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BNHA Villain Parent Scenarios!! by Lost_Hoodie
BNHA Villain Parent Scenarios!!by Lost_My_Mind
I just wanted to do this....
Akatsuki x child!Reader || Parent Scenarios by lonelyywritersblog
Akatsuki x child!Reader || <3
‼️this book includes profanity. It's fun to imagine the Akatsuki members as parents, so I decided to write about it. These scenarios are how I'd interpret the members a...
Skyrim Parent Scenarios {REQUESTS OPEN} by littlemomouse
Skyrim Parent Scenarios { Little Emo Mouse
I couldn't find a single story like this for Skyrim, so I decided I'd be the first to write one! Witness as your beloved virtual NPCs raise you as their own! I will prim...
Obey Me! Parent Scenarios!  by pianomaster2005
Obey Me! Parent Scenarios! by Leigh Lynn
Lucifer Avatar of Pride Mammon Avatar of Greed Leviathan Avatar of Envy Satan Avatar of Wrath Asmodeous Avatar of Lust Beelzebub Avatar of Gluttony Belphagor Avatar of S...
Yuri! on Ice Daddy Daughter Moments/ Parent Scenarios by Kim-Yoosung
Yuri! on Ice Daddy Daughter Yoosung
Daddy Daughter Moments/Parent Scenarios Some scenarios/oneshots with you, the reader, being the child of Viktor Nikiforov, Yuri Plisetsky (aged up!!); Emil Nekola, Ken...
CreepyPasta Parent Scenarios  by KatrinaDragon58
CreepyPasta Parent Scenarios by ✧・゚* Katrina *・゚✧
Because psycho murderers would make great parents, don't ya think?! This isn't just for a female reader, but He/She. Here are the Creepypastas I've writen scenarios abou...
Suicide Squad: Parent Scenarios by Davidsmate24
Suicide Squad: Parent Scenariosby David's Girl
What's so good about being bad? How about having the badest of bad be your new parents? All chaos will regin. I will do Joker & Harley Quinn, Killer Croc, Katana, Capta...
Hazbin Parent Scenarios  by Dad-Jokes
Hazbin Parent Scenarios by Rae
So... I did this in my Hazbin Scenarios book and I'd be glad if you guys could suggest some scenarios here about what should happen with Y/N and their hazbin parent, Th...
Possessive Disney Villians x Child Reader by turtleangel10
Possessive Disney Villians x turtleangel10
What if a Disney Villian decided they wanted to raise you as their own and plan on never letting you go.
Hunter x Hunter Parent  by SeventyThr33
Hunter x Hunter Parent by 𝚂𝚎𝚟𝚎𝚗
You've seen them as your boyfriends, have you seen them as your...Parents? Uhh the pictures aren't mine, and the characters aren't mine either. Don't sue me all I have a...
Genshin impact parent scenarios  by ThatOneFangirl352
Genshin impact parent scenarios by 𝚃𝙺 𝚌𝚘𝚘𝚔𝚒𝚎
Soooooo I haven't seen one so I'm gonna make it a first, uhhh it's a guaranteed gonna be very shitty, so that's a warning, I'll do female and males. (I actually took for...
Hamilton Parent Scenarios by Stxr_Lxver
Hamilton Parent Scenariosby <3
If some characters from Hamilton were your parents it's gonna be a fun time ᐠ( ᐛ )ᐟ
Black butler parenting scenarios by Kittyloveduff
Black butler parenting scenariosby -/Transparent\-
I wanted to do my first story and it seems to be a parenting scenarios I hope you enjoy :Characters: :Ciel: :Alois: :Stebatian: (sorry somehow can't spell his na...
Mcyt Parent scenarios by Honey-Vee
Mcyt Parent scenariosby Ivy <3
I've read a few of these for My Hero Academia, but not MCYT, so I present this, really bad fanfiction If anyone included in this book expresses discomfort with this kind...
Marvel Imagines x Reader by DOGERMAN123
Marvel Imagines x Readerby DOGERMAN123
A Avengers Fan fiction book filled with: Imagines Parent Scenarios Chatrooms And now Ships (Stony, Scarlettvison and more) Requests Are open
Bnha/Mha Parent Scenarios  by DatEmoNugget
Bnha/Mha Parent Scenarios by Myles of Asgard
Parent scenarios with Bnha Characters! You're the child of the Bnha characters listed below! (No gender roles for the reader!) Everyone added: 🥦Deku🥦 💥Bakugou💥 🔥To...
Pokemon sun and moon Daughter scenarios  by Eclispepuppet
Pokemon sun and moon Daughter Insanity is fun
my friend said this was a good idea. inside this book is Guzma Gladion Lillie Hau The Island Kahunas (This is one all together) Lusamine and Professor Kukui If you don...
Beyblade Burst Family Scenarios by RavenRoth2145
Beyblade Burst Family Scenariosby RavenRoth2145
What would it be like if the characters were parents or siblings?
Hazbin Hotel parent scenarios by Random732732
Hazbin Hotel parent scenariosby MissFanfic
Ever wanted to be a child of the Hazbin Hotel? If so you came to the right place, if you have requests please share❤️. Thank you!!!