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his // b.h by ashenedrose
his // b.hby ashenedrose
Dawn Coni's life was changing faster than she wanted. She wasn't your normal girl, she has something... special... about her. It had been a year since she left Hawkins...
  • billyhargrove
  • maxine
  • hawkins
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GONE GIRL » Billy Hargrove by snxwscene
GONE GIRL » Billy Hargroveby Lu
❝I need someone to show me The things in life that I can't find. I can't see the things that make true happiness; I must be blind.❞ ... in which two lost souls you...
  • fanfiction
  • mileven
  • strangerthings2
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Don't Break Me (Billy Hargrove) by betty_hopper
Don't Break Me (Billy Hargrove)by babytyjo
Betty was adopted by Hawkins Police Chief Jim Hopper at age 10. She lived with her adopted father on the outskirts of Hawkins, Indiana. She never put herself in the spot...
  • jim
  • strangerthings
  • betty
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Dacre Montgomery imagines•  by whosjunglejim4322
Dacre Montgomery imagines• by whosjunglejim4322
Book is currently not active, though I will respond to comments! Thankyou for your time ❤️
  • jason
  • montgomery
  • dacre
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Nostalgia • Billy Hargrove (Sequel to No Good)  by brilleeee
Nostalgia • Billy Hargrove ( Bitchin
"It's been awhile" Billy spoke placing a cigarette between his lips. "Four years Cali, but who's counting"
  • billy
  • badboy
  • indiana
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Shazam? (Billy Batson X Reader) by FinnyFinnEh
Shazam? (Billy Batson X Reader)by ❤ SMUSHY ❤
Y/n L/n is Freddy Freeman's best friend. They've been best friends since they were kids, she's always gotten along with him and his weird yet nerdy obsession with superh...
  • grazer
  • freeman
  • xreader
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stranger things - imagines and preferences by Existentialism6
stranger things - imagines and kylo-holland
exactly what the title says including: ‣ eleven ‣ mike ‣ will ‣ dustin ‣ lucas ‣ max ‣ nancy ‣ steven ‣ jonathan ‣ billy
  • jonathan
  • steve
  • nancy
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Drunk Drivers ⇶ billy hargrove by likefightmeplease
Drunk Drivers ⇶ billy hargroveby no thanks
"You're shitfaced, and I'll be damned if I let a drunk driver kill me. They'll start saying it runs in the family" Mallory Manor wanted to just be alone and no...
  • triggerwarning
  • hargrove
  • completed
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A Brief History of Falling for Billy Hargrove [harrington x hargrove] by onceuponaloser
A Brief History of Falling for Lena
In which Steve realises that falling for Billy isn't at all as hard as one might think.
  • wattpride
  • steve
  • mildspoilers
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Look After You {AU}  by missallamerican1997
Look After You {AU} by C H Y A N N E
"If I don't say this now, I will surely break As I'm leaving the one I want to take Forgive the urgency, but hurry up and wait My heart has started to separate"...
  • nancywheeler
  • mature
  • hargrove
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dream » stranger things. by kkourtney
dream » stranger kourt
"this feels like a dream!" "i think you mean a nightmare." in which wendy carmichael falls in love with an asshole. warnings; mild language cover b...
  • byers
  • mike
  • steve
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Beyond ▹ Billy Hargrove by wavyonce
Beyond ▹ Billy Hargroveby ㅤ
❝where are you from?❞ ❝the great beyond.❞ [season 2-3]
  • mike
  • meganfox
  • dacremontgomery
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lover boy by AlienMicky
lover boyby AlienMicky
A teenage girl finds herself falling in love with the 'it' boy Steve Harrington and the new bad boy Billy Hargrove, all the while battling a deep dark secret of Hawkins...
  • stranger
  • harrington
  • things
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Seven- Billy Hargrove Fan fiction  by SimplisticCupcake
Seven- Billy Hargrove Fan fiction by Simplistic Cupcake
Growing up in a lab is not the ideal childhood. At the age of eleven, number seven was sent on a task to travel almost 10 years in the past. She ends up getting lost in...
  • sciencefiction
  • strangerthingsimagine
  • eleven
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Sweet Cheeks • Billy Hargrove by rumncoke
Sweet Cheeks • Billy Hargroveby Princess
"What's wrong sweet cheeks?" Billy grinned seductively. • "I saved your ass from all those horny boys! And I'm not going to let someone look at you! You a...
  • friendship
  • love
  • hargrove
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Traveler // [billy hargrove / stranger things] by turntan-
Traveler // [billy hargrove / han
ON HOLD Two bad mouthed "badass" teens show up to Hawkins High on the same day. One is Billy Hargrove, and people knew he was going to be bad news the instant...
  • jimhopper
  • eleven
  • nancywheeler
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hard feelings¹ | steve h. by -dedroses
hard feelings¹ | steve 𝐣𝐚𝐜.
❛ when the sweet words and fevers all leave us right here in the cold. ❜ [ unedited but completed ] - highest rankings - #1 in stancy #3 in stevexoc #4 in jancy #...
  • stan
  • billy
  • nancy
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Little Bella ( Twilight Fanfic ) by Clariza0809
Little Bella ( Twilight Fanfic )by Erin.O.S.Y
My name is Isabella Marie Swan.When I was 3 years old when my parents left me in the middle of nowhere. Until someone found me. His name is Edward!!! Story complete 🙊 I...
  • werewolves
  • emmett
  • carlisle
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GJWHF (Billy Hargrove) by tloved
GJWHF (Billy Hargrove)by tloved
"You're not meant for this town." "What's that supposed to mean?" "It means you're way too good for the people here. This town is such shit. It'...
  • fanfiction
  • jonathan
  • strangerthings
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dacre montgomery imagines  by ok-ish
dacre montgomery imagines by ⇏ bri ⇍
dacre montgomery imagines + characters he plays. feel free to request at any time.
  • powerrangers
  • jason
  • request
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