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When the Stars Fall by TheOlive25
When the Stars Fallby 𝕆𝕝𝕚𝕧𝕚𝕒
When Sophie finds out that she is pregnant she doesn't know what to do. Does she tell the dad? Her parents? Her friends? She's in her 2nd year in the Elite Levels. She a...
KOTLC After Stellarlune-A Sokeefe Story by classicalbibliophile
KOTLC After Stellarlune-A classicalbibliophile
"Keefe. Even if I hadn't been unmatchable, even if Fitz and I had been on each other's match lists, I need you to know that eventually, it still would have been you...
Seventeen | Soulmate AU | ✔ by crayonowl
Seventeen | Soulmate AU | ✔by ✦ ᴏᴡʟ ✦
Seventeen is the age that decides who every young soul is destined to be with forever. Dating back to Neanderthals, humans have always felt this natural pull to the othe...
fifty sokeefe kisses by waterbendingpercy
fifty sokeefe kissesby tabbs
from the first to the last and all the ones in between. (a series of semi-related one-shots. now including art!)
Fallin' For You by KeefeS66
Fallin' For Youby KeefeS66
Sophie Foster just moved to California and she's not ready. She doesn't know ANYONE, and she's pressured because she is the first new kid at Foxfire High school in years...
SOKEEFE VS FITZPHIE, kotlc by luvlulls
SOKEEFE VS FITZPHIE, kotlcby ☆ squish ☆
𝗶𝗻 𝘄𝗵𝗶𝗰𝗵 ro challenges keefe and fitz to a bet - whoever confesses their feelings to sophie first gets to give the other ...
the prom queen by rosewaters_
the prom queenby miss keefe sencen
in a kotlc human au, sophie foster is a new student at foxfire and hasn't made many friends or joined in any social activities. keefe is the most popular guy in school a...
Kotlc Sleepover by BluetBluish
Kotlc Sleepoverby Iris✨
Just a causal hangout with the keeper of the lost cities kids.......definitely no love triangles, disasters, kissing, and makeovers! *Shannon Messenger owns the characte...
The Spy In You (A Sokeefe Spy AU) by Alison_5201314
The Spy In You (A Sokeefe Spy AU)by ʳᵉᵃᵈᵉʳ ʷⁱᵗʰ ᵃ ᶜᵃᵖⁱᵗᵃˡ R
What if the Neverseen and the Black Swan were spy organisations? What if our favourite characters were all human? What if Sophie was Agent Moonlark? What if Keefe was Ag...
Imperfection- Tiana, kotlc by AlwayzForevr
Imperfection- Tiana, kotlcby AlwayzForevr
When Tam Song and Biana Vacker finally start dating, could one pyrokinetic ruin their relationship? Can a Vacker really be in love with a wayward from Exillium without s...
Inevitable SoKeefe by BookNerd34234
Inevitable SoKeefeby Destiny C.
Sophie walked back towards the wall, fearing the request Fitz had asked of her. Fitz walked slower and slower until he was close to Sophie. Too close. Just then Keefe ca...
Popstar ~ Sokeefe Story ~ Human A.U. by Lu-Lu-LOL
Popstar ~ Sokeefe Story ~ Human I_am_Sophie_Foster
Sophie has been living a double life, one as a kid at school no one pays attention to, and a international sensation. Her stage name is the Moonlark. And she has to prot...
Love Problems (Kotlc) by breakaway1608
Love Problems (Kotlc)by Breakaway
Sophie Foster has fallen in love with Keefe Sencen. Fitz is not happy about this relationship at all and goes all out to make Sophie love him. Who will win between Sokee...
There for me(A KOTLC Sokeefe Story) by KOTLC_PJO_5
There for me(A KOTLC Sokeefe Story)by lexi
*note: This book continues almost right after legacy so if you haven't read it then spoilers. Some things are left out.* *DISCLAIMER: ALL CHARACTERS BELONG TO SHANNON M...
Too Real: a Sokeefe Fanfic by AndPeggy_Schuyler
Too Real: a Sokeefe Fanficby The Best Sister
"You're not mad?" "You just kissed me, Foster. I don't think that's a reason to be angry." ------ This is a Sokeefe story! Sophie is captured by the...
Fate - A Sokeefe AU✅ by sxnandstxrs
Fate - A Sokeefe AU✅by moved accounts <3
*This story is based on the soulmate AU where the first words your soulmate speaks to you are written on your body* Sophie is scared of her mark. The four words written...
In another Universe. A FOSTER-KEEFE AU. by thereusedtobe
In another Universe. A thereusedtobe
When you turn eighteen you get your mark. You get the first thing your meant-to-be is supposed to say to you. Sophie Foster isn't one of those people obsess over their m...
Sokeefe - as humans by CarpeDeim2713
Sokeefe - as humansby @EverlastingWriter
-FINISHED- Sophie has just broken up with her rockstar boyfriend, Fitz. All of her friends have decided to stay with him. Friends = Dex and Biana, which are now a coup...
my first and last love || sokeefe (slowly editting) by kikiicy
my first and last love || k
Going through daily life seems to be harder than Sophie realizes but with someone by her side, things are a bit more easier. ⭐︎Excerpt⭐︎ ❝ Biana sighs, "I don't th...
Back To You [editing] by Evelyn_Esher
Back To You [editing]by Evelyn Esher
Sophie is now living in the Forbidden Cities after the incident in Atlantis, until someone very unexpected shows up. --- Sophie has been living in the Forbidden Cities f...