Remember me || G.B.D by happyjadee
Remember me || G.B.Dby happyjadee
[Based on their real lives] Madison has been best friends with Ethan and Grayson since diapers. What happens when she leaves for a couple years and and comes back to a...
  • bestfriends
  • jackgilinsky
  • ethan
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Period Face Claims by starksolo
Period Face Claimsby ;-;
face claims from medieval and other time periods • Started July 15, 2016
  • medievel
  • dystopian
  • starksolo
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working girl »  tommy shelby. by johnshelby
working girl » tommy - D
❝six inch heels, she walked up in the club like nobody's business. goddamn, she murdered everybody and i was her witness.❞ Rosie is a prostitute, earning her money by us...
  • gangster
  • peakyblinders
  • johnshelby
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midwife  » michael gray. by johnshelby
midwife » michael - D
after a night of violent pub fights, michael gray stumbles across a shivering midwife and offers her company after the delivery of a baby. started - 27.12.17
  • arthurshelby
  • bbc
  • adashelby
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Swapped by rachaelhoney
Swappedby Rachael
What if you were whisked and slipped into someone else's shoes? ... Maria wasn't popular at all. All she wanted to do was to quickly get into the school of her dreams...
  • teen
  • bodyswap
  • wattys2018
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Road Trip With Mr. Annoying by ChellybeanLovesFood
Road Trip With Mr. Annoyingby Chellybean
I glared at Tony and held out my hand. "Give me my tampons" I hissed through gritted teeth. Tony smirked and held the package high above his head. "Come a...
  • pads
  • tampons
  • adventure
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Fix That Bitch: A Foul-Mouthed Guide to Grammar by Dark_Writes
Fix That Bitch: A Foul-Mouthed Clayton Chandler
English classes suck, but that's no excuse to write like a bitch. Sling sentences like a pro and make your beta readers cry with frustration! Keep this guidebook handy...
  • cuss
  • grammar
  • wattys2018
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Snow White and the Seven Jerks [Completed] by Ms_Jeya
Snow White and the Seven Jerks [ Eya
Tag Rankings: #61 Kilig #74 SnowWhite Kilala nating lahat ang kwentong "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs/Dwarves" di'ba (alien lang ang di nakakaalam) na kung s...
  • pangit
  • teenfic
  • yiiiie
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Shawn Mendes - Imagines by shawnmh
Shawn Mendes - Imaginesby ♡ ♡ ♡
[a collection of some short stories] Thanks for 3K reads x
  • imagine
  • morning
  • shawnmendes
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Cherry Blossom | | Ikemen Sengoku | | by Mizusakii
Cherry Blossom | | Ikemen Mizusakii
"Cherry blossom, the significance of it in Japanese culture goes back hundreds of years. In the country of rising sun, cherry blossom represents the fragility and t...
  • kennyo
  • sengokuperiod
  • sasuke
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A Thousand Year [Jikook / Kookmin] by naeulshim
A Thousand Year [Jikook / Kookmin]by shim naeul
Once a bond of love was sealed, it will always stays there, no matter how many years it takes, they will be together once again. A story of unfinished love between two l...
  • period
  • kindofot7
  • jikook
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Night Time (Trevor Jackson Superfly) by xomelanin
Night Time (Trevor Jackson dede
In the night time I find We start to lose control Cause in the night time The moon is so bright Animals we turn into But it only happens when I'm with you baby You be sc...
  • yungmiami
  • around
  • citygirls
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Chance and  Anthony imagines/preferences  by tracya23
Chance and Anthony imagines/ tracya23
Hey guys! Since there aren't many chance and Anthony imagines out there...I decided to create my own. I'm fairly new to Wattpad so please excuse any grammar errors
  • babies
  • team10
  • period
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(On-Hold)Love Endures A Thousand Autumns by Th1rtin
(On-Hold)Love Endures A Thousand MhamielS
"Even when in peace, think of danger; choose honest and capable officials and heed their opinions. That's all I know as your wife and nothing else." -Empress W...
  • wendeshunsheng
  • empress
  • fiction
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Period Stories by jesusislife
Period Storiesby 👸🏾 Q U E E N 👸🏾
A book that consists of painful and cringeworthy period stories. Lol, enjoy! *Boys can read at their own risk.
  • emotional
  • horror
  • unpleasant
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" these violent delights have violent ends and in their triumph die, like fire and powder, which, as they kiss, consume. " Birdie...
  • ww1
  • tommyshelby
  • peakyblinders
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Female Dovahkiin x Male Reader by BJayForest
Female Dovahkiin x Male Readerby BJayForest
Simply I want the choice to not be the Dovahkiin.
  • whatskyrimshouldbe
  • skyrim
  • 420writer
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Period, A Harry Potter Fanfiction by SaraLola406
Period, A Harry Potter Fanfictionby SaraLola406
Hermione has her first period. I do not own these characters, they belong to JK Rowling. No money is being made so no copyright needed.
  • gryffindor
  • romweasley
  • neville
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Love & Murder: An Eliza Winter Mystery by edenae22
Love & Murder: An Eliza Winter E.Denae
Lady Eliza Winter has one friend in the world and she happens to go missing. And when Eliza goes to report the disappearance to the police they won't hear a word from Cr...
  • london
  • period
  • mystery
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Bitch it's what ever I feel like writing about welcome lil itty bitty whore🤪🤪
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  • room
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