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Democracy is Dead by makexbelieve
Democracy is Deadby Heather James
A first year student who believes passionately in direct-democracy has to uncover the dark truth about her seemingly perfect world in order to save New Britain from a po...
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Getting kidnapped sucks. But then you fall in love. by voiceless
Getting kidnapped sucks. But then...by Kaila Deprey
Stellar is a vampire who's already seen his own brother die of not getting the specific blood he needs. Stellar has the same problem. If he doesn't get the blood that he...
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The Return of the Cybernaut Princess by LizzieNewell
The Return of the Cybernaut Prince...by Lizzie Newell
A long-lost princess, a mariner, and a sentient ship battle intergalactic intrigue in a quest for love, identity, and to save their planet from a deadly cyber-virus. Th...
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Him and Me by 10095835lyric
Him and Meby MoonSign Crescent-Witch
this is for mature only!!!! 😣😣😖😖😖😖😳😳😳😳 very sexuall
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Fishlaw Outcast by LizzieNewell
Fishlaw Outcastby Lizzie Newell
Orphaned social revolutionary Annon wants her own clan, and she'll do nearly anything to get it, including trading her firstborn. She makes a deal with the Queen of Fenr...
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FACE CLAIMS by claracommunity
FACE CLAIMSby ❛ impossible girl ❜
in which we give you face claims that would look good with clara! ( cover :: @starryrivers )
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My Villanelles by ZacharyBoone
My Villanellesby Zach Boone
Villanelles i thought of
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My First Love || JiKook (COMPLETED) by vhampire13
My First Love || JiKook (COMPLETED)by 🐰 jikook13 🐥
"Jimin?" "Yeah?" Can I ask you something?" "Am I... uh..." "Yes?" "Am I your first?" "My first what...?"...
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Boy by jenicalever75
Boyby jenicalever75
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Series by janetaarakelian36
Seriesby janetaarakelian36
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Or by marcheselea66
Orby marcheselea66
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Atonement? by Lusterdragon72
Atonement?by Danieljames Joaquin Domar
We all have regrets. We all smile. We all frown. Sometimes all we need is an encouraging word from others or seeing that someone else is also going through pain to under...
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Personal by lindilindo-fuentes43
Personalby lindilindo-fuentes43
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VIXEN - The Legend of the Five Totems by robqueen
VIXEN - The Legend of the Five Tot...by Rob Queen
Thanks to a family heirloom, fashion model Mari McCabe can channel the powers and quirks of any animal. She has turned this power towards the protection of her adopted h...
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Start by kauslickshleifer20
Startby kauslickshleifer20
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Hard by garrotdeehy88
Hardby garrotdeehy88
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