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The Rider's Legacy by SaoiMarie
The Rider's Legacyby SMarie
The Fourth Installment of the Rider's Series Following the battle for Ithrall, the Ashbourne Riders find themselves leading a country that is on the brink...
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The Legend of the Moonflower Princess by jgrace2197
The Legend of the Moonflower jgrace2197
When creatures spirit away the crown prince, the disfigured ward of Dasos will set out on the adventure of a lifetime... Sahara is the ward of the Dasos royal family, an...
The Elder War by JadeLoveInc
The Elder Warby Jade_Love
The elder council is a formidable enemy. Their control over werewolves is far and strong. After discovering the next alpha female they have made it their mission to dest...
A Bad Omen - Apollo x Reader by BatShxtCrazy
A Bad Omen - Apollo x Readerby ☆Trash Baby☆
After angering his father, Apollo is forced to become mortal for the third time in his life. He quickly finds that his mission is to reclaim all of his oracles. To do th...
Lacondria: The Prophecy by Sage_The_Wise
Lacondria: The Prophecyby Ellabee
Isla Mazarine is just a girl, living a normal human life-right? Wrong, Isla isn't even from the human world. What she didn't know was that her parents were waiting for h...
Utopia Fading (ON HOLD) by Artelina_020
Utopia Fading (ON HOLD)by Artemis and Valentina
"The Oracles are Gods, They can never be wrong." At least, that's what everyone in Asticus was told. They were meant to accept the job the Oracles gave them...
Mind of Darkness by rectangular_smile
Mind of Darknessby BlackWhiskers
Maeu is eccentric, but it might be in the family. When her sister, the so called Queen of the vampires, comes to her for help, Maeu's urges to be polite and helpful are...
PJo/HoO/ToA Prophecies! by Tsunami_da_Seawing
PJo/HoO/ToA Prophecies!by 𝙴𝚖𝚒𝚕𝚢.𝚈 ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
All of the prophecies in one place. I do NOT own PJo, HoO, or ToA. All rights go to Rick Riordan and his amazing writing skills for these prophecies.
Ascension, Dark Creations by afumblez
Ascension, Dark Creationsby andrew baauw
Chapter two of Dark creations
Sanity ~ Prologue Preveiw by GuardianProductions
Sanity ~ Prologue Preveiwby G.P. (Pen Name at the Moment)
Greed, apathetic, arrogance, and insanity. These four were the polar opposites of the legends. Soon however, these legends will no longer be fiction. Jackie Everheart's...
Immortals Of Byolla Bay  by BrittanyTyler9
Immortals Of Byolla Bay by Brittany Tyler
NOW AVAILABLE ON AMAZON!! Kinsley Preden lives in a small, underpopulated town that nobody new has moved to in over two decades. When a mysterious family moves in the h...
Heart Of Stone  by demongirlie90
Heart Of Stone by gabbygal
There once was a prophecy of a great one. One so powerful they had power to destroy the entire supernatural world or rule over it peacefully but many believed that there...
WHY SHOULD YOU BE INTERESTED IN MYSTIC VERSES AND ITS AUTHOR(S) M. TERESA CLAYTON AND HER OTHERES? t is her opinion that all of us have this innate knowing of all things...
Blooming Rose (Book 1): Memories by Fantasy510
Blooming Rose (Book 1): Memoriesby Fantasy
Fantasy genre. First book in the Blooming Rose Series. Fourteen year old Rose Star Jacobs lives in a in a world called Fantasy. A world where ordinary people live and ye...
Me With You by Ryaanrose
Me With Youby Arika shrestha
This is a love story from school level to forever in life There is a girl named Ryan who is clumsy but very sweet and hardworking, of course beautiful too and has a crus...