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comfort fluff by its_me_heyyywa
comfort fluffby anonymous
this is not a novel. this is a collection of individual fulffy stories comfort fluff sweet gestures
Random Harry Potter One-shots (illness or random scenario) by C_M_E_H
Random Harry Potter One-shots ( CM Emmeline
Do you ever think of a scenario, maybe because it's something you have, or you think it'd just be interesting to write? But you can't commit to a full-length story, or b...
Cute Oneshots by xoxolana_1227
Cute Oneshotsby edward cullen
Just some cute one-shot stories that I imagine to help me fall asleep. they're cozy comforting stories to help you sleep to to help you calm down. Hopefully they give yo...
I'LL NEVER LEAVE U.    ( Jikook)  by Jimin1995foundjams
I'LL NEVER LEAVE U. ( Jikook) by FloatingPotatoes
This is my first time writing ff. Btw this is omega vers . This story has swearing , angst , fluff , bullying, sexual abuse , eating disorders , domestic violence , abus...
Atleast I'm Alive by d1ceee
Atleast I'm Aliveby Dice
Cleo, who lived in an abusive household, dies from a staged suicide. She reincarnates as Abela, daughter of the Earl. Unfortunately, the Earl's household is still as abu...
Entangled With The General by nauiworld
Entangled With The Generalby 𝓡
Woke up in the ancient era frightened the hell out of her. But she has to make a choice : Let the real plot take place or try to change it. ••• His presence alone exudes...
Bad period cramps Infront of my crush|Hyunjin ff by raaga___
Bad period cramps Infront of my raagaaa樂☆
meh i cant explain this i a tiered so just read the story....
Masturbate  by thatlightskinhoe
Masturbate by whatamidoinginlife
HIII i made another account if you don't know it's the playtime with yourself book with the car, shower head, jacuzzi remember? I accidentally deleted my account so I'm...
𝑻𝑨𝑹𝑮𝑨𝑹𝒀𝑬𝑵  ━━━  𝖯𝖱𝖤-𝖠𝖲𝖮𝖨𝖠𝖥 𝖥𝖺𝗇𝖼𝖺𝗌𝗍 by starklois
me and House Targaryen give you some face claims for pre-asoiaf characters start: 20/08/2020 end: 03/05/2021
Blinded Fools | Anthony Bridgeton by blueskydreamer77
Blinded Fools | Anthony Bridgetonby blueskydreamer77
London 1813, A new social season is underway and the ton is buzzing with the excitement of a new scandal sheet by a mysterious Lady Whistledown. Elizabeth enters her fi...
The Buddhist Cannon Fodder of Seventies [MTL] by alrightnevermind
The Buddhist Cannon Fodder of nevermind
In the last days, Gu Mingdong became the best piece of period literature The original owner starved to death during the famine years, leaving three younger siblings as c...
Tyrant  by Pfunzo18
Tyrant by Comicallymade
He murdered everything in his path, including half of the men from her region. A disagreeable and murderous tyrant was not only hearsay, lady Beatrice Compton had seen i...
My Home From Home (ManxMan) by xxgiannixx
My Home From Home (ManxMan)by gianni
ManxMan | In 1920, when merely being homosexual is punishable by up to life imprisonment under British Law, a young English doctor flees his homeland after nearly steepi...
NIKKE What-Ifs by LittleCorrosive214
NIKKE What-Ifsby LittleCorrosive214
What different NIKKE characters would do if _____ happened
Maybe It's You (It's You Series #1) by Kim_Knights
Maybe It's You (It's You Series #1)by Kim
Book 1 of It's You Series. Hwang Eun-bi, a boyish noblewoman, stumbles upon the Crown Prince of Joseon and is forced to participate in the Selection of the Crown Princes...
Southside Serpent Boys Oneshots by JustAFangirl3000
Southside Serpent Boys Oneshotsby Lucy Claire
NHL Imagines  by aseventen
NHL Imagines by aseventen
Requests are on just comment your player and I will make a quick one shot imagine! Imagines about- Austin Mathew's, Mitch Marner, Carrey Price, Matt Martin, Mathew Barza...
Forever It's You (It's You Series #2) by Kim_Knights
Forever It's You (It's You Kim
Book 2 of It's You Series. Soon to be titled as the Crown Princess of Joseon, Hwang Eun-bi struggles to adapt to the palace's life, but it isn't as easy as she thinks. W...
Faint Of Heart [Ivar x Reader] by dreamwritesimagines
Faint Of Heart [Ivar x Reader]by dreamwritesimagines
Opposites attract, no matter the time or place. When the Vikings reached their gates, her brother had only one solution in mind, to marry her off to the Viking King. An...