. All will fear him. His empire is larger than any force the Greeks can muster. He wields more power than any god to have ever existed. Not even th...
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Random by BellaJackson792
Randomby Prongs
So basically this is a collection of all the pics I have on my phone that I need to clear out.... to make room for more photos.... Anyway don't read if you don't want to...
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Drown with me || Percabeth AU by SlippeyNapkin
Drown with me || Percabeth AUby SlippeyNapkin
Annabeth has been blocking out her past, her fear of the ocean that no amount of wisdom could change. A boy, mystery cloaked around him appears out of the blue, that can...
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Maybe Not ||| Peranca by DoodleDoofDumpling
Maybe Not ||| Perancaby Son Of Artemis
Percy is a blank and he saves blank before she blank herself. He does the with his blank.
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High School: Percy Jackson fanfic by PJO_HoO_FANDOM
High School: Percy Jackson fanficby PJO_HoO_FANDOM
The wars are over. Or so the demigods thought. They must face the toughest one yet: High School. Lots of Percabeth. I tried to limit how many characters I had. Enjoy!
The Life I'm Running From by theprincessJEM
The Life I'm Running Fromby Aialasa
"I just wanted to be normal! Not be a demigod, not meet Spider-Man, just be normal! Is that so much to ask?" You don't get to chose your birth. McKinnley Bradd...
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How to Love the Enemy | Sequel by macyp120605
How to Love the Enemy | Sequelby Macy Paige
"Just promise me something," Travis nods his head at my serious change of voice. "Promise me that you won't break my heart." His blue eyes never stra...
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Commissions by Demigod4_life
Commissionsby Emily Simon
Due to recently being laid off I am in desperate need of financial assistance in order to pay the bills I need for me to have a home for college. As a result, I am offer...
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My Soulmate (HoO/PJO AU) by Zebra2606
My Soulmate (HoO/PJO AU)by PercyJacksonFan2606
When you turn 14, you get a tattoo that describes your soulmate. As you spend more time with them, it gets more detailed. But when you kiss your soulmate for the first t...
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(Fem.) Percy meets Spidey by PokemonDestiny
(Fem.) Percy meets Spideyby Marissa
Percy Jackson is coming home after a war On her way to her mom and Paul's new apartment she has a chance encounter with a skateboarder Who happens to be Peter Parker...
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Double Life (HoO/Avengers) by CreativeMeraki
Double Life (HoO/Avengers)by CreativeMeraki
Highest Ranking #13 in HerosofOlympus 9/7/19 #19 in trauma 10/10/19 Peter was used to death, but when his brother Leo died it hit him hard. Once he gets back to New Yor...
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Art! by Horcrux_Hunter394
Art!by Nata
Just my fanart. . . Please ignore my old art cause it's trash
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Mackenzie Castellan: Daughter of Hermes by Midnightwandere
Mackenzie Castellan: Daughter of H...by I have a Thaluke problem
A Percy Jackson Fanfiction. Mackenzie is the sister of Luke Castellan. Like her brother, she has fallen into Kronos's trap, and is now stuck fighting against her childho...
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Random memes I summoned by rachel_no_talent
Random memes I summonedby Rachel Pork
Memes I have made. Mind blown.
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Nico x reader  by Angie_jackson
Nico x reader by Angie Jackson
Another simple Nico x reader story
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