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Run Away by kimmythedounut
Run Awayby kimmythedounut
A girl is planning on running away from her family because of family problems and is using her friend for sex, requests are always open also there are sex gifs and if yo...
  • cussing
  • boy
  • naked
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Quick Sex by TwerkingAss
Quick Sexby TwerkingAss
A dirty sex story
  • shower
  • ass
  • sexy
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Me Myself And God by sarahehenson
Me Myself And Godby Sarah Henson
"I" discovers her way back to God through a self-discovery journey through the wilderness and finds her way home.
  • poetry
  • discovery
  • nature
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Teleportation H2 by Mu_G21X
Teleportation H2by RUDYG21X
Ever imagine teleportation, I mean not Marty McFly in the DeLorean or The Doctor in his Tardis. I mean actually teleporting from one single moment into a completely diff...
  • humor
  • boy
  • naked
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bastion one shots by Milotukas
bastion one shotsby milotas keinys
lemon 18+ you have been warned *lemon* *lemon* *lemon* *lemon* *lemon* *lemon*
  • betrail
  • 18
  • oneshots
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The Judge and his desire  by christiansimagines
The Judge and his desire by christiansimagines
Judge Daugherty takes home the astounding Emily Nelson, that he didn't convict in the court case of her sister Faiths drowning, for his own selfish needs. He didn't real...
  • brantdaugherty
  • threesome
  • murder
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•StripNaked•. Dojae  by xiuxiubaek
•StripNaked•. Dojae by XiuXBaek
"There's a hole on my wall so I peek through . " Doyoung shrugged.
  • nctjaehyun
  • nctdream
  • nctmark
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Relentless (A MayWard FanFic Story) COMPLETED by impingchrille
Relentless (A MayWard FanFic impingchrille
"Marydale Morgan Entrata", I like her record. she seems like a good caretaker, I mean a good nurse. I think she can handle me", Edward retorted to himself...
  • tension
  • kilig
  • teasing
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Pool Party by patrick____
Pool Partyby patrick____
Johnny and Lucy are in love. He invites her over to his house one day for a pool party for two. As they eat pizza and swim together, the sun wasn't the only thing heat...
  • highschoolsweethearts
  • friendship
  • cute
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Naked (SPG) by sxssypants
Naked (SPG)by sxssypants
Would you still love me Naked? -Kiara Georgina Andrada
  • boyfriend
  • story
  • friends
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nudes by PervertedFudanshi
nudesby Hakudoshi
a collection of my finest nudes
  • nudes
  • naked
  • strip
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PLAYGIRL MAGAZINE ~ by FallenBlackcat
Dirk need money to take care of Dave better, so he finds an ad got auditions for Playgirl magazine, you know like Playboy. But he runs away because you asked about his e...
  • strider
  • homestuck
  • naked
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He Sleeps Naked?!? by saf__s101
He Sleeps Naked?!?by Safaa
January, her sister -August- and her friends -April, May and November- would do anything for a pretty penny. Mainly because being dumped on the streets at an early age t...
  • nightlight
  • naked
  • humour
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My First Kiss to a Kidnapping Jerk ( a different love story ) by Sweet143
My First Kiss to a Kidnapping SY
  • more
  • embarrase
  • romantic
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Me and Him...Ha! OKAY?!(3) by Cloud9
Me and Him...Ha! OKAY?!(3)by Cloud9
  • carley
  • naked
  • hot
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"They are born on rainy days, cursed. Others, because they choose to be. And some, get cursed by their fathers actions. All of them feed from the blood of innocent...
  • dead
  • devil
  • night
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