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Love Me Again by yueteacake
Love Me Againby Yue Teacake
When her ex-husband, Sean Donovan, had gotten into an accident, Ashley Summer agreed to look after him for a few days. But when the doctor told her that Sean had lost hi...
Bad Boy ~ Jeongcheol  by CherryCoups91
Bad Boy ~ Jeongcheol by 🍒Dandy🍒
Seungcheol's a bad boy, and Jeonghan has to straighten him out. But what if they aren't straight?
අවසන් සඳ by Norah_Yoneli
අවසන් සඳby Manosha Ekanayaka
ජීවිතයේ, අපට ජීවය දෙන ආදරණීය ප්‍රේමණීය මෙන්ම වේදනාකාරී මතකයන්ද ඇත. ඒ මතක, හුදෙක් හදවතට ගෙන එන්නේ ජීවයට ඇති ආශාවයි. කඳුලකින් නොසරසා ජීවිතයක්, ප්‍රේමණීය හැඟීමෙන් පුරවාලීම...
dealing with the devil X peaky blinders by fanfictionstory457
dealing with the devil X peaky bli...by anonyme
" Do you want to fuck me, mister Shelby?" " That's a proposition?" " A question, actually." Thomas Shelby, a British gangster, meets Valent...
Daemon Targaryen oneshots by nyctophilic0vitnir
Daemon Targaryen oneshotsby Midnight Muze
As the title indicates, a roundup of all the requests I write for Daemon, all in one place (pieces written on Tumblr will be uploaded here on the last weekend of every m...
Method of Desire by vintagexpast
Method of Desireby vintagexpast
Patricia is a Jamaican-American student at Hunter College in New York. When she meets Marlon Brando, an up and coming actor in the year 1948, her life changes forever. M...
Vergil the Virgin (boyxboy) by SneezingTurtle
Vergil the Virgin (boyxboy)by -less
{{completed}} Vergil's brain was overstocked. Math, Science, Physics, random facts, insect anatomy, the first 500 digits of the Pi number and, surprisingly, much more. S...
My Little Vampire.  (The Lost Boys FanFiction) by gooseflesh
My Little Vampire. (The Lost Boys...by e
Amaris finds her way to Santa Carla and she's all alone.
HE IS LIO{jeon Jungkook}+18 by SolizzUnni
HE IS LIO{jeon Jungkook}+18by Soli Unni
في عصر الامبراطور..... انتبه لا تثق بالجميع... فالجميع سوف يخدعك... لا تدع الحب يتحكم بك.... ملاحظة: يوجد لقطات +18
𝑶𝒍𝒅 ☆ Eddie Kaspbrak by dolaxn
𝑶𝒍𝒅 ☆ Eddie Kaspbrakby Lonny <3
Sequel to '𝑵𝒆𝒘 ☆ Eddie Kaspbrak' Part 2/2 of the Summer Hanscom series Based of the movie 'It: Chapter Two'. If you haven't read 'New ☆ Eddie Kaspbrak' I'd highly su...
{INCOMPLETE} You're My Favorite Drug [Angel Dust X Reader] by AngelicHeartBeat
{INCOMPLETE} You're My Favorite Dr...by AngelicHeartBeat
You had a miserable life back when you were alive. Your mother was a stripper and your father was a heavy alcoholic. At school, it was rare to go back home untouched or...
Serendipity- Shigaraki x reader  by sunny045
Serendipity- Shigaraki x reader by sunny045
When Shigaraki Tomura, leader of the League of Villains and Symbol of Fear, wanders in a street one night, he finds and extraordinary woman. A future hero who had just c...
Secret twin 1D - Book 1 by 1dnarnianlou
Secret twin 1D - Book 1by Musketeer 1
Skylar Tomlinson is Louis' forgotten twin that he never spoken of after he auditioned for the x factor. Skylar is bullied And tormented and called a liar when all she d...
Basement troubles { Gojo x Itadori } by DazaiDiva
Basement troubles { Gojo x Itadori...by Es~
Itadori starts off with a small crush on Gojo but it grows into sommething much bigger once Gojo starts being all ' lovely dovey ' with him then something takes place in...
He Wants Me Dead by unmannered
He Wants Me Deadby Jet
Dari spent almost all of the years of her life living in isolation over a hospital bed due to an incurable disease. She was left alone as she was abandoned helplessly by...
Taking A Chance on Love (Book 1 Of The Tombstone Brides) by Spring4Lilliez
Taking A Chance on Love (Book 1 Of...by Megan Cutter
"I'm not sure if this decision to become a mail-order bride is such a wise idea for me. Granted, it would solve some of my issues. Issues that run from the lines of...
ephemeral || stiles and the originals  by thezqueen
ephemeral || stiles and the origin...by :(
EPHEMERAL (adj.) lasting only for a very short time they say life goes by in the blink of an eye. for them it's true. the lifespan of a human seems like nothing when you...
The Ultimate Weapon (Naruto Fanfic) by N-chan
The Ultimate Weapon (Naruto Fanfic)by N-chan
Orochimaru's greatest feat. Also his cruelest. His legendary experiments were said to know no bounds, and this is just an example. Taken from his mother's arms, a newbo...
woc faceclaims!  by vincestaplesgap
woc faceclaims! by hannah
book one