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My Unexpected Husband by dianalovesdiane
My Unexpected Husbandby Diana Ara Ybalez
Mandy is a beautiful, reserved, timid and socially awkward woman. She is, however, an exceptionally good doctor who would do anything to help her patients. One day durin...
Isn't she Lovely by officalsoobinsimp
Isn't she Lovelyby K.B.
Joon is a nerdy guy, never paid attention to girls, vice versa. What happens when the quiet Nia mae gets his undivided attention?
Toast of the Season by MissCrystalSnow92
Toast of the Seasonby Miss Crystal Snow
Edmund Westworth (26), the third Earl of Beaumont, and the most eligible bachelor in London, unknowingly started a tradition he now regrets. At age twenty-two he danced...
𝐴𝑢𝑟𝑜𝑟𝑎 by vxnserp
𝐴𝑢𝑟𝑜𝑟𝑎by +* *+
BOOK 5: Started in Seattle: Aurora Graham, daughter of Fayette and Elias Graham, is a smart girl who dreams of owning her own restaurant. For now, she works at a local s...
Below Zero by NALewis
Below Zeroby N.A. Lewis
[ONGOING STORY] Elle Wilson, a beloved figure skater decides to move to the US with her coach after the death of her parents. She leaves her dark life in England behind...
265 IQ in an Otome Game by Everydayistoosad
265 IQ in an Otome Gameby Everydayistoosad
Mikoto Adachi is the renowned savior of the world, with her 265 IQ, she saved the world, by actually putting into action laws. She famously became president at only ten...
  𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐓𝐮𝐭𝐨𝐫, Miguel Cazarez Mora by ihesrthim
𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐓𝐮𝐭𝐨𝐫, Miguel -ihesrthim
When the smartest girl is met up with a boy who is most popular, also known as the boy who is friends with everyone. Adrianna Reneé Levine had always been known as the q...
Heart of Diamond (Heart Series #5) by thorned_heartu
Heart of Diamond (Heart Series #5)by traeh
COMPLETED R-18: Read at your own risk. "She's a diamond that is rare to find. She's someone that everyone can't be. She has something that everyone doesn't have.&qu...
SEIRANA (ON GOING) by reaalyaaptr
Menceritakan tentang seorang gadis yang baru beranjak remaja.Memiliki sifat ambisius dalam mencapai apa yang ia inginkan,memiliki otak yang cerdas,karakter sifat yang hu...
Like A King | #wattys2019 by MissUnderstood0107
Like A King | #wattys2019by Em
"Anna. You can run away. Leave. But wherever you go, no matter how far, I'll be there. Watching. Because you're mine. You were mine the second you defied me." ...
chemistry | ksi by hlovesksi
chemistry | ksiby haf 💌
❧ in an alternate universe where the sidemen attend school together and jj finds himself falling for someone he would have never ever expected to fall for. 💌 ❝ maybe i...
Life Changing Moments by xoxoreagan
Life Changing Momentsby xoxoreagan
Amberlynn Rochester lives in Upper East Side New York, but she's nowhere near the high standards of the people there. Attending an elite private school, Amberlynn is not...
Sophia Holmes and the Study in Pink (Sherlock's Daughter Fanfic) *Completed* by sophia_holmes221b
Sophia Holmes and the Study in Sophia Holmes
Book 1 Linked suicides? The Police clueless? Sophia Holmes and her father believe they can help solve a mystery that riddles the public. But can they find the murderer b...
The Study Date by sare_y
The Study Dateby sare_y
Jasmine Adams, she's smart, quiet and kind. Aiden Hart is the exact opposite: cruel, popular and not bothered with school. Jasmine can't stand Aiden, but one day she's...
Sophia Holmes and New World (Sherlock's Daughter/OUAT Fanfic) *Completed* by sophia_holmes221b
Sophia Holmes and New World ( Sophia Holmes
Book 17 Sophie now knows her dad is still alive and so now the hunt begins. She follows a lead to Maine where she has heard of people disappearing and gets thrown into a...
Crazy Genius (Creepypasta x reader) by xXxSweetSmilexXx
Crazy Genius (Creepypasta x reader)by Sweet Smile
"I may be a nerd, but nerds are the ones laughing their way to the bank dumbass." Y/N has a difficult life. Her parents don't support her experiments, in fact...
Passing Love by macncheesetheire
Passing Loveby chocolate
After Matts parents are tired of his constant failing grades his father finally puts an end to it by getting him a tutor. This tutor just so happens to be the new girl i...
Sophia Holmes and the Blind Banker (Sherlock's Daughter Fanfic) *Completed* by sophia_holmes221b
Sophia Holmes and the Blind Sophia Holmes
Book 2 Sophia and her father are back and when a friend from University aproaches Sherlock looking for help with a break-in at his bank, Sherlock and Sophia know his is...
Beyond my Life by ArialPinky
Beyond my Lifeby Arial Pinky
Mu Fei Hong is a top business woman who died in a plane crash and transmigated into chinese ancient history. She woke up in a fancy ancient room. Laid in a golden bed an...
Sophia Holmes and the Scandal in Belgravia *Completed* by sophia_holmes221b
Sophia Holmes and the Scandal in Sophia Holmes
Book 9 Decent cases appear to have dried up at Baker Street. With Moriarty on the run, who knows how Sophie is going to respond when a familiar face pops back onto the s...