Opposite Mates // n.h

Opposite Mates // n.h

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chocolate horan By AyaJ989 Completed

In a world ruled by vampires, Zoe Hamilton, a 17 years old girl, with a mother who always blamed her for the death of her sister, and always told her a hurtful things, and always made her feel insecure. And with a vampire father who could not meet Zoe cause of her mother, but he and Zoe always had the chances to see each other for five minutes in every two weeks. And with a three years old niece who always asked about her mother and father. Zoe was emotionally strong, she could keep all the pain in, she was special, but she didn't know yet.
Niall Horan, a 1085 years old man, but looked like he's 21, he was the second vampire that ever existed, and soon he will take the throne, but first he needs to find his mate.
What will happen if his mate was the opposite of him? Unlike every other pair of mates, they were the only who where opposites. But why?

This story is dedicated to @Nutella_Snapple

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