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Wattpad Fails zum Lachen, Weinen oder Schreien by Silberfuxxx
Wattpad Fails zum Lachen, Weinen o...by ~Ʈ ყ~
Es gibt auf Wattpad so einige Geschichten, bei denen man sich am liebsten aus dem Fenster stürzen, weinen und in eine Ecke setzten will. Dabei ändert sich meine sonst im...
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Lee know You Know by ArStayMy
Lee know You Knowby ArStayMy
Things Minho hasn't said but is probably thinking.
  • minsung
  • facepalm
  • dumb
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Villain Or Hero? Shoto Todoroki x Reader by HarmonyWriter0
Villain Or Hero? Shoto Todoroki x...by HarmonyWriter0
Fear. That is what sets people apart from being a hero or being a villain. You are only a villain because of fear, you could never have become a hero. You disgusted your...
  • lolz
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Wattpad zum Verzweifeln by We2hot
Wattpad zum Verzweifelnby Mary&Kathy
Ein Mädchen, ihre Mission ? Der Wattpad Dummheit einen Strich durch die Rechnung zu machen. Immer an ihrer Seite ihr Assistent der Duden. Wenn ihr sehen wollt wie Wattpa...
  • wattpadfails
  • witzig
  • fails
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Face Reveal And Stuff by may_bornmia
Face Reveal And Stuffby Mia
I might be boring to talk to, but trust me, I have some interesting stuff to share hehe. Just some stuff about your author, her upcoming stories, and updates on her lif...
  • lucythefabgoldfish
  • donthugmeimscared
  • piggy
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Dumb Tweets by PureAdolescence
Dumb Tweetsby PureAdolescence
So this will just be a collection of tweets that people have posted that are not the smartest. I don't know if this is something that you guys are interested in so comme...
  • tweet
  • iconic
  • humour
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dumb fanfic moments  by -jamlessjungkook
dumb fanfic moments by .。*゚doubt +.*.。
Ok, so I'm just ranting about things that I think are dumb about fanfics, mine are dumb too but these are careless mistakes. I'm only trying to make ppl laugh, don't ta...
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  • facepalms
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Wattpad - Die Verbreitungsplattform für den Virus Dummheit  by Popslaw
Wattpad - Die Verbreitungsplattfor...by Poppy das Huhn
Wir alle kennen diese FanFicitions oder im allgemeinen Bücher in denen der Logik die Beine abgeschnitten, der Rechtschreibung der Kopf abgehakt, der Grammatik das Herz r...
  • humorlos
  • hobbylos
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Lemon Fails with never ending rage (DEUTSCH/GERMAN) by arkenyax
Lemon Fails with never ending rage...by Arkenya Euroxya
Es gibt ja so einige Fail-Bücher auf Wattpad, aber ich hab noch keins gefunden dass sich wirklich ausschließlich mit Lemons, also Sexszenen, befasst und da ich sowieso v...
  • dumm
  • fanfiction
  • sarkasmus
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Mary Sues [OC Reviews CLOSED] by Space-Mom
Mary Sues [OC Reviews CLOSED]by space mother
Mary Sues are some of the most hated creatures on Wattpad, or any other story-sharing website out there, but what is it that makes them so bad? Get ready to laugh, facep...
  • sue
  • opal
  • diss
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Seit ir ale dumm? by lichterinderstadt
Seit ir ale dumm?by 🌨🌨
Die meiner Meinung nach schlimmsten Wattpad fails und meine Kommentare dazu. Lol.
  • klischee
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  • fanfiktion
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EWW IT'S ME!! - FACE REVEAL by Ava-Is-Weird
I hit 100 followers somehow so now I'm going to show you all my ugly face. Prepare your bleach. And I apologize if I blind you with my ugliness.
  • ew
  • ugly
  • ugliness
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Archived Stories by Sassy_Brassy
Archived Storiesby Karishma
[Highest Ranking #1 in Non-Fiction] Archived Stories are collection of short stories which will make you cry, laugh, cringe, sigh, chuckle, grin, facepalm, blush etc etc...
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Mary Sue (COMPLETED) by somewhatcivilized
Mary Sue (COMPLETED)by ↓press to be blessed
She's perfect. She's beautiful. She's talented, but all the while she is hated. Welcome to the day-to-day life of Mary Jade Sue. When Mary Sue's family and her best frie...
  • cringe
  • complete
  • cliche
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Face Palm: Graphic Portfolio by Beauxif
Face Palm: Graphic Portfolioby hiatus !
her attempts ❞ since 2017-/ 트리 나ლ
  • graphics
  • palm
  • sweet
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What Not to do in MARVEL Fanfiction by nightsisterkaris
What Not to do in MARVEL Fanfictionby That one Philinda Fangirl
Everyone hates the clichés. The overpowered, invincible, super-gorgeous, super-kind, super-awesome OC that falls in love with everyone and is an absolute, definite Mary...
  • facepalm
  • tonystark
  • marvel
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Persassy Jokes ✔  by STARZ2977
Persassy Jokes ✔ by Queen Starz
Whatzzz up, cupcakes! Nah, ain't Coach Hedge here, but the crazy, hypes fangirl, @STARZ2977. Yh, this is wonderful shizz stuff where Persassy Jackson gets all his sass...
  • jokes
  • humor
  • fandomreferences
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Face reveal by _hyuckmin_
Face revealby ☔¹⁰.⁰⁸.²⁰¹⁹☔
Basically my ugliness... -my photos are cringy, sorry -I usually don't take photos of myself because I cry when I see my face (self-esteem issues -_-)
  • random
  • loveyourself
  • facepalm
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Jokes and More  by Icypeppermint
Jokes and More by Dhriti Thareja
Here's a book of jokes that might want to make you face palm or burst out laughing in the middle of a family dinner (And everyone glares at you) or laugh and laugh and l...
  • humour
  • funny
  • facepalm
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Jokes by amaraundalina
Jokesby amaraundalina
"Der Lehrer beendet den Unterricht!" . Wer kennts nicht? Ein typisches Lehrerzitat und weitere findet ihr in diesem Buch. Viel Spaß!
  • facepalm
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  • spaß
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