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Inevitable {Tech} by mjamess
Inevitable {Tech}by macy
Cassiopeia is a young Jedi, still healing from losing her master in battle. When reunited with a clone trooper from her past, she finds herself working with one of the m...
Bad Batch Boyfriend Scenarios by MMA1999
Bad Batch Boyfriend Scenariosby Bluestar Cat
Just a bunch of boyfriend scenarios with everyone's favorite Bad Batch characters! This is purely for fun!
The Path of a Jedi (The Bad Batch x Reader) by silivretowlen
The Path of a Jedi (The Bad Sil
(Y/N) is a jedi general in charge of Clone Force 99. After the fall of the Old Republic, the batch saves (Y/N) from order 66 and she goes on the run with them. (Y/N)...
Star Wars One-Shots by DaniKenobi
Star Wars One-Shotsby Dani
Self explanatory... This is a book of one-shots from Star Wars. (Request are open- all are welcomed) A/n: NOT MY IMAGE Started: June 12, 2021 Finished: ---
Clone Trooper One Shots by ladyUnduli814
Clone Trooper One Shotsby Kansas
One shots for all the favorite clone boys! To be continued in January 2023... DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the characters written in this story. Most of it is not ca...
The Clone Wars OneShots by Rexsoka501
The Clone Wars OneShotsby Rexsoka501
Hello there! You'll find the famous ‚7 minutes in heaven' game in here but *drum roll* a Clone Wars edition I'll also post normal oneshots Feel free to request anything...
Lean on Me by EucalyptusPine
Lean on Meby EucalyptusPine
The Republic has fallen. The Jedi Order has fallen. You come across Clone Force 99 You distrust for the clones turns into a friendship. Your bickering with Wrecker becom...
The Jedi and the Clones by Clara_Belle008
The Jedi and the Clonesby Anonymous
Layla is a Jedi, who hates clones. When she's forced to go on a mission with The Bad Batch, she starts to feel a connection with them. After two years of isolation, she...
(under revision) STAR WARS - THE BAD BATCH: Project SAC-1 by antisocial-mariposa
(under revision) STAR WARS - THE Ella (👉゚ヮ゚)👉
(book cover by BARBIEBURNANATOR on Tumblr) The Kaminoans didn't teach clone troopers a lot of things before they were shipped off to war. They only saw clones as expend...
Bad Batch x Reader (Preference/Oneshots) by CuriousDelirious
Bad Batch x Reader (Preference/ Decanus
Preferences and oneshots of The Bad Batch Includes: Hunter •Crosshair •Tech •Wrecker •Echo •Omega Requests are open^^
The Bad Batch Soulmate Scenarios by FandomTrashBin69
The Bad Batch Soulmate Scenariosby The name's Ember
Ever wonder what it's like to belong to a Bad Batch member? This book is for you! (The Bad Batch and related characters belong to their respective owners and you are yo...
MERABIS by citizenpain
MERABISby riya
In Merabis, your choices are not your own. Hundred years in the future, the remaining survivors of the Wipe Out have built a base far from the ground, creating a new civ...
HIS | TECH by -mbScarlett
HIS | TECHby -ᴍʙsᴄᴀʀʟᴇᴛᴛ
Audrey is another clone made by the kaminoans, but the kaminoans modified the DNA to make her a female which caused her to be very different from the clones, they gave h...
Forbidden Fruit ✔️ by restlessbookreader
Forbidden Fruit ✔️by RJ Shay
Book one of the FORBIDDEN series! ** Nick Knight is the CEO of Knight Tech. He gets everything he wants, no questions asked. Hazel Richmond is his personal assistant. ...
Star Wars oneshots 2 by gbow1999
Star Wars oneshots 2by Gbow1999
Part 2 to Star Wars Rebel oneshots
The Path of a Jedi (The Bad Batch x Reader)  Short Story - Heaven by silivretowlen
The Path of a Jedi (The Bad Sil
This short story follows (Y/N) as if she had went through a different portal in the World Between Worlds. Read as is or go read the original to follow along! Leave co...
Clone Oneshots by gbow1999
Clone Oneshotsby Gbow1999
May be some spoilers. If there is I will put it at top. Bad Batch 501st Wolfpack 212th
The Light to His Darkness by theboywhosabrat
The Light to His Darknessby theboywhosabrat
Ruthless, heartless and a man with no weaknesses. That's what they say. Those steely grey eyes of his hold the vast amount of coldness, darkness and no emotion. Arroga...
The Runaway {Hunter} (WATTYS 2022) by nerdsofbooks
The Runaway {Hunter} (WATTYS 2022)by NerdsOfBooks
• A Galaxy Divided by War• ~ The Bad Batch. Hunter. Tech. Crosshair. Wrecker. Echo. A group of elite defective clones, fighting their own way through the galaxy. ~ Cora...
I'm A Fucking Genius Bitches (Fem Ironman OC x TR) by InsomniacGenghisKhan
I'm A Fucking Genius Bitches ( Gigi
Yelena was just your average teenager. Wait hold up, that ain't right. Yelena is a fucking genius. She is the hero known as Iron Woman. Owner of a global company. Money...