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☆☆ Akatsuki boyfriend scenarios ☆☆ by Rita304
☆☆ Akatsuki boyfriend scenarios ☆☆by Rita304
Hey guys ! there are alot of these around but i wanted to write my own. y/n is your name. f/n is your family name. the characters in the story are Pein - Hidan - Kakuz...
  • ninja
  • itachi
  • kakuzu
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A Child of Many Secrets by strawhat_pirate
A Child of Many Secretsby strawhat_pirate
They found her in the living room, sitting, waiting. Just a child, one who made an insane claim. Only she had the proof to support it. Join Nahiko Uzumaki, the orphan gi...
  • pein
  • konan
  • itachi
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Betrayed By You,loved By Another by SakuraRamroop
Betrayed By You,loved By Anotherby Sakura Ramroop
Suspicious of the boys cheating on them. Sakura,Tenten,Hinata,Ino and Temari promised to themselves an each other that they will never fall in love again ,but what happe...
  • sakura
  • hinata
  • itachi
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Lonely Butterfly (Naruto) by inegrete
Lonely Butterfly (Naruto)by Itzel Negrete
Another Uchiha? Impossible? No. This the story of Obito Uchiha's daughter, Akira Uchiha. I DO NOT OWN NARUTO. IF I DID MY LIFE WOULD BE SO MUCH EASIER. [ON HOLD!!]
  • naruto
  • obito
  • sasori
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» akatsuki boyfriend scenarios « by artingaIe
» akatsuki boyfriend scenarios «by 悲しい十代
Is he the perfect boyfriend material? Is he the jealous type? Is he a jerk? Who knows! So here I am, presenting your typical boyfriend scenarios featuring Naruto's belov...
  • zetsu
  • itachi
  • scenarios
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Sketchbook [Deidara] by xxcindaxx
Sketchbook [Deidara]by ♠️ My husbando Tyki ♠️
A gift from one artist to another. Deidara finds Rina in the forest, drawing pictures of blood. However, she wasn't just any ordinary artist.
  • naruto
  • deidara
  • akatsuki
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Paint your pain (Deidara x Reader: Modern) by Awesomelemonaids
Paint your pain (Deidara x Awesomelemonaids
(Y/n) moves to Konaha after her father dies and hopes that this fresh start will give her an opportunity to make friends. Unfortunately there is a group of bullies calle...
  • deidara
  • konaha
  • art
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Falling in love with murderers ( Akatsuki x reader )  by CrazyAzn
Falling in love with murderers ( CrazyAzn
(Y/N) was found bruised and tortured in the hidden rain village. Soon enough she was taken back to the akatsuki after finding out about her ocular jutsu sand now joined...
  • sasori
  • kakazu
  • obito
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Can you keep a secret? (Hidan x reader) by Awesomelemonaids
Can you keep a secret? (Hidan x Awesomelemonaids
(Y/n) is a rogue ninja travelling around with her companion Tsume, an oversized wolf. The Akatsuki hear about her and think that her skills will make a great addition t...
  • wolf
  • kisame
  • secret
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In the Naruto world, where there aren't any cookies (Book 1 of The New Noblesse) by AnnabelleRaen
In the Naruto world, where there Annabelle Raen
Hey~ I'm Kuroi. I have a voice in my head that's been there since I can remember, a wolf the size of a car, and I'm a Narutard. While watching the anime, the screen hypn...
  • kakashi
  • gaara
  • love
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Akatsuki boyfriend scenarios  by zcrystal246
Akatsuki boyfriend scenarios by zcrystal246
Boyfriend scenarios! Will include: Pein Konan Itachi Tobi Deidara Sasori Hidan Madara
  • pein
  • tobi
  • boyfriendscenarios
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Akatsuki BF scenarios  by Awesomelemonaids
Akatsuki BF scenarios by Awesomelemonaids
Just a bunch of different scenarios about you and some Akatsuki members. I know that there are heaps of these but I don't care... please enjoy XD (btw I don't own Naruto)
  • bf
  • deidara
  • sasori
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Akatsuki X Reader (Oneshots/Lemons) by Ayasha1313
Akatsuki X Reader (Oneshots/Lemons)by Ayasha :3
Which one of the Akatsuki members did YOU fall for? These stories will involve various members of the akatsuki and WILL contain lemons(sexual content), so if you don't l...
  • pein
  • fanfiction
  • kisame
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Sexy Akatsuki Yaoi Oneshots by ThatKawaiiKitty
Sexy Akatsuki Yaoi Oneshotsby PrincessLink
Are you ready for some sexy oneshots? Featuring all the men of the Akatsuki, some these oneshots will be cute while some of them are just downright dirty. How will Ita...
  • hot
  • oneshots
  • nagato
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Akatsuki lemons by BrokenShadow210
Akatsuki lemonsby Anya Mason
It does have a lot of sex in it so be warned. I am also horrible at definitions.
  • kisame
  • deidara
  • tobi
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Naruto, Neglect, and the Prophecy  by kaka-kun
Naruto, Neglect, and the Prophecy by Robin Karumo
After Minato and Kushina have 2 children, one of them is foretold to have a prophecy to save the village by a fortune teller who suddenly appears in their village and di...
  • deidara
  • neglect
  • hatake
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Legacy of a Senju by PrettyLilyAnime
Legacy of a Senjuby PrettyLilyAnime
Haru Oshiro Senju returns to the leaf! Though she's not the same innocent genin that left, she comes back a beautiful kunoichi! She's instantly given all the love in th...
  • fanfiction
  • sakura
  • narutoshippuden
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Naruto x Reader Oneshots (Under Editing) by naked_dragon
Naruto x Reader Oneshots (Under naked_dragon
I don't own Naruto. One shots and nice stories
  • naked
  • tsunade
  • fanfic
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The Akatsuki's babysitter (Reader insert) by Awesomelemonaids
The Akatsuki's babysitter ( Awesomelemonaids
(Y/n) is a rogue ninja who lives alone in the forest. One day when she was walking home from a nearby village she saw some ninja harassing a group of kids. (Y/n) steps i...
  • tenten
  • sasuke
  • zetsu
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Konoha's Red Flash | Naruto Fanfiction [BOOK 1] by Jordans4Lyfe
Konoha's Red Flash | Naruto slumpgodd
COMPLETED {Sasuke Love Story} Book 2: The Red Rogue Kazumi Uzumaki is the twin sister of Naruto Uzumaki. They've been alone their whole life and they only have each othe...
  • sasuke
  • uchiha
  • itachi
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