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Love Uncaged  by AriesCiel
Love Uncaged by Aries Ciel
Story between a half snake half human man that buys a half human half mouse boy from the black market where boys like that were sold as food to men like him. (Many year...
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The Chair by samalan20
The Chairby Sam Alan
Jason sets off to find a chair for his new apartment, but finds something much, much better. A girl! Read as Jason makes choices to do with his slave woman he just bough...
New World Order by Pup-pup
New World Orderby Pup Echo
Humans are no longer at the top of the food chain, they are animals, livestock, playthings. The world has been flipped. Cover by the lovely PJOFan987651. My ko-fi: https...
Owned~ A Harry Styles Fanfic by Bcook12
Owned~ A Harry Styles Fanficby Briley Cook
Alexa is a girl who has been in hiding her whole life from something that her parents won't tell her about. One day something happens and she's alone with her best frien...
Owned by aprilstone90
Ownedby April Stone
The NYC mafia rules. For decades, the rules have remained the same. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. His world was one of lust, lies and maybe love. Fearless and...
My OC Book by _K0B4Y4SH1_
My OC Bookby Sasuke Kobayashi
This is my book of characters that will be featured in books and rps. In the future, they may or may not be brought to life in the form of anime, manga, and video games...
Knights over Flower by ExtrovertKnightII
Knights over Flowerby _PSYCHOMETRIC_
Shawn Fernandez was a studious student who transfers and studies at a well-known university called Thompson International University. He's a genius and also really loves...
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"pet?" by JeonMika_
"pet?"by SoftJiminii
A innocent little girl not over the age of 15, isn't as free as she used to be, she follows the rules she has to, the rules made by the supernatural evils which tower ov...
Mine by JGBC_1421
Mineby JGBC_1421
Bethany should have never tried to get away from Ian MATURE 18+ Only
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Simply, Nobody (Completed) by angeleafyy_
Simply, Nobody (Completed)by angeleafyy_
(Gay's Nobody #3 ) He is her almost exact opposite making him as her greatest enemy but he is her bestfriend as well. How? Duchess Camellia is a beautiful girl but choo...
The Godking  by Roryboreale
The Godking by Roryboreale
Haunted by the demons of his past, Thomas Caswell flees Victorian England for the oblivion of distant lands. When a terrible storm wrecks his ship on undiscovered shores...
Vexanion #1: Owned By My Boss by lazymuji
Vexanion #1: Owned By My Bossby aria
Arya, is a great woman. She grew in province, after she finished her degree to their College Community she finally decided to moved in Manila to find a job and to help h...
I Am The Alpha (Part 1/2) by EllaCharlotte
I Am The Alpha (Part 1/2)by Ella Charlotte
Erin Daniels is part of the East Forest Pack, not only that but she's the Alpha. In a male dominant race this makes her one of a kind. She was born with the Alpha imprin...
Kidnapped,abuse,(thug Love) by baddie_got_dab
Kidnapped,abuse,(thug Love)by baddie_got_dab
U kidnapped me u abuse me u was a thug the hold time. But u said u still love me how lies of u just being a thug makes it even worse I don't even know u and u kidnapped...
Claimed by MysteryWriter61
Claimedby MysteryWriter61
Highest rank: 65 in Vampire Vampires have now made their existence known to the humans and are now ruling over them. Humans are now treated as slaves and pets. The rare...
Kid of The Month (completed, editing) by lilyastor
Kid of The Month (completed, editi...by Lily Astor
"Being kidnapped was proving more difficult than I thought it would be." #30 - Slavery
Love to Share.💛 by skypaige33
Love to Share.💛by skypaige33
Skylynn was a mix of everything from a badass dirt bike racer to a book fanatic. She indeed is holding a secret about herself that she is into BDSM and DDLG. How will sh...
My Training (BDSM) by mikishikakitty
My Training (BDSM)by mikishika
This is the continuation of "Me and Master (bdsm)" story Based on real life Contains 18+ Cover founded by daddy
The Innocent and Sweet Girl Owned By A Demon Mafia King by MarianelaCarmen
The Innocent and Sweet Girl Owned...by Binibining Mar Writes
What if the sweet and innocent girl owned by a mafia king? will her life would be miserable? When mafia king owned her she feel's like she doesn't have freedom because...