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Mini Mix (Little Mix Future Generation)  by jerriesbitch
Mini Mix (Little Mix Future jerriesbitch
The story of Thea Elliott, Anastasia Gray, Mila Oxlade-Chamberlain and Lilith Byart, also known as the Daughters of Little Mix. Love, heartbreak, friendship and all the...
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2 WORLDSby Julz
Jade is a well-known singer, part of Little Mix, happy and in love.. Until one meeting will change her life...
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The Cure ➵ If I get my way Chapter II by WutRhia
The Cure ➵ If I get my way Tumblr: Sanc-no
I was a little bit lost, but I'm not anymore I was a little bit hurt, but I'm not anymore I was a little left out, but I'm not anymore 'Cause the tears fell down, but th...
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Little Mix Babysitters  by Abcdefu2stories
Little Mix Babysitters by Abcdefu2stories
Little Mix are your babysitters..... and they take it quite literally. #4 in Ageplay #1 in Little Mix fan fiction
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BAD LIAR - ROSS LYNCH by -bwrites
it's just for publicity, that's what she kept saying to convince herself. slow updates [told through social media] [lowercase intended]
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Good Enough by nxrryxjerrie
Good Enoughby xx Leah xx
Zayn is abusive toward Perrie. He has been for two years. She wants to leave him, but she can't. Modest! Management controls them as a couple. They think it will be gre...
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I Love Her by glory_jade
I Love Herby Camrie
Gp Perrie ⚠️ WARNING ⚠️ sort of light dd /lg.. no age play! Just punishments, and names. Sex and cursing Jade's family owns a restaurant and is now hiring. *future serie...
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Alerrie one shots ♡ by alerriee
Alerrie one shots ♡by Alerrie
Alerrie one shots :) feel free to request!
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Jesy Nelson Imagines (girlxgirl) by gayforddlovato
Jesy Nelson Imagines (girlxgirl)by Kaylee ♡♡♡♡
Jesy Nelson x Female reader imagines. Please message me if you have any requests! 💫 If you enjoy this book please check out my other Little Mix books: •Jade Thirlwall...
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Jerrie Family by ZiallHeroes
Jerrie Familyby ZiallHeroes
Love will find its way... g!p Jade, preg! Perrie
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I think I like you by sloththeloaf
I think I like youby sloththeloaf
Little Mix are on tour as they have done loads of times, although this time it's different. Relationships form and tour becomes hard. Life becomes hard. Sometimes, decis...
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Fake Love (Jerrie Fanfiction) by fangirlrosie03
Fake Love (Jerrie Fanfiction)by fangirlrosie
"I wish that this could be real. I wish that you and me, we could be real. I wish that we could have everything. But all that we have is... a fake love." A/N...
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|| Jerrie is online || by pezzasthighs
|| Jerrie is online ||by enjoy your stay
The difference between falling in love,then having that person become your best friend,and falling in love with your best friend is quite simple. The first is fun and ex...
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You've Got it Bad by JerrieDuhhh
You've Got it Badby Jerrie Duhhh
Perrie Edwards lives at home with her mother, step-father, and step-brother Jimmy. Jimmy is a womanizer and Perrie despises him for it. Especially when he brings home Ja...
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Alerrie - perfect  by alerriee
Alerrie - perfect by Alerrie
Alex and Perrie are famous and In love. Alex plays professional football and Perrie is a famous singer in the girlband little mix. A lot of cute alerrie moments!! And a...
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My mommy ❤️ by Jerriesgirl
My mommy ❤️by Tigger💕🙈
Perrie is need of a mommy. Jade is in of a Little. Read to see how their paths cross
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Alerrie - Im yours by alerriee
Alerrie - Im yoursby Alerrie
I thought it was just going to be a stupid set up. But it got so much more then that. I fell in love again. He wasn't like the other guys, he was special. He knew me, he...
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F.U. by holdonforme
#18 Bella <33
A, B, C, D, E, FU. An Instagram Story You have 1 new Instagram notification>> Jade Thirlwall just posted a photo. [Started 7/20/19] Best Rankings #2 in Leighade #3...
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Real Or Not Real (Jerrie Fanfiction) by fangirlrosie03
Real Or Not Real (Jerrie fangirlrosie
We have all experienced that pull, that force, that enchantment that made us helpless against the presence of someone. These are the people who remain inked in our memor...
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Little Mix Imagines (girlxgirl) by gayforddlovato
Little Mix Imagines (girlxgirl)by Kaylee ♡♡♡♡
Imagines with the incredible women of Little Mix All imagines are girlxgirl and are all written by me unless otherwise stated Enjoy 🦋💙 {please message me if you have a...
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