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DOCTOR  by abhi6048
DOCTOR by abhi6048
This story is about a hospital called medical and correction center. It is a hospital for teenagers aged 11- 17 whose parents are tired of their disrespectful and bratty...
Medical Oneshots by Sunflower_petals
Medical Oneshotsby Sunflower
Medical oneshots based on Indian medical system. I am not a medical professional so please don't expect accuracy. Constructive criticism is welcomed. Please vote and com...
Our Hopes For Forever ✔︎ by hijabygirlFa_h
Our Hopes For Forever ✔︎by Al Akhirahfah
(Featured by wattpad) She was lost in her own thoughts.She felt like there was no one who could heal her wound. Her tears were falling from her eyes as if like a rain wa...
ɪꜱ ɪᴛ ᴍᴀᴅɴᴇꜱꜱ ᴏʀ ʟᴏᴠᴇ { Insane Asylum Patients x Doctor Reader } by Yandere_Pleasure
ɪꜱ ɪᴛ ᴍᴀᴅɴᴇꜱꜱ ᴏʀ ʟᴏᴠᴇ { Insane Yandere SIMP
Love, everyone says they do it for the most purest of reasons. 'It's in the name of love', they all say that word for word. Yet in the end it is nothing more than a four...
Chicago Med Imagines (requests Open)  by A-M-B-E-R-
Chicago Med Imagines (requests COMFORT STORIES<3
Have your favourite doctor or nurse look after you! Send me requests if you wish!
Chances - Addison Montgomery [1] by Christoph3rH3rrmanz
Chances - Addison Montgomery [1]by BETH 🐍
Adam Karev is currently starting his first year internship at Seattle Grace hospital like his older brother Alex when a new doctor comes to the hospital called Addison M...
cancerous || iwaoi by kjchen
cancerous || iwaoiby abbie || chill
"Because the hardest part of this, is leaving you." a story in which oikawa is dying and it is iwaizumi's job to save him. COMPLETE
An Ode To Patrick Turner - Patrick Turner [1] by Christoph3rH3rrmanz
An Ode To Patrick Turner - BETH 🐍
Lily Marie Jones is a midwife she moved to Poplar after accepting a midwife job, Poplar is a big change for her but she eventually feels at home but when she ends up fal...
Borrowed Air ~ Five Feet Apart  by xox-xoox-xox
Borrowed Air ~ Five Feet Apart by Lisa Taylor❣️
Will X OC "and I wonder if Beethoven held his breath the first time his fingers touched the keys the same way a soldier holds his breath the first time his finger c...
The Sound - Sam Abrams [1] by Christoph3rH3rrmanz
The Sound - Sam Abrams [1]by BETH 🐍
Lexi Severide is the other younger sister of Kelly Severide unlike her brother she because a doctor who just started her residency at Chicago Med when she is placed unde...
The Other Doctor - The Good Doctor [COMING  SOON] by Christoph3rH3rrmanz
The Other Doctor - The Good BETH 🐍
Scott Murphy the eldest Murphy sibling, finds himself in the same hospital as his brother. Scott fought to stop them being separated even taking in Sean when he turned 1...
Choosing Fate by RimUranium
Choosing Fateby Rim
Elementals, Destinies and Time Guardians. Three races gifted with powers that exist to maintain peace between humans and themselves. At birth, every child is given the d...
A Thousand Years - Max Goodwin [COMING SOON] by Christoph3rH3rrmanz
A Thousand Years - Max Goodwin [ BETH 🐍
Josephine Jackson a doctor in Chicago however she was offered a job at New Amsterdam by Max Goodwin the new medical director who had been creating waves.
Kill ME by blfanmangattx
Kill MEby Rosemary~£
Eun Jung had to move to Seoul Korea with her family, she had no say in it, they told her that they moved to Seoul Korea to give her a better education and more choices...
Magical? by Bobbiejelly
Magical?by bobbiejelly
"What's it like? Is it magical?"
Iris - Gregory House [COMING SOON] by Eddie_The_Kaspbrak
Iris - Gregory House [COMING SOON]by Beth 🎈
Iris Jackson a child prodigy, she grew up with her 3 siblings in foster care meaning she had learnt to look after herself at the age of 16 she went to college going from...
Guide To Be A Nurse  by CircusLove_Leo
Guide To Be A Nurse by CircusLove_Leo
Nursing is a blessing .... a blessing we get from serving others and helping them . When they cannot take care of themselves . It is the most interesting and best job...
Echo - James Wilson [COMING SOON] by Eddie_The_Kaspbrak
Echo - James Wilson [COMING SOON]by Beth 🎈
Leah Smith grew up in foster home to foster home until she turned 18 when she left Chicago and went to medical school now age 29 she gets offered a job in New Jersey at...
Killing Patients by Ali-Lie
Killing Patientsby Ali-Lie
Dante, es un joven de 14 años cursando el segundo grado de secundaria de manera completamente ordinaria, hasta que, inesperadamente se comunica recientemente por todos l...
Little nightmares stuff by APLEJACKMLP
Little nightmares stuffby applejackajapple
Just random little nightmares thingies because two of my friends one including Skye the other say say don't know bout it