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Retrying Love by messynormani
Retrying Loveby ً
Normani Powers, maiden name Hamilton, is a widow. She and her friend, Lauren Jauregui, go to a party at her house. That's where Normani met Dinah Jane Hansen. Dinah g!p ...
In this together  by wowzars19
In this together by wowzars19
Lauren, a teenage girl who switches from juvie, jail and prison. Shes a badass that makes Students and parents fear the girl actually the whole town, but only one girl m...
Top Dog to Top Pup by Drunk_Breadstick
Top Dog to Top Pupby Alexa
Werewolves live in Miami, the Jauregui Pack. Someone hates them, so they use magic to change the pack's alpha, Lauren Jauregui, into a puppy. Now the pack must find a wa...
Daddy Dinah  by MegManiswrld
Daddy Dinah by Megmani’s Child 💕
Dinah has had a crush on Normani since they were in 1st grade now their in high school Normani is on the cheer team at their school and Dinah is on the football team but...
No Distractions by Whatitdofifthharmony
No Distractionsby A Fxcking God
From nothing to fame in just a couple of years, Normani, the best new artist had proven to be hard working with "No Distractions" being her motto until she met...
Lauren Jauregui. FAMAS International School, School Softball team Captain Camila Cabello. FAMAS International School Head Cheerleader Your Typical High school Story Is i...
Text Me by jauregui_isbae
Text Meby Nikki
5 girls meet through a random text. Along the way secrets will be revealed and new found loved will be hatched will the couples triumph or will they all dissolve.
KINK by Wolfy009
KINKby ➵Wolfy➵
Lauren knows her addiction isn't healthy, but she really can't help herself.
cherished affliction by Switcho_16
cherished afflictionby sel.
Lauren was sure about one thing. She wanted her. Highest Rank: #23 in camren tag (Converted from Mimi on Ao3) Beta author credits go to @planetgreeneyes06
Mated to a Dork {Camren} by CaptainDinah
Mated to a Dork {Camren}by J
High school. The place where you have your typical social groups: the jocks, the nerds, the drama geeks, the cheerleaders, the vampires, the werewolves. Wait what? Okay...
Upgrade U by messynormani
Upgrade Uby ً
"How you gon' upgrade me? What's higher than number one?" It's kind of like Normani and Dinah are Beyonce and Jay-Z, but like...not?? i don't fucking know i ha...
YouTube Couple (Norminah) one-shots by chiyawalker
YouTube Couple (Norminah) one-shotsby Sllut4Normani
just a bunch of one-shots of pranks and videos Dinah and Normani do with each other because they are YouTubers. chiya 😁
Don't Hold The Wall (Norminah) by faberrydude
Don't Hold The Wall (Norminah)by Parker
Normani is a dancer and loving wife to Dinah Jane Hansen. How will Dinah's job,an newborn baby and past lovers affect their 3 year strong marriage? (G!P)
The merger by shipper727
The mergerby Shipper 7/27
How can you love your fiancee when you don't even know her? Camila and Lauren are forced to marry each other to finalize the merger between their companies. A/N: I'm...
Writing On The Wall - Text Fic (Camren) by WritingByMonroe
Writing On The Wall - Text Fic ( WritingByMonroe
It said "Call Lauren for a Good Time" and under the writing on the wall was a number
midnight ➸ camren  by MissKarlaCCabello
midnight ➸ camren by lydia
BOOK ONE IN THE MIDNIGHT SERIES 305-689-1470: Aww, love. I've know you for what, five minutes? It's midnight where I am, and you should get home. Unknown Number: Waht...
From Outer Space by ChooseYourLife
From Outer Spaceby Giny
Camila and Lauren have a long, long history together. They are tied to each other in more than one ways, which forces them to stay connected to each other. Lauren howeve...
The Werewolf Girl (Camren) by ConnorJauregui
The Werewolf Girl (Camren)by ConnorJauregui
Lauren's parents were murdered when she was just fifteen years old. At school she is the badass who stays by herself, till one day of her senior year when a new student...
Let Me Love You {Norminah} (g!p) by dinahdork
Let Me Love You {Norminah} (g!p)by Dinah's Dork
Normani's previous relationship was not the best--neither were her other ones. It had almost become a cycle. She made a vow that she would never fall in love again. But...