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Satisfy me by anonnybored
Satisfy meby justbored
full of dirty imagines, gay lesbian straight idec. everything's in here like CNC somno an4l everything. (⚠️May include taboo)
Summer Days by DanielleJones747
Summer Daysby Danielle Jones
Summer makes some of the best memories
The Abduction by katielovesxo
The Abductionby katie
Arielle North is walking home when everything goes dark... She wakes up somewhere out of her worst nightmares.
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My stranger by Janiyamp
My strangerby Janiyamp
y/n was just your average 18 year old girl experiencing life, when a turn of events happen. She finds herself being pinned down by a man she doesn't know. What will happ...
Toilet (nsfw) by xxAl1enFuck3rrxx
Toilet (nsfw)by Jupiter Jackass
Piss and non consensual sex in a public bathroom. That's basically the story. 🤷
LOV's toy (oc smut) by pumpkin_puppy
LOV's toy (oc smut)by Boba🧋🐕🧋
Being the younger brother (20) of miruko has it's ups and downs, especially when being kidnapped by the LOV TW SMUT, R@PE, PAIN, KNIVES, CUTS, HUMILIATION, THREATS, ETC...
Monster‐fuckers central by StarCorpses
Monster‐fuckers centralby StarCorpses
this is gonna be a bunch of stories about monsterfucking, mainly mxm. Some chapters may be triggers, if they are, there will be a warning at the beginning.
For my Demon Children by SubmissiveLilith
For my Demon Childrenby Queen Lilith
Any smut I feel like writing :)
The Master Plan  by msm_erotica
The Master Plan by Mirror Secret Mirror
Rose is getting herself in big trouble, falling victim to a dangerous and very sadistic couple...
A moment of passion  by just_vibes247
A moment of passion by Johnny Boi
A dom/sub oneshot that contains degrading, rough sex. Side note, things start off pretty much right away. Enjoy 🙂
Forbidden Love  by just_vibes247
Forbidden Love by Johnny Boi
First time publishing smut, enjoy lol. Story contains kidnapping and a bit of cnc ending off with a bit of aftercare. Also there's bdsm so good luck
Bunny by Kit__kat_89
Bunnyby Katie Finlay
Dz found himself a pet. TW; CNC Powerplay, blood, 18+
cnc~ b x g  by slimysteve
cnc~ b x g by slimysteve
WARNING: graphic content do not read if you don't have hard kinks!!!! cnc bdsm degration force lmk if u want more!!!
𝐏𝐎𝐋𝐀𝐑𝐎𝐈𝐃, crawford collins by venusworrld
𝐏𝐎𝐋𝐀𝐑𝐎𝐈𝐃, crawford collinsby 𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐬
𝐏𝐎𝐋𝐀𝐑𝐎𝐈𝐃- in which crawford and olivia take a polaroid together and crawford has no recollection of the event, all he has is the polaroid. yet, he's determined t...
Yuri/Wlw oneshots by milly_num
Yuri/Wlw oneshotsby milly_num
You already know that this book is freaky based on its title... this is all about gay girls making love.
The Night by Jesano87
The Nightby Jesano87
*Trigger warning* CNC is a legitimate kink that does mimic rape. The story is a consensual story not one of legitimate rape.
idek what this is  by MaisieByrd
idek what this is by MaisieByrd
This is a fantasy that I have. I don't expect people to understand. Idek why I'm posting this
Naughty or Nice? by pprimerotica
Naughty or Nice?by P. Prim
A twist on the classic tale of knowing if you're on the nice or naughty list. disclaimer: can be triggering. This is all fantasy, consent is always needed, stay safe!
Breaking an Entry (Home Intruder x Reader) (HARDCORE NSFW//NSFL) by MikeBishwokarma
Breaking an Entry (Home Intruder horror_whore
NSFW; CNC//SA kink (sensitive content) (Gore, violence) (smut)(all characters and or references are a work of fiction)