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The Ghost Of You by bananasboutyou
The Ghost Of Youby ?
They say that... One of all the people you see in a a ghost. (Photos and other media posted in the story are credited to the rightful owner)
Claimed••CAMREN (G!P)(Paused) by millieshelly
Claimed••CAMREN (G!P)(Paused)by mm
Call it kidnap all you want. Camila prefers claim. Lauren fell hard. So hard....... ************** Read to find out. Camila G!P Cause I think it's hot.
Daddy Mani (Laurmani/ Normani GP) Completed by GiftofOneLiners
Daddy Mani (Laurmani/ Normani GP) GiftofOneLiners
Normani Kordei Hamilton has a problem; she likes bad bitches. It doesn't matter if they're married, in a relationship or just morally unavailable. However, Normani is f...
This Could Be Us But You Playing by Laurmani_My_Life
This Could Be Us But You Playingby Laurmani
Trilogy won Harmo Award for the Best Dinah/You story You are a 18 year old, senior in high school in Oakland and have every girl in the school wrapped around your pinky...
Hate Being A Secret by mixed5
Hate Being A Secretby Mixed
Normal 20 year old university student Lauren Jauregui is dating in secret popstar Camila Cabello except her 4 best friends knows. Lauren had enough and wants to stop be...
This is Home by Drunk_Breadstick
This is Homeby Alexa
Dinah doesn't want her girls to grow up. Ally doesn't want her babies to change. Camila doesn't want to be weird. Normani doesn't want to be scared of the future. And La...
Coming Home (Over & Over) by SolLunaEstrellas
Coming Home (Over & Over)by Valentina
"I know, baby. I know. Right now everything is falling apart and giving up just seems easier, but you can't. You can't give up, because maybe tomorrow will be bette...
a supercut of us by mjfeelz
a supercut of usby mjfeelz
Camila didn't plan to see Lucy Vives ever again, but of course life had other plans. (she didn't plan to fall in love with her either.) - a birthday gift to @loreoe cove...
The Same Heart (Camren) by youmeandcamren
The Same Heart (Camren)by A
After Lauren's girlfriend, Lucy, dies in an accident their junior year, she reaches out to the recipients of the donated organs in hopes of picking up the fragments of h...
A Different Way (Camila/You) by stories_5H
A Different Way (Camila/You)by .
You meet thousands of people and none of them really touch you...Then you meet one person and your life is changed, forever. - tumblr Cover by the amazing @SLOTHTATO
Nuestra bebé (ABDL) by noestuasunto
Nuestra bebé (ABDL)by noestuasunto
Después de estar un año alejado de mi pasatiempo como escritor he vuelto con esta nueva historia, que tiene como protagonistas a Lucy Vives, Lauren Jauregui y Camila Cab...
if i could fly by Lj-Dj-harmony
if i could flyby Asher
dinah jane is a huge singer song writer and gets an message from an unknown number. lauren jauregui is a girl who is struggling with her inner demons and gets a fake num...
This Is Us But You Still Playing by Laurmani_My_Life
This Is Us But You Still Playingby Laurmani
Sequel to "This Could Be Us But You Playing" Trilogy won Harmo Award for the Best Dinah/You story 3 years into your relationship and you've officially left you...
I'm Not Your Toy by GottaFoldTheDishes
I'm Not Your Toyby GottaFoldTheDishes
Sequel to Messy. Lauren is finally back to a normal life after Camila left her years ago. The scars have begun to heal and she can finally feel happy again. She is happ...
S.O.S by emison14
S.O.Sby R.
An abduction, a saving, a progress. The hurting, the healing and the loving. First update, juli 7. Fast updates because I've already written up to 50 chapters.
Open House (Bonus Chapters) by Drunk_Breadstick
Open House (Bonus Chapters)by Alexa
(Part of the Home Trilogy.) There is much more than what we've read. See the life pre-Finding Home. Infant/Baby Camila, Infant/Baby Lauren, Infant/Baby Normani, and Dina...
Mother's Eyes [ON HOLD] by continuouslycabello
Mother's Eyes [ON HOLD]by Layla H
Lauren tries to heal from the death of her wife while raising their small daughter. She thought no one could compare, until she meets Camila Cabello, who will forever ch...
The Wrong Love (Camren fanfic) by _CamilaCabelloo_
The Wrong Love (Camren fanfic)by camilizer
Lauren is dating her best friend Lucy Vives who is a hot model and loves her a lot but little does Lauren know someone or some people will cause their relationship to fa...
Gonna Get Better (Camren) by Dantanafantasy
Gonna Get Better (Camren)by Dantanafantasy
Sequel to "I'm a Mess" After one sleepless studio session, the girls of Fifth Harmony realize that they need a break from all of the pressures of being in a po...
Mine (Norminah) by Harleyyy00
Mine (Norminah)by DM 🖤
What happens when Dinah Jane starts to lose the best thing she's ever had? Will she get it back or will she be forced to move on?