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horse cock hard shlong💪🏼🥺🚫🗣⁉️ by IdekWhyIDoThis000
horse cock hard shlong💪🏼🥺🚫🗣⁉️by IdekWhyIDoThis000
if u wanna read about shlong s and how i'm addicted to my little pony porn, as well as how great horse cocks are... ur in the right place😍 i fucked my dead hamster and...
Fate || Barry Bee x shrek smut by stanleys_noodlehair
Fate || Barry Bee x shrek smutby ur father
Shrek sees a shrexy bee at a furry convention. Is it made to be ????
Mafia mongoose daddy x smol🥺!!!reader x OC by daddyblishy_fishy
Mafia mongoose daddy x smol🥺!!! Imreallyhot
Y/N is not like other girls🥺🤪. She got sold by her grandma after her mom, dad, brother, teacher, aunt, uncle, cousin and hamster died 3 years before she was born. And...
my love for shrek❤️ by nnterlude
my love for shrek❤️by shrek's wife (real)
this is the best and only creation I have ever made read this to get clear skin<3 some of yall wildin in the comments 😩
Green Smexy Love - Shrek x Y/N by C4TG1RLN4TSUK1
Green Smexy Love - Shrek x Y/Nby s4cchar1nee
Do you love Shrek?💋💋 Like absolutely love him to the point you'd like deadass just marry him on the spot even though you don't know each other? 🧍‍♀️Cool. 💁‍♀️💁‍♀️Th...
Small Town | Baylen Levine  by ilovecandles
Small Town | Baylen Levine by okay
Audrey lives in a small town, and the talk of that town is the YouTuber 'Baylen Levine'. Adults in the town talking about him being a nuisance, the kids and teenagers wa...
Hardships Untold (erenxhistoria) by Clem_crusader
Hardships Untold (erenxhistoria)by Daniel
They have recovered Wall Maria, and only 9 scouts remain. Eren's body has healed, but his mind is only functioning because of the few people he has left. -DISCLAIMER- Co...
schreck x fookwad by keepdreaminx
schreck x fookwadby lex
it's all ogre now • Co-written by @shsllawyer the queen of the swump and @WarriorCatG the lord of Duloc
Shrek x Ronald McDonald by sonicwag
Shrek x Ronald McDonaldby sonicwag
A beautiful tale about two soulmates who were brought together by fate.
Shrek x Woody *SHREXY* by daddu_shrek
Shrek x Woody *SHREXY*by casper baxendale
Shrek is a struggling artist. A poet to be exact. Then he meets the dreamy woody who turns his life around. *smut* With special guest Guy Fieri ~ highest ranking: #...
trump shrek pope barron kai-lan calliou dora boots ships by sophyoboat
trump shrek pope barron kai-lan sophia
hot smexy also smut and mature scenes ig
Old man x barney by makaylap5481
Old man x barneyby .
Get out of here you have been warned... 3k 11/25/20 5K?? 3/15/21 17K!! 5/10/22
Daddy Farquaad x Daddy Bertram by CWRose3
Daddy Farquaad x Daddy Bertramby CWRose3
A love story about an unlikely couple. (PSA: this story is meant as a joke!!!!!) If anyone wants to make this into a movie since y'all love doing that with Wattpad stor...
Shrek x Male Reader! by Lord_Volcan
Shrek x Male Reader!by Volcan
This is Male Reader x Shrek! Y/N is a cat boy and it will help him later on It takes place somewhere near the beginning of the first movie when all the magical or not...
shrek x y/n Evil  by ivanaisbetterthanu
shrek x y/n Evil by ivana
what will y/n feel about the new classmate? Shrek stiwtmen,a silly guy transferred schools to try to be like nanno but better,the most evil one,Shrek is evil and wants t...
Worst story on wattpad by rory_17
Worst story on wattpadby AJ SwagMaster
This story is very cliché!!!! Plus its weird af
elonmusk X jeffbezos by 1nth3fr4nxx
elonmusk X jeffbezosby nayeonspleatedskirt
They met at a hotel, and the billionaires fell into a love so strong nothing could break it. Unless? 99% satire mr Jeff/Elon plz don't sue me for this it was not my idea
October Fuckeryyyyyy by Cringe_n_Crack
October Fuckeryyyyyyby Cringe_n_Crack
In which Cringe draws, and Crack writes ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
The Bible of Shrek by Fainted_Angel
The Bible of Shrekby it's just me
This is the book of the holy speakings of our lord and Saviour Shrek. This includes -History -Holidays -Songs - memes -Other important Shrek stuff