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The Edge Of The Universe [BOOK ONE of the Far Out Series] by tikibird127
The Edge Of The Universe [BOOK Madison K.
Ara is a resident aboard the Artemis, an intergalactic spaceship that is home to 1,000 people. She's part of the Poseidon Expedition, two groups of elite teens that wil...
  • scifi
  • fiction
  • spacetravel
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Hacker Academy by DarkEvening
Hacker Academyby DarkEvening
I am a hacker. It's the only way to help my mother and sister survive. At Hacker Academy, I make money, friends with dark secrets, and love. But if there's one thing I'...
  • sciencefiction
  • fantasy
  • cyberpunk
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THE END OF WAR by BenSobieck
THE END OF WARby Benjamin Sobieck
***FEATURED BY WATTPAD - EDITORS' CHOICE*** Picture a world where humans no longer fight wars. No more families missing loved ones. No more veterans with lifelong mental...
  • apocalypse
  • war
  • ái
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Forbidden Fruit ✔️ by restlessbookreader
Forbidden Fruit ✔️by restlessbookreader
Nick Knight is the CEO of Knight Tech. He gets everything he wants, no questions asked. Hazel Richmond is his personal assistant. He doesn't know she exists and takes h...
  • secrets
  • summertime
  • tech
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Loonatics Unleashed by XxWolfLord95xX
Loonatics Unleashedby Brandon Wright
(AU) After running away, Sophie Smith is taken from her dimension and sent to other dimension. What will happen, when she gets powers, and placed on a crime fighting tea...
  • lexi
  • zadavia
  • loonatics
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Who What When Where Why Bot by mestrin
Who What When Where Why Botby Michael Estrin
Daniel Gomez is a lazy sports reporter who invents a robot journalist to write his stories for him. Obviously, Daniel never read FRANKENSTEIN, because if he had, he woul...
  • future
  • sports
  • computer
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ARTIFICIAL ° a multimedia story. by LATTESALT
ARTIFICIAL ° a multimedia 💡
(complete.) one of these things is not like the others. one of these things just doesn't belong. 一 a media / texting fic. || rated 13+ for strong language. ||...
  • bangtan
  • technology
  • namjoon
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Wolf Tech 5 by Wolphin5
Wolf Tech 5by Wolphin5
The Academy has now been here for six years. Zane and his team joined four years before, and are nicely settled. Everyone is ready for some changes and new challenges...
  • tech
  • werewolf
  • pack
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Ruby - Transformers: Age of Extinction fanfic by AimeeElizabeth19
Ruby - Transformers: Age of Aimee Elizabeth
NEST no longer exists. The Autobots have scattered. Optimus and Ruby are in hiding. But their new-found peace is short-lived. Held captive in the bowels of tech-company...
  • extinction
  • optimus
  • transformers
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Iron Empire by SmittyBS
Iron Empireby Brennan Smith
[UNDERGOING MAJOR REWRITES] The Great Iron War has been raging for ten years. The Earth is divided. War has changed. An unstoppable Iron Empire sweeps across the globe...
  • worldwar
  • writteninaction
  • action
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The living games by Aljayrosario2006
The living gamesby Aljay's Awsome zone
Phill has just turned 20. His dream was to be famous for creating or producing video games.He wanted to take technology to the left level But He creates a game that seem...
  • adventure
  • sonic
  • tech
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Wattpad Tech Support by justamk_
Wattpad Tech Supportby amk
"Why are there so many hotline stories on your website?" "...Excuse me?" "And tech support stories. Nobody falls in love with the tech suppo...
  • funny
  • support
  • poc
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Wolf Tech 3: The Alpha by Wolphin5
Wolf Tech 3: The Alphaby Wolphin5
This book picks up where Wolf Tech (which has Books 1 and 2) left off. Adam and Brook have been thrust into the role of being Alphas, following the winning the challen...
  • mates
  • technology
  • pack
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Wolf Tech 4: The Academy by Wolphin5
Wolf Tech 4: The Academyby Wolphin5
Adam and Brook have now been able to settle in with their new pack, and are ready for a new challenge. They had been selected to host The Academy at their pack. It is...
  • mates
  • school
  • technology
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What Could Go Wrong??? by i_love_famous_people
What Could Go Wrong???by JJ
This is a book about 16 year old JJ Adams. Her eyes are big and bright and her smile can brighten up any (and every) room she enters! She also has a great love for the d...
  • mystery
  • teenfic
  • strangers
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I'm Still Human🌟KiethxReader🌟 by Fallen_Angel_Sempai
I'm Still Human🌟KiethxReader🌟by ☯Fallen_Angel☯
(y/n) has no memories, no nothing, that is until someone saves her from the darkness that lives in her heart. Keith is a normal human, sort of, he is half Galra. He nev...
  • voltron
  • keith
  • kiethxreader
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My Sleepy Boss - Lee Donghae  by SUJU_Shawol
My Sleepy Boss - Lee Donghae by Chief Amber
BOOK COVER BY: @Laverna_Lotus ××××××××××××××× Met in high school and worked at the same company for 2 years and don't even know it! • Lee Donghae: Boss of 'Super Tech'...
  • boss
  • company
  • superjunior
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ZERO by EdwardMullen
ZEROby Edward Mullen
Against many people's fears and warnings, A.I. started off as an innocent project spawned by the curiosities of scientists and tech entrepreneurs alike. It eventually sp...
  • future
  • brain-implants
  • wattpadstar
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Sharing Afflictions by CFarley982
Sharing Afflictionsby Charles Farley
A reckless rollicking romance? A mesmerizing multifaceted mystery? A curious comedy of cyber crime capers? These are all part of the tale of four twenty somethings' sea...
  • adult
  • firstpersonnarative
  • newadult
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ACTUALITY ° a multimedia story. by LATTESALT
ACTUALITY ° a multimedia 💡
find the original. 一 a media / texting fic. a sequel to artificial. || rated 13+ for strong language. || ft. bts (except pjm & myg)
  • namjoon
  • kimtaehyung
  • bts
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