TFIL Imagines by CxlbyBrxcksBabe
TFIL Imaginesby BTSSnatchedMyWeave
  • eltoncastee
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NODUS TOLLENS | BNHA by montekill
❝ME AND MY BEST FRIEND, THE VOID❞ [L/n] [Y/n] is just another face in the background for the strangers who pass her by. They see her in the streets, in the subway--hell...
  • bnhaxreader
  • leagueofvillains
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Quirkless Hero ~ Izuku Midoriya X Reader by DevouringHope
Quirkless Hero ~ Izuku Midoriya X...by CosmicEndeavour
(Y/N) is a quirkless child with one dream, to become the first quirkless hero. Everyone says she can't do it. Her only supporters are her parents, both whom were once pr...
  • leagueofvillains
  • midoriya
  • heartbreak
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All I Do: Lil Bibby by CallMeSlim_
All I Do: Lil Bibbyby Queen Lani
Majesty Arielle Stevenson. Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois by her single mother. She's always been quiet and never been the type to all out and ratchet. Will One tr...
  • lil
  • urban
  • chicago
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Dear Evan Hansen Boyfriend Scenarios by oliver_is_a_loser
Dear Evan Hansen Boyfriend Scenari...by Oliver Finn
I dont see many of these so I made one.
  • jared
  • zoe
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I Can Fix You (Connor Murphy x Reader) {Slow Updates} by oliver_is_a_loser
I Can Fix You (Connor Murphy x Rea...by Oliver Finn
I can't do descriptions, so I won't do one.
  • dearevanhansen
  • hansen
  • murphy
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sonder / bnha by SHINCOJI
sonder / bnhaby shin
[ au ] It's hard to fit in. Perhaps even harder when you are born with a quirk. In fact, it is. But born with quirks we are, frowned upon by the normal man; weak and ins...
  • mha
  • bakugou
  • katsukibakugou
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The Good Side of the Evil; The Evil Side of the Good by HeyGuysImOriginal
The Good Side of the Evil; The Evi...by Original <3
This is a collaboration with my buddy, @Jo_Is_Here. This story is divided into two point of views written into two different books. For the sisters perspective of the bo...
  • allmight
  • leauge
  • mature
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Gang Czarnych by fajnadopa6969
Gang Czarnychby fajnadopa6969
Rose to... zabójca zimna sucz a jednocześnie..... piękność jedna z najpopularniejszych dziewczyn w sql łamaczka serc Odważysz się i spróbujesz? uwaga!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! W...
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A Different Time by ahrhod01
A Different Timeby LOV
They were simply living in different times of their lives... but then again, was anything with them ever simple?
  • love
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  • saula
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Sincerely Three x Reader by thekinkyjaredklnmn
Sincerely Three x Readerby Oof Same
I have no regret. (That is a lie, I have a lot of regret) I made this for my friend to make her uncomfortable.
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Will he get the girl or not?? (Not finished and gonna do major editing on this) by lbthomas13
Will he get the girl or not?? (Not...by lbthomas13
⚠️Warning Sexual Content⚠️ Jake is a popular person in school with his beautiful lust eyes, 6-pack, large cute glasses he wears, and much more wonderful things about h...
  • lov
  • love
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Vampire Revenge by Just_BeeBee
Vampire Revengeby •JustBee•
Cover by: @Dakota_Azet Psal se rok 1867 tehdy byla temná noc, která mi změnila už tak zničený život. Tehdy jsem byla pouhá sedmnáctiletá dívka žijící u svého strýce a je...
  • nenávist
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my destino😍💓 by poetic_secret_23
my destino😍💓by poetic_secret_23
hecho con mucho amor ella llego a cambiar todo en su vida sera que el lo permitirá? nada de copia!
  • imposible
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  • laura
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hanschen x ernst by gallavijch
hanschen x ernstby mag
credits: tumblr
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Pv ;) by leocul
Pv ;)by leocul
Passez pv mes salopes et faites moi bander
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Moka x half devil male reader (oneshot) by brandarmaster
Moka x half devil male reader (one...by brandarmaster
i do not own this anime this is just a fan made story
  • malereader
  • fanfic
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Lead Or Villain  by ChanHunNa
Lead Or Villain by ChanHunNa
  • sehun
  • seyeol
  • chanyeol
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THUG LOVE by chillinorcoolin
THUG LOVEby chillinorcoolin
Hey my name is Chloe, I'm 16 with twins, while I go to LELE MORES HIGH SCHOOL I'm a nerd I know how you a nerd with twins my dad raped me when I was 13 and my mom kicke...
  • ones
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Love chat by loves_bts29
Love chatby Samantha
Jeon Jungkook •Active now Tyuzu: Hey Jungkook: bakit? May kailangan ka? Tyuzu: wow ha? Good morning den sayo Jungkook: so? Tyuzu: sungit netoh..... Jungkook: aishh spil...
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