Naruto: The Truth Beneath the Surface by Yukimoto-Namikaze
Naruto: The Truth Beneath the Surf...by Yuki
Naruto, Sasuke, and Shikamaru are hiding something. Their classmates realize this one day when the Nara and Uchiha ran out of the classroom after the Uzumaki. What a...
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  • wattpride
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Harry Potter Texts  by Lyra_Riddle
Harry Potter Texts by Riddle AF
I took time to hack the HP character's phones and read their texts. Almost all of the plots are mine Don't own any of the characters except Lyra
  • ginny
  • humor
  • harrypotter
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in which a cat describes his life
  • randompeople
  • randomness
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creepypasta zodiacs by Kiarao7
creepypasta zodiacsby LunaCries
read the title. I might also include the birthday scenario game. I do not own any of the media unless I tell you that I do.
  • creepypastazodiac
  • creepypasta
  • zodiac
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Fairy Tail Texts by Fairy_Tail_Maniac
Fairy Tail Textsby Fairy_Tail_Maniac
The title says it all. I know that there are MANY of these out there in the wattpad world, but I just thought it would be so much fun to make my own! I DO NOT OWN ANY OF...
  • comedy
  • juvialockser
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Adopted By Why Don't We [Completed] by __HeyItsAlexisss__
Adopted By Why Don't We [Completed]by Casseject
[Completed] Kristen is a rebellious teenager who acts out because of her rough childhood. Her parents never wanted her and was immediately sent to the orphanage after he...
  • shortstory
  • danielseavey
  • randomness
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The Randomness Of An Apprentice (1) by Last_Apprentice
The Randomness Of An Apprentice (1)by ☬ 𝕬𝖕𝖕𝖗𝖊𝖓𝖙𝖎𝖈𝖊 ☬
Welcome to my random book!
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Why don't we/IT/Stranger Things Memes by ImDylanMarie
Why don't we/IT/Stranger Things Me...by Hey it’s me DyLaN
By the title you already know WDW IT & Stranger Memes used to be just WDW but I changed it 🤠 ⚠️WARNING⚠️ I DO CURSE A LOT SO IF U DONT LIKE THAT DONT READ MY BOOK. I D...
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« A TodoBakuDeku One-Shots Book » by chamilisa
« A TodoBakuDeku One-Shots Book »by • ❦ •
A TodoBakuDeku One-Shots Book just some one-shots about todobakudeku in hopes of blessing your souls. featured ships- TodoBaku / BakuTodo TodoDeku / DekuTodo BakuDeku...
  • bnhayaoi
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Randomness 2. The sequel no one wanted. by Meg-Rose-25
Randomness 2. The sequel no one wa...by Princess Megsie
Just like the first one. Completely stupid and unnecessary.
  • geekgirl
  • randomness
Kuroko no Basket One Shots and Scnearios [Completed] by HeartsofOtome
Kuroko no Basket One Shots and Scn...by 恵帝 ♛
Hey y'all! This book will have... you guessed it! One shots and scenarios about Kuroko no Basket! I know there will be some mistakes here and there but please ignore the...
  • knb
  • kuroko
  • generationofmiracles
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Yaoi Photobook 2 by Mad_Tears
Yaoi Photobook 2by Red_Weep
it's just about yaoi randomness, Gifs and Facts and I dunot own any pics . . . Credits for the creator
  • gifs
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Pokemon Truth or Dare by lolhellojk
Pokemon Truth or Dareby lolhellojk
Join Jk and Poke friends in a magical room where there is chaos! Guests and Hosts come join the wonderful chaos! You will determine what these fellow friends will do! Wi...
  • contestshipping
  • truthordare
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My Book Of Bandori Shiz by -_bAzINga_-
My Book Of Bandori Shizby King’s Main Account
Just for fun hahahahaha
  • randomness
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Mary Sues / Gary Stus by wonhologist
Mary Sues / Gary Stusby uhm
warning: anger, swearing
  • memes
  • fanfiction
  • tryingtohelp
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Random Villainous Stuff by The2tailedfoxy
Random Villainous Stuffby the2tailedfoxy
✏️(HILARIOUSLY SLOW UPDATES) Hey! Look! I'm keeping up with the rest of my generation!✏️
  • dr
  • blackhat
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〝 DARLING, YOU'RE SIMPLY DREAMY! 〞 randomness book. s; 11.19.o18. e; ??????????
  • randomness
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chilling with jevil by greenbeedrill888
chilling with jevilby Thomas/DIO/Jevil
jevil deltarune
  • chaos
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  • deltarune
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Arting Atrocities (Art Book 3) by DragonWriter664
Arting Atrocities (Art Book 3)by Floof Commander
Are you ready for round 3? Welcome back to another edition of awful, but improving art! Inside, you will encounter a crazy cast of characters, including: -A fierce, fe...
  • animation
  • ocs
  • floof
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MLBB: Some Shit Randomness (Volume I) ) [FINISH] by J_Noble
MLBB: Some Shit Randomness (Volume...by J_Noble
Welcom to Mobile Hell, where you see heroes got tortu- I mean welcome to Mobile Legends chatroom where you can see how heroes do their chats or some randomness...
  • alice
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