#LoveScenes (PG13 Jamie Dornan & Dakota Johnson Romance) SAMPLE

#LoveScenes (PG13 Jamie Dornan & Dakota Johnson Romance) SAMPLE

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***FREE STORY***If looking for a unique no holes' barred contemporary #Damie relationship with #LoveScenes so hot they scorch the page and draw you in, check out this explosive exposé. It unfolds from October 2014 just before the final scenes of Fifty Shades of Grey were filmed.  What happens between Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan determine the quality of the movie's final cut. Can the co stars steam up the big screen yet remain true to their real life relationships? You have an exclusive back stage pass to their journey of self discovery against a backdrop of working on the world's most anticipated adult movie. From page one, there's laughter, angst, romance, eroticism, secrets, suspense, twists and turns to the thrillingly dangerous dark side, a relationship in infinite shades of grey.  The next sharp intake of breath could be yours.

This four chapter extract was adapted to suit a larger audience-PG13. The Mature erotic version of this story has 41 parts. Comments from Wattpad readers of the MATURE version of #LoveScenes:

I have read hundreds of different fandoms but never once any of that was this detailed and meticulous. You take real characters and real titbits and spin them in such a way to make a riveting story. It is really impressive...

The balance of humor & Jamie's dark side is perfect in this story! 

Your writing prowess keels me over every time!! Of course, these two chapters were hot as f*ck but the depth to both characters was appreciably depicted.

This is THE best Damie story I have read! I like Jamie's bloodlust aspect. Awesome!!

This was much hotter than the actual elevator scene! Congrats! What an awesome chapter!

Fantastic. You write seamlessly and really captured the essence of their being. Very thorough and descriptive. Very realistic too, surprisingly. That's the one thing I think is hardest about fan fiction. Capturing the essence, the personality, behavior, traits of the characters.