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Dance your heart out (a one direction story) by purplepop23
Dance your heart out (a one purplepop23
Valerie Thompson was born to be a dancer. That was, until the not so accidental accident. That's when, homeless, her best friend in the world Danielle Peazer took her in...
Eddie period comfort<3 by iloveeddie0
Eddie period comfort<3by iloveeddie0
Just some period comfort chapters <3
Little Mix And Anne Marie Period Imagines by KayleeFletcher9
Little Mix And Anne Marie Period Kat
hello girls gays and they's this is a one-shot book I made because I wanted to start conversations because in truth periods aren't as bad as they seem unless something...
You make my rockin' world go 'round by DailyNightlyReads
You make my rockin' world go 'roundby DailyNightlyReads
Kiva's just an ordinary 12 year old girl who's dad is Freddie Mercury. She lives with him and his boyfriend Jim. She hangs out with his band member's child all the time...
Your bully cuddles with you (during your periods) | ONESHOT | by taeshafiqs
Your bully cuddles with you ( Aixc(h)a
"Just stay in this posture.. It'll comfort you." "Thank you for helping me in this situation." "okay.. Buy don't take it much seriously. Once yo...
Lesbian vampires  by anonstoryanon
Lesbian vampires by anonstoryanon
********TRIGGER/TAGS******** Lesbian//vampires//sex//bdsm//bondage//choking//blood//period blood//human death//human eating//tie up//begging//kink//brat//daddy//
Periods at Hogwarts by ginmione4eva
Periods at Hogwartsby ginmione4eva
Hey, so I was thinking. What if magical folk had periods? So this is everyone's first periods, but some don't take place at Hogwarts - be warned. ! Includes trans charac...
Memes by StarSapphire37
Memesby ☆|| Sapphire ||☆
Come one, come all! To a memes book :) I wanted a place to put my memes because I have too many memes in my photos Also, I'm making this because there are WAY too many...
Memes by isabellexcute
Memesby Isabelle
Memes that are pictures
Haruhi's period by litzzzy15
Haruhi's periodby Litzzzy
Ever think to yourself while watching ohshc, "When is Haruhi going to get her period?" Well, I'm just going to write like One-Shots about this so yea! ~Enjoy! ...
Avengers go to the beach by samwilsonnlover
Avengers go to the beachby samwilsonnlover
It is a boiling day at the compound, and the avengers decide that the should go to the beach. Everyone is happy except for Y/N who is on her period and doesn't want to e...
Hawks x reader period  by leviismyhusbandox
Hawks x reader period by leviismyhusbandox
This is a hawks x reader this story is about you on your period and hawks comforting you.hope you enjoy. Y/n- you- your name Hawks
-Pee- by SPOMO1
-Pee-by 🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽
Another pee fic 😯🚽
Older Brothers | ✔ by peachynamjooni
Older Brothers | ✔by M a r y
After her mother's death Lilith gets a new legal guardian, her older brother. With no knowledge of having four other older brothers, Lilith is send to live with them. B...
Having a bad period cramps in front of you enemy || Jungwon ff x readers by elsahonesty
Having a bad period cramps in Elisabeth Honesty Kurniati Si...
Someday Yn is having a really bad period cramp at her school. At that time her bestfriend Arin is not there with her. Her enemy saw her and bring her to the nurse room...
Maybe It's You (It's You Series #1) by Kim_Knights
Maybe It's You (It's You Series #1)by Kim
Hwang Eun-bi, a boyish noblewoman, stumbles upon the Crown Prince of Joseon and is forced to participate in the Selection of the Crown Princess. ...
Hood shit🥵! by jaydawayda__
Hood shit🥵!by Jayda
Just read love😭! This book is finished && if you haven't go read book number two of hood shit💞!
If BTS had ✨periods✨ by Jimoan_isa_mood
If BTS had ✨periods✨by txt ykyk
"AHHHHH HYUNG I'M BLEEDING" ⚠️TW⚠️ males having periods (I'm putting this here just in case) There is no romantic relationships between any of the members in...
Period Face Claims by starksolo
Period Face Claimsby ;-;
face claims from medieval and other time periods • Started July 15, 2016
𝐋𝐈𝐓𝐓𝐋𝐄 𝐃𝐎𝐕𝐄, face claims by visenyia
𝐋𝐈𝐓𝐓𝐋𝐄 𝐃𝐎𝐕𝐄, face claimsby 𝐌𝐈𝐀.
❛ HAVE I SHOCKED YOU, LITTLE DOVE? ❜ in which i give you historical face claims for characters from asoiaf / game of thrones. REQUESTS CLOSED.