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Trust the fall (on hold) by ninjasquid2000
Trust the fall (on hold)by Samuel Mason
Izuku takes a fall, but luckily only a small one, and it turned out to be the best fall of his life. All rights to Horikoshi, please support his original story Somehow...
Relentless-BoyxBoy ✔ by BriBillau
Relentless-BoyxBoy ✔by Brianna
Ace Reynolds is a former army officer. Brought down by his sexuality multiple times, he is conflicted when it comes to love and acceptance. He's looking for the one thin...
Blind Instincts by _Serza
Blind Instinctsby Serza
My head bowed in a heavy mannor, not in respect, but in trepidation. I discern his unwavering gaze over my ill silhouette. "Look at me." I opened my eyes, thou...
Meeting Mr. Whitaker by JacqTheWriter
Meeting Mr. Whitakerby Jacqueline
Is it possible to fall in love with the wrong person? According to Hazel Barrett, yes, it absolutely is. Especially if that person happens to be your teacher.
Exiled by Society by indvlge
Exiled by Societyby indvlge
A sad girl and a sadistic boy meet in a youth club. Couched in their indifference they begin to form relations, a toxic one too.
The Paralyzed Dream (COMPLETED) by Cowgirl1515
The Paralyzed Dream (COMPLETED)by Cowgirl1515
Lacey Anne Ferry grew up on a cattle ranch in Montana where riding horses was an everyday part of her life. She loved the horses, cattle, and the hard work that came wit...
Welcome to Heaven by Mistyped_
Welcome to Heavenby 𝐌𝐢𝐬𝐭𝐲
(A Reverse Harem) || Featured Kotori Teruhashi burns everything she makes, but that doesn't stop her from dreaming of becoming a famous pastry chef someday. Problem is...
The Daughter of a Hunter by DarkL1fe
The Daughter of a Hunterby Mak
Dean had always been that of a player. Ever since he knew what sex was, he had done it. Apart from that brief moment when he signed a chastity agreement to the church, h...
Stronger With You by dreaming40
Stronger With Youby dreaming40
SEQUEL TO My Book Titled: Boundless Love When life keeps throwing curveballs, will tough love be enough to survive? Waiting for Charlotte, I am lost in my thoughts, anti...
Bolts and Trials (Disney Planes: Fire and Rescue Fanfiction) by Amityanddenver
Bolts and Trials (Disney Planes: Amityanddenver
Fire season has been very rough on the Fire and Rescue team, and they find themselves in need of Dusty's help. At least, that's what Dusty thought. When he arrived at Pi...
Pink Ribbon by love_xixi
Pink Ribbonby Xixi
This book is for everyone- Friends, Family, Parents- who love and lost loved ones and to everyone who is coping with pain. This book is to heal wounded souls, Mend broke...
Without Jesse by CrazyMeXox
Without Jesseby CrazyMeXox
"Stay away from me, Justin." I seethed at him. "Why? You hiding something Watson?" his voice was teasing and it annoyed me how easy his life must be...
To Not Let Go by Cowgirl1515
To Not Let Goby Cowgirl1515
After six years of being broken up, Swayde and Reagan Renne, "Renne," are finally reconciling their relationship. Since she broke up with her long-time-rebound...
The Path That Led To You by itsmeTx
The Path That Led To Youby itsmeTx
Taylor Reed, the girl that started off as St Teresa's underachiever soon made her way up with the help of her Chemistry teacher and mentor Mr King. However he did not on...
Twisted Perfection by Kai_Ryu254
Twisted Perfectionby Kai Ryu
Izumi Midoriya always wanted to be a hero and after her fated meeting with All Might, it finally became a true possibility. Ochako Uraraka wanted nothing more than to h...
The Prophecy of the Lost by BLUEEEpancakes
The Prophecy of the Lostby Blue
What would happen if a certain someone decided to appear? What if someone else, from the past, too? What would happen to our heroes? WARNING: death, blood, suicide, ment...
Autumn (Season of Love Series #3) by glyeris
Autumn (Season of Love Series #3)by Inday Gurutay
Apat na babaeng magkakamukha subalit magkakaiba ang kanilang katangiang taglay. Iisa ang pinagmulan ngunit iba't ibang daan ang patutunguhan. Can she escape from hurtfu...
Scar Red by Neon_insanity
Scar Redby Chels O.
Carina's life is affected greatly if not negatively by her facial flaws, as nobody wants much to do with her. Yet, they say don't judge a book by its cover. In a worl...
Hapless by puglovem
Haplessby Rachel Marie
After her involvement in a horrific tragedy, 16-year-old Adilene Ray escapes to a new state to heal. While there, she grows particularly close to 18-year-old Corey Ricci...
Personality(A SOUL Trait Undertale book) by MEJ2235
Personality(A SOUL Trait MEJ2235
Have you ever wondered what each of the seven SOUL traits meant? What do they make you? Which colour are you? This book is my attempt at explaining them and hopefully cl...