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Her Life Was Falling Apart by OhSnapLaurinah
Her Life Was Falling Apartby OhSnapLaurinah
Lauren was a broken girl yet nobody knew because she always kept silently and wrote everything in her diary. However when things get bad at home and Lauren disappears th...
I'm In Love With A Stripper // Laurinah by SwerveDinah
I'm In Love With A Stripper // SwerveDinah
Basketball players, Lauren Jauregui and Camila Cabello, of the Miami Sharks are at the top of their game. They're leading their team to victory, but Camila decides that...
Love In Three Ways/Laurminah  by OhSnapLaurinah
Love In Three Ways/Laurminah by OhSnapLaurinah
Lauren is hopelessly and desperately in love with the school's power couple. Will she let her feelings be known or will she keep them to herself?
The Laurinah Chronicles by LcForever
The Laurinah Chroniclesby Nyamhpa
An ever cherished friendship turned love story of overcoming and perseverance no matter the circumstances. *Full Series*
Stuck in the middle by MaskedYouth
Stuck in the middleby Maskedyouth
All Camila's life she's been in love with Lauren Jauregui. What happens when Camz gets fed up with all the cheating? There's always someone to bring her out of the dumps...
A Crazier, Unexpected Romance • Laurinah by OhSnapLaurinah
A Crazier, Unexpected Romance • OhSnapLaurinah
Being to five schools in the past year Lauren Jauregui honestly didn't think things could get any better. That was until she met head cheerleader Dinah Jane and her whol...
new discoveries by jaureguiswifts
new discoveriesby anna
Dinah has been crushing on Lauren Jauregui since the 8th grade. Will a new discovery change those feelings? [slow updates]
night after night (camren) by smithday14
night after night (camren)by smithday14
their world was built on sex, love and lies. she came with an intoxication that wasn't seen before, consuming her and demanding her. Lauren seemed to have everything Ca...
Our Bandmate Is A Vampire • Laurminah  by OhSnapLaurinah
Our Bandmate Is A Vampire • OhSnapLaurinah
Lauren has always been in love with her two bandmates, Dinah and Normani, and she was supple about her feelings towards the two. The two girls also have feelings for La...
Curiosity by norminahs
Curiosityby Dinah's side hoe
"Curiosity killed your virginity" |laurinah| ©norminahs 2014-2015
Reunited: When Things Change by OhSnapLaurinah
Reunited: When Things Changeby OhSnapLaurinah
Things can either go really good or really bad. It depends on how everything plays out.
I'm in love with a stripper  by abasi3
I'm in love with a stripper by abasi3
Lauren is a Doctor and get dragged to a strip club by her best friend Camila to release some stress what happens when she sparks interest in a certain entertainer
Pinky Promise? by daddy-dinah
Pinky Promise?by Finah Jane😍
Dinah is walking to go get ice cream when she heard small whimpers. All Oliva wants is a home. Dinah decides to take her in, completely discarding her ice cream craving...
Don't Fall (Ageplay) by SOGGYPOPTARTS
Don't Fall (Ageplay)by ______________
Something awful happens to Lauren causing her to have the mind set of a child. Like anyone else this 'child' is EXTREMELY clumsy. With the help of Dinah, Normani, Camila...
KINK by Wolfy009
KINKby ➵Wolfy➵
Lauren knows her addiction isn't healthy, but she really can't help herself.
Possession ➸ Camren by cabell0jauregui
Possession ➸ Camrenby Freya
"Don't you get it, you're mine, the sooner you realise it the better." The first chapters are so bad but it was my first time writing and I don't know what I w...
after this night (camren) by smithday14
after this night (camren)by smithday14
their world was passion, pleasure and secrets. Lauren Jauregui cant get Camila Cabello out of her mind. She's drawn to her, and the nights they shared making it hard to...
Several Nightcaps Later // WandaNat Bartender AU by lauready
Several Nightcaps Later // forest
Two strangers fall in love, one nightcap at a time. In which Natasha is deep undercover and Wanda is a charming bartender.
I Was Made for Loving You {Laurinah} by Letmelivelauren
I Was Made for Loving You { Letmelivelauren
"Your voice suits you," Lauren murmured, hardly even realizing she was speaking her thoughts aloud. "W-What?" Dinah blinked, seeming confused. "...
water // camila cabello by hoechlin72
water // camila cabelloby k ✨
in which a model's missing bracelet changes their lives (camila cabello x oc) {social media} [part of a celeb s.m series]